7 Best Shoes For Agility Training 2022

The best shoes for agility training should have a memory foam midsole and outsole to enhance stability and comfort.

With agility training being a significant facet of various sports training, a flexible rubber sole shoe is a must-have to offer a non-slip grip and traction.

Agility training is a fast-paced set of events such as plyometric, tuck jumps, and dot drills.

Therefore Agility training shoes should also have a carbon rubber sole to promote their durability and also to improve ground grip either on dirt, indoor turf, mud, or wet grass.

Furthermore, consider giving shoes with a non-marking outsole a top priority as they have the ability to promote support and stability during agility training.

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7 Best Shoes For Agility Training In 2021

1. GFYWZZ Agility Training Bouncing Shoe For Teens, Adults, Women & Men

These agility training shoes from GFYWZZ have continually gained popularity among different groups of runners. With a wide-to-box design, expect this pair of shoes to fit comfortably on a foot of varying foot shape, hence our best shoes for speed and agility training.

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You’ll also be shocked to realize that this pair comes with a TPU shoe buckle. As a result, it is safe for both kids and adults to participate in speed and agility training activities.

It features a foam midsole which ensures that this pair offers unconditional comfort by professionally neutralizing all the shock and impact.

By taking up a bootie design, GFYWZZ speed and agility training shoes have the ability to bear more weight which promotes air and improves blood circulation.

These agility training and jumping shoes are unconditionally durable and waterproof as they feature a synthetic upper material.

Furthermore, it comes with a padded collar which ensures that your ankle is free from possible ankle pain.

Generally speaking, by only weighing GFYWZZ shoes are compatible with both kids and adults who are tremendous speed and agility training enthusiasts regardless of their gender.

  • Anti-scuff outsole
  • Supportive shoes
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Durable materials
  • Versatile design
  • Compatible with kids and adults
  • Complex design

2. Nike Men’s Metcon 5 UT Training Shoes

Moving on to our runner-up position, find the Metcon 5 UT, which managed to be the best Nike shoes for agility training. The lace-up closure option guarantee agility training enthusiast with a compact grip.

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When taking part in activities such as drills and sled pushes during agility training, the rubber outsole design is ready to offer you unforgettable anti-slip ground grip ability.

Expect to enjoy the exceptional ground grip as this Nike Metcon 5 comes with an outsole wraps up, which is of rubber origin.

The rubber outsole is equally important as it ensures your foot remains flexible either during long or short agility training schedules.

Generally speaking, the Hyperlift insert offers agility fanatic with outstanding shock and impact protection.

Moreover, it comes with a prominent Nike logo on the heel counter, hence a stylish pair of shoes that is compatible with a wide range of other agility training gear such as shorts, knee pads, and leggings.

You can for sure enjoy agility training on the muddy platform as the rubber sole features a self-cleaning technology.

  • Wrap up around outsole
  • Booties deign
  • Ultra-soft supportive insole
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • rubber outsole grips
  • none

3. Mizuno Men’s Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Running Shoe

The third position of our agility training shoes went to Sky Waveknit 3, which is running shoes from Mizuno.

When participating in agility training, expect to enjoy a more cushioned ride as Mizuno included a Wave Technology U4icX Midsole.

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Coming with closure technology which employs a lacing system, expect to enjoy a personalized fit wither when hitting the trails or taking part in agility training.

Regardless of whether you have wide or narrow feet, expect to enjoy a perfect blend of natural movement and comfortable fit as this beast features a WAVE KNIT upper construction option.

Apart from the X10 Outsole design allowing Sky Waveknit 3 to be durable, it also makes it to be wear and tear-proof.

For added comfort and a smooth ride that is free from shock and pressure, Mizuno made use of a New Premium Sock liner.

Coming with a 100% synthetic upper this Sky Waveknit 3 from Mizuno is compatible with agility training which takes place in muddy or in rainy weather.

The next feature you will definitely like about this pair of shoes is that it comes with a midsole that employs Wave U4icX Technology to offer a smooth transition during agility training.

  • Offers smooth transition
  • WAVE KNIT upper construction
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Dual-density midsole
  • Technology U4icX Midsole
  • Weighs 1.8 Pounds

4. Airwalk Men’s Performance Gusto Cross Trainer

Next on our list are the Performance Gusto Cross Trainer from airwalk and also our best men’s shoes for agility training on our review.

The most outstanding feature of this Airwalk is that it comes with a non-marking outsole. As a result, it promotes stability and an extraordinarily smooth ride.

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With a Breath Active functional lining, these air walks offer agility training experts foot access to fresh air.

The breathable lining is equally important as it has the ability to protect your foot from possible foot rots and developing a bad odor.

For your great performance when taking part in agility training on mud or on wet grass, the Airwalk cross trainer comes with a 100% synthetic upper, which makes it to be waterproof.

The sporty upper appearance allows this Airwalk trainer to be both durable and attractive.

It also comes with relatively wide guidance forefoot grooves, which offer an extraordinary fit to agility training enthusiasts with different foot shapes.

Generally speaking, the Memory foam insole is the reason why this Performance Gusto Cross Trainer effectively neutralizes pressure and sock and is expected on your foot and back when training.

As a result, it neutralizes possible back pain.

  • Feature sporty upper
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Features cushioned insole
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Highly breathable
  • Lace-up closure styles
  • Offers a dynamic fit
  • Sizing runs big
  • Weighs 78 Ounces

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Shoes

 Fifth on our list finds Gel-Nimbus 23 from Asics as our best shoes for agility training.

By coming with a synthetic upper design, this beast allows agility training fanatic feet to have access to fresh air and remain free from possible foot rot conditions.

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It is also unconditionally light in weight and also offers an extraordinary cushioning option as Asics made use of FLYTEFOAM technology cushioning.

Furthermore, Gel-Nimbus 23 comes with an Ortholite X-55 sock liner. Because of this feature, your foot remains free from shock and impact.

Also, thanks to Asics for featuring a military-grade, both the foam insole and midsole offer unconditional responsive cushioning on different agility training platforms such as mud, indoor turf, or synthetic grass carpet.

The sock liner of these running shoes, which has an Ortholite origin, is equally important as it minimizes pressure exacted on your foot during an intense agility training session.

Nevertheless, the collar and shoe tongue of this Gel-Nimbus 23 are professionally padded as a result, it guarantees you a personalized fit.

By coming with longer and rustproof eyelets stay lacing and lacing these shoes is 100% easy.

  • Ortholite X-55 sock liner
  • Engineered Mesh Upper
  • Feature a foam outsole
  • Offers cushioned comfort
  • Reasonable lace-up system
  • Rubber sole
  • None

6. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Agility Training Shoe

Our second last position on our review went to Fresh Foam Hierro V5 from New Balance the most interesting thing is that this pair was also our best budget shoes for agility training on the market today.

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The Fresh Foam midsole offers enough protection to your underfoot from possible shock and impact.

Moreover, the midsole fresh foam designs are equally important as it offers safe and a comfortable landing platform for your foot during an agility training session.

With textile upper, Fresh Foam Hierro V5 allows your foot to have access to fresh air.

In addition, the new balance also integrated a relatively wide box to promote both comfort and functionality of this agility training sneaker.

Generally speaking, the Vibram outsoles of this new balance sneaker are both Durable and also offer anti-slip grip technology on different agility training platforms such as wet grass or indoor turf.

When taking part in agility training on muddy or wet grass the textile upper which is also TPU-coated protects debris from gaining access to your foot.

  • TPU-coated upper
  • Made in USA
  • Breathable upper
  • Precision-engineered
  • Ortholite footbed
  • provides supreme bounce
  • Has the total weight of  78 Ounces

7. NOBULL Agility Training Shoes and Styles

Next up is the NOBULL Trainers Shoes, which also managed to be our best women’s shoes for agility training.

Interestingly, it also features a canvas upper which is sparingly perforated to supply your feet with cool air when taking part in agility training during hot weather.

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It has medial guards that offer added foot protection. Interestingly the outsole of this pair comes with a quality self-cleaning lug design which makes agility training in different environments to be enjoyable.

With both the padded midsole and outsole, these Nobull trainers allow agility training enthusiasts’ legs to develop dynamic strength while effectively neutralizing shock impact and pressure on your foot and ankle as it encourages strength and stability.

Another amazing feature is that this Nobull trainer has a reflective logo which makes you be visible to motorists and cyclists during an agility training exercise on the tarmac or on the driveway.

The outsole lug pattern also is equally important as it allows this pair of trainers from NOBULKL to be compatible with outdoor and indoor agility training activities.it is also good to note that it features a quality heel counter, as a result, it offers unconditional ankle protection when training.

  • Outsole lug pattern
  • Extremely durable
  • Reflective NOBULL logo
  • High carbon medial guards
  • Abrasion-resistant trainer
  • Weighs more than expected


Sky Waveknit 3 from Mizuno was the pair that was our best shoes for agility training as the XPOP PU foam technology offers your foot a safe landing platform. By featuring a synthetic upper this pair of shoes is 100% waterproof.

This sky Waveknit from Mizuno is also 100% durable as it features a carbon rubber design. In addition, the carbon rubber promotes quality ground grip when taking part in various agility training exercises.

However, consider going for a pair of agility training shoes with a relatively wide toe box to offer your foot sufficient relaxing space and also to keep your foot toes from bruises and blisters.