7 Best Shoes For Sonographers in 2022 – Top Picks

The best shoes for sonographers should be comfortable to work in standing on feet all day due to sufficient ample cushioning and adequate support. This way, sonographers can work for long shift hours without pain and bulk on their feet.Best Shoes For Sonographers

In addition, the best shoes for a sonographer should have a waterproof upper to prevent splashes or spills from soiling your feet.

Furthermore, good sonography shoes should offer adequate slip resistance and double grip technology to ensure that you never slip and skid even when working on wet, soapy, and sloppy ground.

Moreover, the best sonography shoes should feature a breathable upper to wick away foot moisture and sweat. Thus, long working days and busy sonographic activities are hassle-free.

Today, SneakerWagon’s podiatrists prevent the work of their knowledge, experience, and feedback from real sonographers.

Best Shoes For Sonographers

1. Dansko Professional Clog – Best for Sonographers

Dansko Professional Clog comes with leather and fabric uppers for the ultimate foot support you need while standing next to the ultrasound machine.

Best Shoes For Sonographers

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The padded instep collar makes the  Dansko Professional Clog super comfortable by providing your feet with a soft feel and support as you walk around on a busy day at the hospital, making the pair the most comfortable shoes for sonographers.

Dansko Professional Clog high and wide toe box provides your forefoot protection against pressure points caused by tight-fitting footwear.

Also, the roomy toe box offers ample room for toes wiggling which allows for enhanced blood circulation all-around your feet.

The polyurethane outsole with rocker bottom is designed to propel your feet forward which means that you put very little effort into every stride for a less tiring experience.

Additionally, the PU outsole makes the Dansko women clog protective as it easily absorbs shock. 

Dansko Professional Clog wide heel strike feature guarantees the most needed stability, which means that your feet will be free of sprains as you provide quality patient care. 

The heel is slightly raised for improved posture and proper blood circulation that reduces bodily fatigue after a long day of performing clinical assessments during an examination. 


✅ Polyurethane Outsole

✅ Breathabeleather And Or Fabric Uppers

✅ Padded Instep Collar

✅ Roomy Reinforced Toe Box

✅ Rocker Bottom

✅ Stable Wide Heel Strike


X No lace closure system for sonographers who prefer laces

2. Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Sonographers

On The Clock Clog, enclosed toes and heel design makes the pair of footwear suitable as you can meet the sonographer’s work workplace standards. 

Best Shoes For Sonographers

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The considerably wide footbed ensures that the On The Clock Clog provides your feet with a relaxed fit regardless of your foot width.

Also, the tapered fit at the back of the heel ensures that you fit the pair securely, ensuring that proper movement around the ultrasound room is unrestricted. 

On The Clock, Clog is the best shoe for sonographers as they come with an enhanced arch support design that guarantees you the comfort you desire, allowing you to handle the billing procedures with ease.

The Dual Crocs Comfort™ feature the On The Clock Clog comes with provides you with the right amount of support while at the same time ensuring that your feet enjoy a pillow-like cradling type of comfort as you maintain daily logs of patients seen. 

On The Clock Clog, thermoplastic elastomers outsole equipped with Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant treads provides the necessary anti-slip features that ensure you are free of fall caused by any spilled gel in the ultrasonography.

The waterproof feature ensures that your feet are free of coffee or water spills you may come across at the cafeteria during your break.

The advantage here is that the pair of footwear is easy to clean for you only need a quick wipe. 


✅ Thermoplastic Elastomers Outsole

✅ Easy To Clean And Quickly Drying

✅ Slip Resistant Sole

✅ Croslite foam

✅ Deeply Cushioned Footbeds


X Does not have half sizes

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3. Clarks Women’s Cheyn Madi Slip-On Loafer for Sonographers

Clarks Cheyn Madi’s soft, full-grain leather upper provides you with the classic finish that completes your professional look, ensuring that you are both comfortable and good-looking at the ultrasound room and other hospital environs. 

Best Shoes For Sonographers

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The slip-on design with discrete elastic gore ensures that you take as little time as possible getting ready to see your patients in good time.

Additionally, the slip-on design makes removal easy, which means you use little energy taking the Clarks Cheyn Madi off after a long day of sonography work. 

Clarks Cheyn Madi comes with a textile lining on the upper that wicks away all the moisture ensuring your feet remain dry while you perform routine maintenance of machines.

The OrthoLite footbed ensures all-day comfort by reducing impact whether you are taking small strides with your patient or standing at the ultrasound room, making Clarks Cheyn Madi the best shoes for sonographers.

Clarks Cheyn Madi TPR outsole provides the best abrasion-resistant features together with anti-skidding qualities ensuring you avoid slips and falls on the tiled hospital corridors.

The outsole also comes with amazing insulation properties offering your feet warmth which means that you avoid carrying an extra pair to work during the cold winter days. 


Easy Slip-On

Cushion Soft Technology

Ortholite Footbed

Durable 100% Leather

Smooth Heel-To-Toe Transition


X Slightly loud when working on slippery floors

4. Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer for Sonography

Clarks May Marigold are the best shoes for sonography healthcare workers. They come with extra-soft black leather with stretch gores that are highly breathable and protect against cold winds and light rain, keeping professionals dry and comfortable.

Best Shoes For Sonographers

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The fabric linings on the Clarks May Marigold add to the breathability feature with the advantage of preventing odor in your feet as moisture is quickly absorbed.

The prevention of foul smells on your feet is important as you can confidently interact with your colleagues at the hospital without the embarrassment of smelly feet.

Clarks May Marigold Ortholite footbed makes the pair lightweight enhancing your performance as you go about your sonographer duties.

Also, OrthoLite® foam’s open-cell PU technology aids in keeping your feet cool as it provides a free airflow all around. 

The sculpted low heel reduces the amount of stress caused by footwear on your body while also providing cushioning and support, making Clarks May Marigold the best shoes for sonography standing all day.

Clarks May Marigold TPR outsole provides grippy traction against the recently polished surfaces at the hospital lobby guaranteeing you protection against falls that would indeed cause injuries.

The easy-to-wear pair of cute footwear design ensures you avoid carrying an extra pair to work for that fundraising dinner after work as the shoes can be worn with jeans, skirts, and pants.


✅ Ortholite Footbed

✅ Thermoplastic Elastomers Outsole

✅ Soft Cushioning

✅ Smooth Heel-To-Toe Transition

✅ Sculpted Low Heel


X Slightly large

5. Skechers Men’s Performance Go Walk Max-54601 Sneakers for Sonography

Skechers Go Walk is built with Goga Max technology insole for the ultimate support and cushioning benefits for your feet, ensuring that you enjoy a tireless experience as you stand all day using the medical imaging equipment. 

Best Shoes For Sonographers

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The athletic look-designed sneakers come with a lightweight mesh fabric upper that promises the desired fit simultaneously, allowing for an unrestricted airflow in all parts of your feet, maintaining dryness as you manage imaging departments. 

The synthetic overlays at the laces enhance durability, ensuring that you enjoy the Skechers Go Walk for a long time without the need to get a new pair. 

Skechers Go Walk lace-up design with a rear pull-tab makes wearing and removal effortless.

Additionally, the lace-up design with a padded collar and tongue ensures that you can fit the sneakers to your desired comfort without the pain brought about by tightly fit laces. 

The 5GEN midsole with a lightweight design provides cushioning and responds to your stride, ensuring that after a long day of analyzing sonograms and relaying the findings to the physician, your feet maintain a comfortable feel.

Skechers Go Walk extra padded heel aids in shock absorption and alleviation of heel discomfort caused by standing for long hours making the sneakers the best shoes for sonography standing all day. 


✅ Maximum Comfort And Cushioning

✅ Mesh Fabric Upper

✅ Supportive Sole Design

✅ Goga Max Technology Insole

✅ High-Rebound Cushioning

✅ Super Lightweight

✅ Injection-Molded Compound


X Not waterproof

6. Shoes for Crews Toby II, Men’s Non-Slip Comfortable Lightweight Sonography Work Shoes

Shoes for Crews Toby II waterproof design is created to repel all liquid molecules from the surface meaning that you worry less anytime time you come across the wet floor sign as you are guaranteed foot dryness.

Best Shoes For Sonographers

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The TripGuard™ anti-skid technology outsole with uniquely designed treads protects you against wet slippery floors at the ultrasound room as the outsole provides you with a secure foothold eliminating the risk of falls. 

The knitted upper’s breathable design allows for ample air circulation to all parts of your feet maintaining coolness and dryness for the effective performance of preparation of patients’ preliminary reports.

Shoes for Crews Toby II new Revive Midsole formula ensures you have enough support and stability for safer, pain-free steps as you move around and perform diagnostic procedures using sonographic equipment.

The low profile athletic finish makes the Shoes for Crews Toby II the best shoes for sonographers on feet all day, thanks to the lightweight quality that allows you to walk with ease without the extra unneeded bulk on your feet. 

Shoes for Crews Toby II looped collar and tongue makes it easy for you to put on the sneakers without the inconvenience that comes with difficult-to-wear shoes.

Also, the padded tongue ensures you are free of pain caused by the laces guaranteeing comfort as you use gestures to respond to the problems and inquiries received from patients.


✅ Water Resistant

✅ Slip Resistant

✅ TripGuard technology

✅ Lightweight construction

✅ Durable uppers

✅ Pull Loops for easy slip-on

✅ Padded Collar for additional cushioning


X Runs slightly big

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7. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 for Sonography

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 GuideRails® technology feature provides smart support to your feet by eliminating unnecessary foot movement which means that you maintain your natural stride even after an exhausting day of spreading gel onto the part of the patient’s body. 

Best Shoes For Sonographers

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The DNA LOFT crash pad combined with BioMoGo DNA adapts to your natural stride making the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 the best shoes for a sonographer.

Furthermore, the DNA LOFT crash pad offers great cushioning with every step for a soft and painless fit around the ultrasound room. 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 engineered upper with mesh fabric panels provide a glove-like fit that hugs your feet in place for a soft and secure fit.

Also, the breathable upper maintains a cooler feel all-around your feet as air freely penetrates your feet even as you obtain and record patient history.

The 3D Fit Print provides the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 with the needed structure and a sure fit by providing a comfortable wraparound without the unwanted weight as you order additional examinations for certain patients.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 rubber outsole with uniquely shaped treads provides the best non-slip qualities as you can comfortably walk on the greasiest surfaces without falling.


✅ Improved ride and reliable support

✅ Certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe

✅ DNA LOFT Crash Pad cushion

✅ Streamlined, engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit

✅ Without excess bulk



X Plastic agelet

Final Thoughts

1. Dansko Professional Clog – Best for Sonographers and Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Clog were the best shoes for sonographers.

The clogs offer a comfortable experience when working on your feet all day while providing an excellent fit for painless and hassle-free working.

In addition, these clogs easily slip on and deliver outstanding slip resistance to protect sonographers.

Sonographers should consider slip resistance, cushioning, breathability, and waterproof features when selecting the best shoes for sonography work.