10 Best Shoes for Zion Narrows in 2022 – (Top Hikers)

10 Best Shoes for Zion Narrows

A successful hike at the Zion Narrows in Zion National Park, USA, requires the best shoes for Zion Narrows.

These shoes should offer an ultra-light construction with incredible weight distribution to ensure stress-free long hiking hours, thus reducing the bulk on your feet.

Furthermore, the best shoes for the Narrows should feature flex materials and adjustable closure systems that form an excellent foot wraparound to ensure a relaxed custom fit that provides a smooth hiking experience.

In addition, the best shoes for hiking in the Zion Narrows should offer utmost breathability to wick away foot moisture and sweat while offering quick-drying features when walking along the Virgin River.

Today, SneakerWagon’s podiatrists presents well-written research to provide you with the most durable and suitable picks for footwear for the Narrows.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Zion Narrows

1. UBFEN Men’s Women’s Water Aqua Shoes for Zion Narrows

UBFEN Aqua Shoes are the best river hiking shoes for Zion Narrows as they come with smooth fabrics with fine stretch uppers that grant your feet ultimate comfort with a sock life feel but solid and thick enough to give your feet protection.

The uppers are also designed with stretchy material, ensuring your movements are unlimited as you walk along with the river’s uneven parts. 

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The amphibious design makes the UBFEN Aqua Shoes great for use as you cross the river and transition to the canyon.

UBFEN Aqua Shoes are equipped with memorable holes which drain the water, which is essential as it ensures that your strides are bulk-free.

Additionally, the unique holes allow a free flow of water without causing you discomfort as rocks and sands are kept at bay. 

The textile lining makes the UBFEN Aqua Shoes highly breathable as a moisturizer is quickly wicked away, promising your feet dryness as you hike along Zion National park.

UBFEN Aqua Shoes’ durable outsole is designed to be abrasion-resistant, making them easy to suitable for use on scratchy rocky surfaces for an extended period.

Additionally, the outsole anti-slip features guarantee your feet secure landings while walking on the steady rocks or sandy footpaths. 

The adjustable shoelaces make it easy for you to fit them on and provide your feet with a comfortable feel all through your trip.


✅ Smooth Stretchy Upper Materials

Easy To Get On And Off

Ultra-Light Construction

Durable Outsole

Anti-Skid Convex Dots

Flexible Twist And Loop

Amphibious Shoes For Land Or Water

Quick Dry


X Some drain holes require drilling

2. Sperry 7 Seas Sports Cupsole Water Shoes for Zion Narrows

Sperry 7 comes with hydrophobic mesh upper materials that facilitate the shedding of water, ensure your feet dry quickly, and make the footwear the best shoes to wear to Zion Narrows in Zion National Park.

 The breathable features ensure that as your feet dry faster, you are protected from bunion formations and lousy odor throughout the hike. 

Best Shoes for Zion Narrows M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The nylon laces make it easy and fast for you to wear the Sperry 7, while they also provide you with a secure and comfortable wraparound for more confident strides along the routes on Zion Narrows.

Sperry 7 EVA foam footbed provides your feet with maximum cushioning, which ensures that every step is gently absorbed, protecting your feet from high-impact landings on the hard rocks.

The non-marking rubber outsole comes equipped with molded Wave-Siping technology to disperse water away from the soles and give you incredible grip as you hike on the snow during the winter season.

The outsole is also abrasion-resistant, making the Sperry 7 durable for use for more extended periods. 

Sperry 7 are designed to be waterproof, making them suitable for your hikes along the Virgin River as water molecules become inaccessible, your feet maintaining dryness.

The waterproof design ensures that your feet are free of trench foot during the overnight backtracking trip.


Hydrophobic Mesh Upper

Shed Water And Dry Quickly

Nylon Laces For Secure Fit

Easy On/Easy Off Versatility

Eva Foam Footbed

Non-Marking Rubber Outsole

Molded Wave-Siping


X None

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3. Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Zion Narrow, Zion National Park

Merrell Moab 2 comes equipped with M Select DRY that drys out water molecules by letting moisture escape, maintaining foot dryness throughout the hike, making the footwear the best shoes to wear to Zion Narrows in Zion National Park. 

Best Shoes for Zion Narrows M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The suede leather upper with mesh fabric panels provides support that offers secure strides as you go along the canyon. 

The mesh fabric panels make the Merrell Moab 2 air permeable allowing an unrestricted airflow that leaves your feet dry as you enjoy the day’s activities with your hiker friends. 

The bellows, closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out, providing you the comfort you need throughout the hike as your feet remain fresh and clean.

Merrell Moab 2 protective toe cap protects your forefoot and, most significantly, your toes from pain caused by stubbing on the rocky surfaces along the canyon. 

The blended EVA contoured footbed assumes the shape of your feet, providing you with superior comfort in all your strides.

The footbed has an added zonal arch and heel support to guarantee your feet a reduction in foot fatigue as weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot.

The air cushion in the heel provides shock-absorbing features and provides stable strides through the hike. 

The Vibram® TC5+ outsole makes the Merrell Moab 2 exceptionally slip-resistant, whether your hike covers muddy trails or rocky grounds.

The 5mm lug depth helps your foot move through the dirt, track, and land without the fear of a fall. 


✅ Performance Suede Leather and Mesh

✅ M Select DRY seal

✅ Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue

✅ Protective rubber toe cap

✅ Vibram High-performance TC5+  rubber sole

✅ Targeted heel cushioning


X Slightly less stretchy laces

4. Chaco Outcross Evo 2 Zion Narrows’ Hiking Shoes

Chaco Outcross Evo 2 single-layer mesh upper comes with a traditional lace upper, making the Chaco sandals easy to put on.

The adjustable laces also provide a custom fit that allows you to go up the park’s footpaths comfortably.

Furthermore, the laces provide the needed fit that aids in preventing entry of debris that could cause you pain and discomfort as you hike. 

Best Shoes for Zion Narrows M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The perforated neoprene upper with a lycra collar lining ensures that the Chaco Outcross Evo 2 remains flexible whether you go hiking during the summer or the winter, making them the best hiking shoes for the Zion Narrows.

The lycra collar lining enhances comfort by providing a snug fit without limiting your freedom of movement while hiking Zion Narrows. 

Chaco Outcross Evo 2 heel riser overlay and synthetic toe cap ensure your toes are well protected from the potential harm caused by knocking against the steady rocks while hiking. 

The long-lasting LUVSEAT™ polyurethane footbed provides your feet with contoured arch support granting you ultimate comfort throughout your trip at Zion Narrows.

The instant-comfort eva layer and nylon support shank ensure that all your strides are stable, giving you the utmost foot security. 

The non-marking eco tread outsole with 3.5mm lugs makes the Chaco Outcross Evo 2 highly anti-skid, which means you will comfortably hike along the muddy trails at the Zion Narrows to escape falling.


✅ Single-Layer Mesh Upper

Perforated Neoprene

Lycra Collar Lining

Synthetic Rubber Toe Cap

 Heel Riser Overlay

Durable Luvseat Polyurethane Footbed

Non-Marking Eco Tread Outsole


X A little bit low on the arch support

5. Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots – Waterproof, for Zion Narrows

Foxelli Hiking Boots are the best shoes to wear to the Zion Narrows, thanks to its suede and leather upper with mesh fabric panels that allow better air circulation around your feet, promising all-day dryness.

Foxelli Hiking Boots KingTex waterproof membrane prohibits the access of any moisture leaving your feet nice and dry regardless of the weather forecast was, and also allows you the freedom of movement with every step in and out of the river. 

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The well-padded collar and gusseted tongue design guarantee superior cushioning around your ankle area, reducing the risk of a sprain.

Foxelli Hiking Boots also come with removable, soft foam innersoles that provide you with quality protection throughout the hike.

The shock absorbent midsoles minimize the impact on joints as you hike, ensuring that at the end of the day, your feet remain strong and without fatigue.

Foxelli Hiking Boots’s impressive arch and ankle support ensure that you maintain your natural posture allowing you to be at your best.

Also, the arch support ensures that weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot, allowing a proper balance. 

The high-quality rubber outsole makes the Foxelli Hiking Boots grippy and slip-proof, giving you the confidence to walk on all areas of the Zion Narrows, including the most slippery muddy slopes.


✅ Kingtex Waterproof Membrane Seal

✅ Breathable Mesh Collar And Gusseted Tongue

✅ Superior Cushioning

Shock Absorbent Midsole

Lightweight Construction

Fully Slip-Proof

Additional Pairs Of Colorful Non-Slip Shoelaces


X The dye leaches out a little bit

6. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus supportive leather and suede construction combination upper provides your feet with maximum support while at the same time providing a snug fit.

Additionally, the seam-sealed waterproof construction ensures the number of water gains accesses to your feet as you cross the Virgin River.

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The waterproof feature protects your feet against shrinking skin that would cause your feet to peel off, causing painful blisters.

Also, the uppers mesh bootie construction, and its durable mesh tongue makes the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus air porous ensuring your feet remain dry throughout your hike at the Zion Narrows. 

The TECH LITE lightweight midsole guarantees dependable all-day comfort as they provide superior cushioning for your feet.

Also, the midsole has a high energy return, which means that energy is easily absorbed and transferred back to you, allowing forward propulsion once you lift your foot, making it effortless.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole provides a multi-terrain traction system with specially formulated compounds and treads, making the pair of footwear suitable for the summer, winter, and spring seasons.

A dual-zone winter tread pattern guarantees secure footing on icy and snowy areas, which means that regardless of what the weather forecast prediction is, you are good to go. 

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus adjustable laces allow you the desired wraparound without applying pressure points on some parts of your feet. 


✅ Lightweight, Durable Midsole

✅ High Energy Return

✅ Advanced Traction Rubber Sole

✅ Waterproof Full-Grain Leather

✅ Mesh Bootie Construction

✅ Durable Mesh Tongue


X Shoelaces frays after some time

7. Skechers Men’s Telmon-Out River Outdoor Sandal for Zion Narrows Hiking

Skechers Telmon-Out is the best waterproof shoes for Zion Narrows, thanks to its semi-open style that ensures that as you walk along the river during the hike, the water quickly drains from your feet.

Additionally, the semi-open style synthetic upper with waterproofing features ensures that as soon as you step out of the water, your feet dry up, preventing the development of blisters.

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The slip-on sandals with a hook and loop adjustable strap at the back make wearing it easy and, at the same time, provide you with a custom fit with the perfect hug as you maneuver through the Zion Narrows. 

The wide-toe box ensures that your foe foot perfectly rests on the footbed providing your toes and not squeezed to cause discomfort during the hike.

The guarded toe box secures your toes in place, preventing you from injuries caused by toe-stubbing due to the many rocky slopes. 

The synthetic outsole with super treads provides a firm hold of the rocky ground and muddy trails, ensuring that slips and falls that may cause potential injuries are avoided promising you the experience you signed up for at Zion Narrows. 


✅ Relaxed Fit

✅ River Outdoor Sandal 

✅ hook & loop straps

✅ Adjustable Strap

✅ Ankle Strap

✅ Cap Toe


X Slightly narrow footbed

8. SITAILE Water Shoes Men Women Quick-Dry for Zion Narrows

SITAILE Water Shoes are the best water shoes for Zion Narrows as they come with breathable ultra-lightweight fabric upper with quick-drying features that ensure that your feet dry fast as soon as you are done with the water trail area, the Virgin River.

This amphibious footwear ensures your feet are protected from foot infections caused by wet feet. 

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The elastic straps allow you to fit the shoe perfectly according to the width of your foot, ensuring you avoid the inconvenience that comes with tying and untying shoelaces.

The adjustable features mean that the SITAILE Water Shoes fit comfortably to your custom-fit, letting you enjoy all the hiking activities at Zion Narrows. 

SITAILE Water Shoes come with a durable rubber outsole with a fantastic grip that protects your feet from the slippery wet areas of the Zion Narrows.

Additionally, the anti-abrasive outsole is super flexible, which means that your movements are unlimitedly granting you the experience you signed up for at Zion Narrows.

The fully covered design wraps your feet evenly to protect them from the pain caused by sharp or scratchy surfaces providing you with maximum protection; by the time you get home from Zion Narrows, your feet will be without sores.

SITAILE Water Shoes’ lightweight design makes them suitable for long hikes as you cover more ground without getting tired. 


Quick Drying

Breathable Ultra Light Weight Fabric

Fast Draining

Cross Ventilation

Wide Elastic Straps

Professional Anti Slip Rubber Outsole

Full Covering Design

Heel With Elastic Band


X None

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9. Teva Women’s Ankle Strap Hiking Shoe

Teva Women’s Hiking Sandals’ open style is designed to guarantee you nothing but the best in ensuring that your feet remain dry, which is crucial in maintaining the health of your feet.

The verifiable REPREVE polyester yarn by Unifi ensures that the Tevas for the narrows provide your feet with an odor-free experience.

Best Shoes for Zion Narrows View on Amazon

Additionally, the REPREVE made from recycled plastic provides your feet with outstanding support, ensuring that your feet can withstand any challenges you may face while hiking at the Zion Narrows.

The webbing design ensures that your feet will have quickly dried up even when you go across the Virgin River to Zion National park. 

The bungee cord lace system aids in holding the foot in place thanks to the hook and loop adjustable strap at the forefoot and hindfoot.

The loops allow you a personalized fit that best suits your foot width without causing pain to your feet.

Additionally, the bungee cord lace system makes it easy for you to remove the Teva sandals after a long and exhausting day at Zion Narrows. 

Teva Women’s Hiking Sandals EVA-foam midsole makes the footwear super light on your feet, providing extra flexibility even when backpacking.

Also, the midsole design ensures premium cushioning, protecting your feet from fatigue throughout your experience at Zion Narrows. 

Teva Women’s Hiking Sandals Rugged Spider Rubber outsole built to last design grants you the confidence to walk in wet muddy without thinking about falls at Zion Narrows.


Quick-Dry Webbing

Traceable, Verifiable Repreve Polyester Yarn

Unifi Supports

Bungee Cord Lace

Eva-Foam Midsole

Lightweight Cushioning

Rugged Spider Rubber Outsole


X Hell strap not adjustable

10. Teva Men’s Ankle-Strap Hiking Shoe

Teva Men’s Hiking Sandals are the best water hiking shoes for Zion Narrows, as the pair of footwear comes with an open style that allows a free flow of the water for bulk-free strides across the Virgin River.

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The hook and loop closure design provide outstanding support for your forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot as the three laces hold your feet in place for more stable strides along the canyon at the Zion Narrows. 

The 100% recycled PET lined with soft neoprene ensures that Teva Men’s Hiking Sandals do not cause you discomfort or pain by placing pressure points on certain parts of your feet.

The hook and loop closure guarantees a custom fit without compromising comfort, thanks to the PET liners. 

The considerably wide footbed ensures your feet rest comfortably, allowing more relaxed strides throughout the hike at Zion Narrows.

The footbed design also provides minimum collision between your feet and the pair of footwear, guaranteeing firm strides. 

Teva Men’s Hiking Sandal’s plastic outer material makes the Teva sandals durable while at the same time providing cushioned support for your legs and feet. 

The Vibram rubber outsole makes the Teva Men’s Hiking Sandals super grippy, eliminating the need to avoid tricky parts of Zion Narrows.

Additionally, the Vibram outsole water-resistant features repel water, ensuring guaranteed dryness on the small water puddles.


✅ Durable Rubber Sole

Unifi Repreve Polyester Yarn

✅ Contoured Eva Midsole

✅ Vibram Mega Grip Outsole

✅ Breathable Mesh Lining

✅ Textured Eva Footbed


X None

Final Thoughts

UBFEN Men’s Women’s Water Aqua Shoes for Zion Narrows and Sperry 7 Seas Sports Cupsole Water Shoes for Zion Narrows were the overall best shoes for Zion Narrows.

These two pairs are excellent water shoes to hike along the Virgin River at Zion National Park, giving you a comfortable foot experience along the Narrows.

Also, their flexible materials ensure that hiking uphill is hassle-free to give your foot the proper position when moving laterally and putting pressure on your knees.