7 Best Shoes For Pronated Ankles in 2022

The best shoes for pronated ankles should offer a roomy toe box and a relaxed fit to ensure that your pronated ankles receive adequate accommodation. Also, slip-on loops and accessible entry features make shoes for pronated ankles due to the easy insertion and removal.Best Shoes For Pronated Ankles

The best podiatrist recommended shoes for ankle pronation should offer max cushioning to protect your heel area from painful discomfort while absorbing shock from pronated ankles, jogging, and running.

Furthermore, the best running shoes for pronated ankles should offer you the utmost breathability to wick away sweat and foot moisture when working or standing all day on your pronated ankles. 

In addition, the best everyday shoes for ankle pronation should offer support to ensure a firm and relaxed fit with a foot movement stabilizer to ensure each step is comfortable.

However, finding the best shoes for pronated ankles can be confusing and tedious. Today, SneakerWagon podiatrists present well-filtered research to give you credibly curated information.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Pronated Ankles

1. Brooks Addiction Walker 2 Walking Shoes for Pronated Ankles

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 are the overall best walking shoes for pronated ankles.

These sneakers have an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) to provide maximum support for not only your pronated ankles but also your arch and heels.

This ensures that you go about your day without feeling strenuous as your feet maintain their natural mobility route. 


overall best walking shoes for pronated anklesM E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The SATRA TM144:2011 certified synthetic sole here is innovatively designed to provide you with a fantastic grip allowing you to move in confidence along the concrete corridors, smooth tiled floors, and the lawn.

Besides the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is also BioMoGo DNA equipped. 

The soft and responsive designed BioMoGo DNA provides your pronated ankles with maximum cushioning by taking into account crucial factors such as your weight, pace, and stride.

Ultimately, this ensures that every step you take is comfortable and at the same time, reduces the pressure on your joints.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is PDAC A5500 certified, making it an excellent and ideal choice for people with diabetes with pronated ankles.

The style offers sufficient comfort and support to ensure that walking and strolling are hassle-free even with a body condition.

The upper leather design has a stylish classic finish to match your outfit needs for both formal and casual ceremonies.

Besides the classic finish, the leather upper is also made durable, ensuring your Brooks Addiction Walker 2 lasts longer, saving you the burden of acquiring new pairs for your pronated ankles.

The lace closure system gives you room to adjust the shoes to your desired wraparound without applying unwanted pressure to your pronated ankles.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 features an excellent weight distribution to ensure this firm build feels deceptively light and bulk-free such every step is effortless and does not cause over fatigue.

This way, long periods of walking or working do not cause discomfort or nagging.


✅ Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

✅ SATRA TM144:2011 Slip resistance certification

✅ PDAC A5500 certification

✅ The upper leather design has a stylish classic finish

✅ Lace closure system

✅ Deceptively light and bulk-free


X Annoying squeak when dashing on tiled floors

2. New Balance 1540 V3 Running Shoes for Pronated Ankles

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 are the overall best running shoes for pronated ankles.

These shoes feature the ENCAP technology-equipped midsole of lightweight foam with a polyurethane frame to ensure that your pronated ankles have maximum support whether you are running or taking slow, light strides.

Besides the support of ENCAP technology, the New Balance 1540 V3 is highly cushioned to ensure ultimate comfort for your pronated ankles. 

best running shoes for pronated ankles M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

New Balance 1540 V3 comes equipped with ROLLBAR technology, meaning that your rear-foot movement is not only regulated for greater support but also ensures your strides are highly stable.

This feature protects your pronated ankles from the pain and discomfort that comes with instability. 

The treaded rubber outsole provides an anti-skid base making the New Balance 1540 V3 suitable for use on wet floors or puddled grounds.

Thus, you receive maximum protection when striding across smooth tiled floors or on soapy surfaces.

The adjustable laces not only give room for ease of entry but also ensure a personalized fit that best suits your pronated ankles without causing pain.

This excellent relaxed fit ensures that your feet never have painful pressure points that often cause discomfort and bunion formation.

The synthetic mesh upper provides room for air permeability, leaving your feet with a refreshed feeling even after wearing the shoes all day long.

In addition to being breathable, the sleekly designed upper allows you the flexibility to wear the shoes for sharp directional changes and running fast. 


✅ ENCAP technology-equipped midsole

✅ Highly cushioned to ensure ultimate comfort

✅ ROLLBAR technology

✅ Treaded rubber outsole for outstanding slip resistance

✅ Adjustable laces

✅ Breathable  synthetic mesh upper


X The plastic tabs on the shoe’s laces are slightly weakly reinforced

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3. ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

At position 2, we have the ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 that strikes a balance between giving you that cushioned footrest and a lightweight build to reduce nag and fatigue.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 comes with GEL Technology Cushioning System to ensure that as your pronated ankle moves through the gait cycle, there is maximum shock absorption even on high impact zones.

Thus running, dashing and all-day working are stress-free regardless of the terrain on which you step.

everyday shoes for ankle pronationM E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The Dynamic DuoMax system improves firm stable support within a lightweight build. Thus, the pressure exerted by your pronated ankles receives boost foot support to allow a firm hold while reducing bulk.

This feature makes ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 an excellent choice for runners with pronated ankles running on gravel or cross country.

The perfectly fitted external heel counter also aids in providing stability and ultimate comfort for your pronated ankles, even if you have the ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 on for more extended periods. 

Therefore, your pronated ankles receive an excellent housing pad to stabilize hind food movement ideal when exercising, walking fast, and changing direction.

The 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION enhances compression at every stride without causing pain to your pronated ankles. 

This characteristic ensures that foot slaps on hard concrete floors never cause pain to your foot sole. Also, jumping and exercises are stress-free due to the elimination. 

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 FlyteFoam Blast midsole provides a lightweight yet smooth, effortless landing and natural rebounds.

The FlyteFoam Blast ensures that your feet are naturally propelled throughout your morning jog or light walks thus you remain productive and agile.

The porous upper ensures sufficient airflow to your feet, preventing bad odors that come with wearing shoes for longer periods.


✅ Gel Technology Cushioning System

✅ Dynamic DuoMax system


✅ FlyteFoam Blast midsole

✅ Breathable upper


X The tongue often curls and creases

4. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Running Shoes for Pronated Ankles

At position 4, Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is one of the comfiest shoes for pronated ankles from Nike.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 features a considerably wide footbed designed to ensure that your feet remain comfortable.

This width is ideal for providing your pronated ankle with adequate accommodation for lateral movement, thus eliminating the risk of bunion formation.

best everyday shoes for ankle pronation M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The Fly-knit upper that applies the Flywire technology provides additional protection and stability around the pronated ankles and heel.

The Flywire technology also provides extra stability to the midfoot, resulting in a much more stable jogging motion. 

Furthermore, the additional structure on the upper offers the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 a more sturdy and authentic appearance. Your foot thus feels supported when walking and running.

The tested injury-free oriented shoe is designed so that pronation correction is not forced and no technology is applied to influence your feet a certain way. 

The React Foam midsole is lightweight, which ensures your feet remain relaxed. Additionally, the midsole is equipped with Rocker Geometry promises a comfortable and seamless transition in every leap. 

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 significantly padded back is designed to ensure your heel stays in place. Flywire wires and extra padding at the tongue enhance more stability and hold your pronated ankles in place. 

The rubber outsole is not only long-lasting but also guarantees protection against slippery and muddy slopes thanks to its treaded anti-slip feature. 

The looped heel of the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 facilitates ease of entry, thus a stress-free insertion and removal of your pronated foot while resisting wearing and peeling the shoes’ collar.


✅ Comfiest shoes for pronated ankles from Nike

✅ Considerably wide footbed

✅ Flywire technology

✅ Tested injury-free oriented shoes

✅ Lightweight React Foam midsole

✅ Significantly padded back


X None

5. Saucony Guide 14 Running Shoes for Pronated Ankles 

At position 5, Saucony Guide 14 is an excellent choice for women with pronated ankles due to the custom and relaxed fit with outstanding slip resistance.

The Saucony Guide 14 upper is designed to leave you with a snuggly feel that ensures your feet and pronated ankles are rigid-free.

This way, your feet receive sufficient support to stabilize your foot movements when braking and moving laterally.

best walking shoes for pronated ankles M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Furthermore, the upper is designed to give room for ventilation that ensures your feet remain dry. Thus long working days and extensive running are stress-free, retaining your foot cool, fresh and dry.

The FORM FIT technology-equipped shoes allow for a custom fit due to the flexible adjustability. Thus your foot adjusts smoothly to the wraparound system when running, doing several exercises, and changing walking surfaces.

The tongue and collar of the Saucony Guide 14 are created with adequate padding for a pleasant and cozy feel.

The extra padding ensures that debris you may encounter during your morning run remains at bay. 

The PWRRUN midsole here is designed to provide superior cushioning for your feet. Additionally, the PWRRUN midsole aids in the distribution of pressure across your feet, leaving you with a comfortable feel.

TPU Guidance Frame is built to provide support. A higher density frame has also been incorporated to prohibit the pronated ankles from bending to inside when running or jumping. 

The Saucony’s TRI-FLEX design rubber outsole utilizes a sequence of grooves in the rubber to allow the shoe to bend more flexibly.

Besides offering painless bend, the rubber outsole has improved adhesion on the sidewalks and sandy slopes. 


✅ Supportive and Breathable upper material

✅ FORM FIT technology

✅ Adequately padded tongue and collar

✅ PWRRUN midsole

✅ TPU Guidance Frame

✅ TRI-FLEX design rubber outsole


X Not for heavy guys

6. Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 for Pronated Ankles

At position 6, Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 is yet a pick for the best shoes for pronated ankles due to the excellent padding and outstanding comfort.

Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 comes with the GuideRails technology that provides additional support to your feet, knees, and hips, limiting excessive, unnecessary movement.

Therefore even when you grow weary, you still manage to maintain your natural stance. 

best stability walking shoes for ankle pronators View on Amazon

The engineered mesh upper is spaciously designed to provide a comfortable fit thanks to the lace-up closure system.

The previous upper gives room for airflow, facilitating the normal dry feel on your feet. The conformable embroidered saddle guarantees comfort all-around your foot and pronated ankles.

The BioMoGo DNA midsole is designed to provide a plush, luxurious feel without compromising the responsiveness and longevity of the Brooks Women’s Ariel 20.

Besides the comfort, BioMoGo DNA is designed to mimic your strides uniquely. 

The ultimate sock liner provides extra cushioning for the extra hug that ensures that your pronated feet stay in place.

Full-length Segmented Crash Pad puts up with heel, midfoot or neutral landings while still allowing for smooth heel-toe transitions. 

The synthetic upper makes the Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 lightweight allowing you to take bulk-free strides.

Additionally, the upper is air penetrable, allowing entry of cooler air from outside preventing sweat accumulation in the shoe. 

The rubber outsole makes the shoes slip-resistant while you walk on wet grass. The rubber outsole also ensures that the Brooks Women’s Ariel 20 last longer as they don’t tear from abrasions. 


✅ GuideRails technology

✅ Engineered mesh upper

✅ BioMoGo DNA midsole

✅ Full-length Segmented Crash Pad

✅ Lightweight build


X None

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7. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Comfortable Leisure Shoes for Pronated Ankles

Last but not least, Vionic Women’s Walker shoes.

The Vionic Classic Leisure shoes have an EVA midsole designed for maximum shock absorption as you jump across ditches.

This absorption ensures that there’s reduced pressure on your feet and joints. Additionally, the EVA midsole half-inch elevation improves heel-to-toe transformation. 

Best Shoes For Pronated Ankles View on Amazon

The Active Motion System technology-equipped shoes are designed to keep on the move by providing additional pleasure and gait efficiency. 

Just like all other Vionic sandals and flats, the Vivonic Classic Leisure shoes are also made of the podiatrist-designed footbed that provides support and stability all through the day.

The removable, biomechanical “Orthaheel technology” insert provides pronation control. This aims to ensure that your feet and legs are naturally aligned, reducing the chances of ankle pronation. 

The Vionic Classic Leisure shoes have an elevated midfoot portion that is strengthened with thermoplastic support to avoid ankle pronation.

The heel cup is also made of thermoplastic for additional support for every step taken. The additional support is achieved by holding your heel in place, aiding in the heel, arch, knee pain relief. 

The long-lasting rubber outsole offers excellent traction and stability. This is guaranteed by the strategically placed pods that offer the anti-slip features where they are needed most.

The two horizontal flex grooves in the forefoot region of the outsole allow your foot to bend in the desired position.


✅ For pain relief

✅ EVA midsole

✅ Active Motion System technology 

✅ Podiatrist-designed footbed 

✅ Orthaheel technology

✅ Elevated midfoot portion 

✅ Long-lasting rubber outsole


X Slightly less padding

Final Thoughts

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 Walking Shoes for Pronated Ankles and 2. New Balance 1540 V3 Running Shoes for Pronated Ankles are the overall best shoes for pronated ankles.

These shoes have ample cushioning and support to stabilize your foot movements while perfectly absorbing shock when running and walking fast.

Also, these two pairs deliver outstanding breathability for all-day freshness and a relaxed fit to ensure no pressure points on your toes. We hope you find one pair for your pronated ankles.