10 Best Shoes For Physicians in 2022 – Medical Shoes Reviews

The best shoes for physicians should be comfortable for standing all day for long shifts through a relaxed fit, memory foam footbed, and compression-molded EVA midsole.

All these not only give your foot excellent security but also ensure that you enjoy that energy return that peoples you forward.Best Shoes For Physicians

Furthermore, the best physician shoes must have outstanding breathability to ensure that your feet remain fresh even when working in the disinfection room or when your feet sweat when handling emergencies.

In addition, the shoes for physicians to wear must offer adequate slip resistance and prevent physicians from skidding over blood, body fluids, urine, or even slippery hospital floors.

This way, you always walk in confidence, even when making those quick dashes.

Today, SneakerWagon podiatrists, together with the feedback from natural physicians present a well-researched and excellently filtered list of the top shoes for physicians to wear at work.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Physicians 

1. KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On 2 Low Height No Lace Physician Shoes

KEEN Utility PTC KEEN patented toe protection ensures that your toes enjoy a soft feel on the inside without compromising safety. The outer is designed to withstand impact granting the ultimate protection to your toes, preventing pain caused by a falling stethoscope.

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The slip-on design allows for a comfortable, convenient, and fast-fit that also makes the KEEN Utility PTC pass the safety footwear standards at the hospital, allowing you to attend to patients at the hospital with ease.

KEEN Utility PTC comes with water-resistant features that ensure remain dry even if there’s an unexpected spillage while administering intravenous fluids to a patient.  

The removable KEEN. Cush PU and memory foam footbed mimic the shape of your feet and easily adjust to provide you with the extraordinary kind of cushioning you require to properly offer diagnostic services at the clinic.

KEEN Utility PTC elastic gore panel allows you a comfortable fit regardless of how wide your feet are, making the pair of footwear the best work shoes for all physicians.

The non-marking outsole with anti-skidding qualities ensures that when the footwear is worn, you are safe from potential falls caused by the smooth surfaces at the hospital. 

KEEN Utility PTC comes with a TPU stability shank that provides the footwear with a stable fit which means that as you make rounds examining patients at the hospital, you are able to maintain foot balance in all terrains.

The compression-molded EVA midsole ensures that when you are wearing the KEEN Utility PTC you get maximum stability as weight is dispersed to all areas of your feet.

Thus, ensuring that after a long day of attending to patients at the clinic, you enjoy a fatigue-free experience.


✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ KEEN Patented Toe Protection

✅ Shoe outsoles wrap up

✅ Features a combination of recycled PU

✅ Memory foam that contours to your feet

✅ Plush KEEN.CUSH footbed

✅ Slip-resistant outsole and water-resistant leather upper


X Slightly Tight fit around mid-foot

2. Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Physician Work Shoes

Crocs On The Clock Clogs thermoplastic elastomers outsole is equipped with Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant treads that provide a secure foothold protecting you from the just cleaned slippery surfaces at the hospital. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The cushioned footbed equipped by Dual Crocs Comfort™ provides superior support without compromising the soft and snug comfort promising you the best experience as you prescribe medication to your clients. 

Crocs On The Clock Clog’s wide mouth and slip-on styles make it easy for you to put on without causing any form of strain or injuries to your toes and fingers.

The enclosed heel and toe design ensures that the clogs meet the standards for safety shoes at the hospital. 

The lightweight feature that allows you to freely walk from one corner of the hospital to the next makes the Crocs On The Clock Clogs the best-recommended shoes for physicians.

Crocs On The Clock Clogs provide your feet with a relaxed fit with a tapered design at the back for a comfortable and secured heel fit which ensures that the crocs are not to lose on your feet while you walk.

The enhanced arch support ensures the crocs provide you with maximum comfort as pressure is evenly distributed across your foot providing stability in every step. At the same time, you order laboratory tests which means that in the long run, your legs remain fatigued free. 


✅ Thermoplastic Elastomers Sole

✅ For Long Days And Nights

✅ Easy To Clean By Just Using Soap And Water

✅ Slip Resistant Shoes

✅ Quick Dry

✅ Croslite Foam And Deeply Cushioned Footbeds

✅ Dual Crocs Comfort

✅ Relaxed Fit


X No place to buy the Crocs insoles alone

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3. Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women – Physician – Waterproof Non-Slip Pro Shoes

Sticky Work Shoe footbed is made with a highly absorbent material that ensures your feet remain dry throughout the day, preventing bad smell and growth of bacteria, thus ensuring your feet stay healthy.

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The lightweight design combined with fantastic arch support promises you the desired comfort allowing you to work freely while you analyze the medical reports and test results.

Sticky Work Shoe’s upper and outsole waterproof design makes it safe for you to use even during the rainy season as you are guaranteed dryness, keeping you safe from the discomfort caused by wet shoes.

The outsole comes with superior traction that provides non-slip qualities that ensure that if you come across spilled medicine at the hospital, you are safe from impending falls. 

Sticky Work shoe outsole highly aids shock absorption which protects your feet from high impact landings while walking along the pavements at the hospital attending to patients.

Also, the outsole features an anti-torsion system which ensures that your feet maintain their typical and natural shape from your knee downwards. 

The wide mouth ensures you spend minimal time getting ready for your shift as the slip-on design makes it even easier to put the shoes on and also quickly remove them after a long day at the hospital. 


✅ True To Size

✅ Powerful Non-Slip Outsole

✅ Upper And Outsole Are Waterproof

✅ Footbed Is Made With An Absorbent Material

✅ Shock Absorber And Anti Torsion System

✅ Light And Made With A Great Support For Your Arch

✅ Wide Color Variety


X switched inserts reduce clearance in the toe box slightly 

4. Dansko Men’s Wynn Casual Shoes – Physician Work Shoes For All Day Comfort and Support

Dansko Wynn’s stylish rich leather uppers provide your feet with ample support while at the same time providing the professional finishing look, which means that you worry less about what are the best shoes for the medical physicians.

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The pair of casual shoes, unlike most athletic shoes, also come with a leather sock lining that offers excellent breathability features and faster moisture absorption ensuring your feet remain dry as you attend departmental meetings at the hospital. 

Dansko Wynn’s triple-density EVA molded footbed ensures your feet rest easily on the surface of the shoes, preventing any form of foot pain and maintaining comfort throughout the day.

Also, the removable footbed design allows for the use of your podiatrist’s recommended orthotics to suit your foot needs. 

The 3/4 tuck board with riveted shank construction makes the Dansko Wynn the most comfortable shoes by ensuring that your feet remain stable and in control by offering extra support to your feet as you create treatment plans at the hospital. 

Dansko Wynn comes with a PU midsole that offers ample cushioning for feet combined with superior sock absorption, which means that your feet remain safe from painful external contacts. 

The rubber outsole meets the slip-resistant standards by offering a remarkable non-slip feature at the greasy hospital surfaces such as the tiled corridors. 


Slip-resistant outsole

All leather for easy wipe-clean outer

additional cushioning and superior shock-absorption

Dansko Arch support built-in for all-day support

Riveted shank construction

Removable triple-density EVA molded footbed


X Slight squishing noise

5. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Physicians

Birkenstock Work Shoes’ easy to care feature ensures that even with your busy schedule at the hospital, you are still able to maintain the footwear to enhance durability which means that it will take you longer to replace the pair. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The dirt-resistant features also ensure that you remain clean throughout the day, which means that you avoid the little embarrassing moments as you interact with patients and other physicians at the hospital. 

Birkenstock Work Shoes came with a slightly raised heel and extended front that ensures your feet are safely enclosed which in turn promotes a more natural stride as you make rounds checking in on patients at the hospital. 

The anatomically shaped PU footbed ensures your feet remain comfortable by providing you with additional cushioning all through the day.

Also, the removable footbed is easily washable and allows for disinfection to get rid of the germs and bacteria that could cause foot diseases. 

Birkenstock Work shoe polyurethane outsole provides the best grip in all areas of the hospital including the just cleaned wet surface at your office at the hospital.

The fabric-lined footbed feature ensures that your feet maintain dryness even during the summer days as sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away which means that your feet remain happy as you record the patient’s medical history.


✅ Alpro-Foam Footbed

✅ Alpro-Foam Sole

✅ Made in Germany

✅ body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot

✅ Slip Resistant Work Shoe


X Run slightly big

6. VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Men Work Shoe Physician Shoe Black White Lime Multi-Color

VANGELO Clogs EVA Foam body grants the footwear the lightweight features that allow you to comfortably move without any restrictions caused by heavy footwear.

Also, the EVA Foam body provides durability, ensuring maximum use of the pair without repairs or frequent replacement. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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This lightweight design ensures you make faster strides around your office to the lab to collect patient sample results. 

VANGELO Clogs come with a nano-ceramic and rubber outsole that provides an unbelievable non-slip technology that protects you from potential injury caused by falls on the wet slippery lawn while interacting with patients walking around the hospital. 

The non-skid outsole also meets the ASTM F2913-11 standards, which provides your feet with the extra confidence to walk around performing basic medical procedures on patients without paying much attention to the surface. 

VANGELO Clogs are equipped with Ortholite insoles that provide supportive and superior comfort by protecting you from any form of foot pain.

The ortholite insole removable aspect allows for custom-made orthotics, which means you get the best out of the clogs in terms of comfort. 

VANGELO Clogs are easy to clean both inside and outside, making it easy to get ready for your next shift without using a different pair. 


✅ Professional Slip Resistant Clogs

✅ ASTM Industry Standard

✅ American Podiatric Medical Association Recommend Professional Footwear

✅ Special Designed Shape and Pattern

✅ Completely washable inside and outside

✅ Replaceable Ortholite Removable Insole


X Great shoe, runs a bit big

7. Skechers mens Oswald – Balder

Skechers Oswald ventilating ports on the sides allow for an unrestricted airflow, which ensures that your feet maintain dryness all day long, just like they were in the morning before the beginning of your shift at the hospital. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The padded footbed enhances the level of comfort in your shoes and also aids in posture improvement, allowing you to be your best while you advise your patients on the best way to take care of themselves. 

Skechers Oswald comes with a padded collar that allows the wearer of the shoe sufficient ankle support for comfortable and painless strides around the hospital giving you the freedom to be your best while tending to the sick. 

The treaded rubber outsole protects you against wet slippery surfaces at the hospital corridors ensuring that even as you wheel a patient from the examination room to the ward, you are kept safe from falls. 

Skechers Oswald comes with a removable Polyurethane insole that ensures your feet remain comfortable and at the same time allows you to fit the pair in a way that best suits the needs of your feet by either removing it entirely or replacing it with your custom made ones. 


✅ Shock-absorbing padded footbed

✅ Padded collar

✅ OSHA-compliant slip-resistant outsole

✅ Ventilating ports at the medial side

✅ Removable PU comfort insole


X Quite a long break-in period

8. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog – Lightweight Recovery Footwear – Reduces Pressure on Feet, Joints & Back – Machine Washable

OOFOS Clog features OOfoam technology that allows absorption of 37% more impact than the average shoe foam materials.

The Oofoam technology ensures that you enjoy better shock absorption qualities that aid in alleviating stress on your flat feet, joints, and back allowing ease of movement at the hospital.

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The patented footbed cushions and supports the arch by reducing the energy exerted from the ankles by up to 47% compared to other rival companies with similar types of clogs.

OOFOS Clog is scientifically proven to aid in the reduction of any form of the burden on your feet while at the same time supporting foot mobility in comparison to other traditional footwear.

This means that if you’re wondering what are the best shoes for medical physicians, you easily find your answer on the clogs that proudly hold the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. 

The slightly open style at the back allows for a quick change as the OOFOS Clog lets you slip on the footwear without the need to tie any laces allowing you to get ready in time for a busy day of overseeing the discharge process the hospital. 

OOFOS Clog closed-cell upper is designed to minimize foul smell leaving your feet fresh and healthy while following up on your patient’s progress.

The main advantage with the closed-cell foam is that the footwear is machine washable, allowing you to quickly get them ready for the next shift.


✅ Machine Washable

✅ OOfoam technology

✅ Patented footbed

✅ Absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam

✅ Closed-cell foam

✅ Decrease compressive forces

✅ Lightweight


X If you are going to wear socks with these, you need to order a size larger

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9. Skechers Men’s Braver-Rayland Slip-On Loafer

Skechers Braver-Rayland’s unique Relaxed Fit® design allows you to fit the loafers comfortably without causing stress, thanks to the roomy features.

Thanks to the Relaxed Fit® design, you can focus on physical activities that matter the most. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The Skechers Memory Foam™ cushioned comfort insole does a perfect job in ensuring the Skechers Braver-Rayland aid in the reduction of muscle fatigue and also improves cushioning on the heels for the best shock absorbing features meaning that those rigid pavements at the hospital will be easy to tackle. 

The sneaker-like shoe flexible rubber outsole allows for unrestricted bends for when you wish to pick an item on the ground without causing pain to your feet

. Additionally, the rubber outsole with uniquely shaped treads offers grippy traction, offering the wearer the ultimate protection against the recently polished hospital floors. 

Skechers Braver-Rayland smooth leather uppers grant the ultimate classic finish that ensures you look presentable and professional while attending to patients or attending hospital strategic meetings.

The uppers are also equipped with a soft lining that provides a snug feel on your skin while also catering to sweat absorption for drier healthier feet. 

The slip of design without laces saves you an important amount of time by allowing you to put on the shoes without causing discomfort. 


✅ Durable Rubber sole

✅ Relax fit

✅ High Rebound Memory foam

✅ Soft fabric shoe lining

✅ Moisture-wicking insole

✅ Molded dual-lite base material


X Shoe color fades quicker than other shoes

10. Dansko Women’s LT Pro Clogs – Nursing & Medical Shoes, All Day Comfort

Dansko LT Pro Clogs are the best dress shoes for physicians thanks to their lightweight design that promises comfort and a nagless experience in every stride, which means that as you request additional hospital supplies, your movements are smooth. 

Best Shoes For Physicians

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The cushioned footbed ensures that while you wear the Dansko LT Pro Clogs, you get to experience superior comfort ensuring that as you move around the hospital conducting preliminary tests on patients, you get to enjoy softer strides. 

Dansko LT Pro Clogs comes with a compression-molded EVA outsole that is great for shock absorption while at the same time offers great and secure foothold qualities that guarantee a lack of encounter with slips that have the potential to cause life-changing injuries. 

The toledcan outer makes the clogs resistant to any kind of stains encountered while administering medicine to patients.

Also, the router is easier to clean as all you need to do wipe and you’re ready to go, which ensures you appear presentable at all times. 

Dansko LT Pro Clogs leather sock lining offers a soft feel on your skin to ensure premium comfort whether you wish to put on socks or choose to wear them just as they are.

The most important advantage of the sock liner is the ability to allow free air circulation and, by letting moisture escape, maintain dryness.


✅ Ethylene Vinyl Acetate outsole

✅ Lightweight construction

✅ Cushioned footbed for a softer ride

✅ Dansko patent-pending compression-molded EVA outsole

✅ Stain-resistant leather

✅ Leather sock linings


X A little snug on the sides of the feet.

Final Thoughts

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On and Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s on The Clock Clog are the overall best shoes for physicians.

These two pairs deliver adequate cushioning and a custom fit to provide the best experience when working while standing all day.

Also, these shoes provide superior support without compromising the soft and snug comfort, promising you the best experience as you prescribe medication to your clients.

When selecting the best physician shoes, consider comfort, breathability, and slip resistance.