7 Best Shoes For CNA Work – Certified Nursing Assistant – in 2022

What are the best shoes for a Certified Nursing Assistant?

The best shoes for CNA work should show exceptional cushioning and foot support to ensure that your feet receive maximum comfort ideal for standing and dashing all day and long 12 hour shifts at family homes or healthcare facilities.Best Shoes For CNA Work - Certified Nursing Assistant

In addition, the best shoes for Certified Nursing Assistant must exhibit adequate slip resistance to ensure that each step you make is highly protected from skidding whether you are working on wet floors, tiled pavements, or sloppy stairs.

Thus, you always walk and work confidently when handling emergencies and making sharp directional changes.

Furthermore, the best waterproof CNA shoes should excellently repel away liquids, blood, pee, poop, and cleaning agents to ensure that your feet remain dry throughout the day. 

Also, the best nursing shoes for CNA should secure your foot with a lovely wraparound that perfectly eliminates fidgeting and unnecessary movements, thus allowing you to have a relaxed fit that has zero pressure points to prevent bunion and hammertoe formation.

However, finding the best shoes for Certified Nursing Assistants can be tedious and confusing due to the numerous choices on the market right now.

Today, SneakerWagon presents quantitative research to classify and vet the top picks for you to use in all roles and responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant conveniently.

Let’s get started…

Reviews for the best shoes for CNA Certified Nursing Assistant

1. Dansko CNA Professional Clog XP 2.0 – Overall Best

Dansko CNA Professional Clogs XP 2.0 are the overall best shoes for male CNA and the best shoes for female CNA.

The striking balance between comfortable footwear, a roomy toe box, and maximum protection is the biggest advantage here.

best shoes for a Certified Nursing Assistant M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The upper features 100% leather to improve your presentation score at work and ensure your CNA work shoes stay in excellent working condition for a long time.

Also, the upper exhibits exceptional water resistance offering maximum protection from cleaning agents, blood, pee, or poop at your healthcare facility. This way, your feet remain dry throughout the day regardless of the number of patients you manage.

XP 2.0 Clog from Dansko Shoes features a lightweight build that ensures that your feet never feel overfatigue when walking across the healthcare facility all day.

This way,  Certified Nursing Assistants can have a smooth time during emergencies, dashing across and making quick strides.

For Certified Nursing Assistant s to enjoy their work and feel comfortable, XP 2.0 Clogs come in an ergonomic design plus a removable dual-density PU footbed.

Thus, your feet receive max cushioning and a relaxed fit for excellent foot wraparound to secure your foot when walking and standing all day.

In addition, the Padded instep collar supplements comfort when walking and standing all day and when putting a lot of pressure on your knees, for example, when pushing heavy trolleys or helping patients.

Furthermore, Dansko includes the Dansko natural arch technology to offer outstanding foot support to your feet such that every step is stable.

This way, bending, making sharp direction changes, and even squatting never strain your heel or cause pressure points.

The rubber outsole is slip-resistant to ensure that a CNA does not skid or slide when walking down sloppy stairs, cleaning the floor, or even walking fast on tile floors.

In addition, blood or pee does not hinder you from walking across the health facility.


✅ Water-resistant leather upper

✅ Professional look

✅ Lightweight construction

✅ Ergonomic design

✅ Cushioned removable dual-density PU footbed

✅ Dansko natural arch technology 

Padded instep collar 


X May take slightly longer to break in for CNAs with wide feet.

2. Dansko CNA Professional Clog XP 2.0 – Overall Best

At position 2, Spring Step Women’s Ferrara Fog Slip-On Shoes are one of the comfiest shoes for CNA nurses on their feet all day.

The most significant advantage here that SneakerWagon podiatrists recommend is the forefoot flex that keeps you agile to assertively respond to calls in the ward or homecare facility.

best shoes for a CNA View on Amazon

These slip-on shoes are good shoes for CNA healthcare workers due to the professional style with an elegant slip-op style.

The Ferrara Fog-Inspired print creates unique footwear in your Certified Nursing Assistant job while keeping the graphics to a relatively low profile to retain that nurse footwear dress code.

The outsole features a high-quality thermoplastic elastomer with a high elasticity modulus; thus every time your feet slap on flat ground when running or jogging is NEVER painful, the majority of the energy is eased slowly away from your foot sole.

The textile insole is highly breathable to wick away foot moisture when you are busy on your Certified Nursing Assistant work and when you have to stand all day in 12 hour-long overtime shifts.

Also, the triple-density installed in the insole provides max cushion to your feet, thus reducing the impact on your foot when working fast.

The slip-on style ensures that you can attend to emergencies quickly through an easy entry, thus a faster get-ready moment than lace-up closures. 

CNA workers with flat feet will receive an ergonomic foot experience due to the sufficiently raised platform at 1.5”.

The round-toe silhouette design ensures that CNA healthcare workers have that roomy toe box to accommodate Certified Nursing Assistants with wide feet, hammertoes, or even bunions.

This way, you work comfortably without painful pressure points that ruin your day when running across the whole day.


Professional slip-on style

Unique Ferrara Fog-Inspired print

High-quality thermoplastic elastomer TPR outsole

Breathable  textile insole

Easy entry slip-on shoes

Skid and Oil resistant


X Not an excellent choice for CNAs who prefer laces

X Repels water but not ideal for VERY wet environments

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3. Saucony Cohesion Tr14 Trail Running CNA Work Shoes 

At position 3, Saucony Cohesion Tr14 Trail Running CNA Work Shoes gives excellent traction to ensure that you never slip or skid when working on wet floors.

The grippy outsole delivers a stable footing when dashing against smooth and tile floors and cleaning blood and pee in the healthcare facility.

best shoes for a Certified Nursing Assistant M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The synthetic mesh upper compliments comfort by offering utmost breathability to wick away foot moisture and sweat. Thus, busy and hot days are hassle-free, and even after standing all day and your foot remains fresh.

The biggest advantage of the Saucony Cohesion Tr14 is the VERSARUN cushioning which plays a significant role in shock absorption.

This way, running, jogging, dashing, and slapping your foot soles against hard floors ensures that each step is never painful but comfortable to execute long and busy shifts full of emergencies while working on your Certified Nursing Assistant job.

The secure and protective fit through an elaborate lace closure system ensures that your feet are always secured nicely when walking fast and attending to many patients.

Your feet receive that firm gold to ensure all your natural foot movements are sturdy and eliminate the risk of injury.

The soft padding on the Saucony Cohesion Tr14 ensures that a Certified Nursing Assistant has a stress-free experience when bending and squatting where you have to put pressure on your knees and ankles.

The overlays on the upper supplement foot support without causing rigidness and discomfort, thus allowing CNA workers to feel free when running and jogging across their facilities and when attending to emergencies.

The flex screws on the forefoot part of the outsole give your feet that flexibility, thus allowing CNAs to remain agile when reaching out quickly for tools and when there is a need for speed.


✅ Utmost breathability

✅ VERSARUN cushioning for max shock absorption

✅ Grippy synthetic outsole

✅ Secure and protective fit 

✅ Flex screws on the forefoot part of the outsole

✅ Overlays on the upper to supplement foot support


X Not waterproof

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for CNA 

At position 4, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for CNA is yet another choice for the most comfortable work shoes for CNA work.

This beast strikes a balance between offering you max cushion and an excellent fit for your nursing assistance work.

best shoes for a CNA nurses M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The upper is breathable to ensure fresh and dry feet regardless of your working hours. CNA healthcare workers with sweaty feet can choose the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for a comfortable experience even when working during summer.

Regardless of your body movements as a CNA, your foot receives a smooth and soft experience when wearing Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.

Thus a rough day with many patients to attend to is smooth and hassle-free to ensure your feet do not experience overfatigue and pain.

For Diabetic Certified Nurse Assistants, these sneakers are PDAC A5500 certified and have the APMA Seal of Acceptance to cater to your medical needs and ensure a secure fit for better health when working.

The most significant advantage here is the utmost stability and support to cater to all foot defects such as overpronation.

This way, CNA with pronated ankles receive adequate foot securement thus a comfortable fit without pressure points and bunion formation.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is superior to its predecessor the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20, by featuring upgraded DNA LOFT Crash Pad and BioMoGo to adapt quickly to your unique foot movements.

Thus, breaking in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21  is significantly easy to ensure that you never feel pain and discomfort right off the bat when trying these shoes.

Also, these shoes are excellent for Certified Nursing Assistants due to the lightweight design weighing in at only 10.4oz with a 12mm drop, thus delivering a deceptively light work shoe for CNA work.


✅ Breathable upper material

✅ Smooth and soft experience 

✅ Utmost stability and support for pronation

✅ PDAC A5500 certified

✅ APMA Seal of Acceptance

✅ Upgraded DNA LOFT Crash Pad


X Not waterproof

5. YHOON Women’s CNA Nursing Work Shoes 

At position 5, YHOON Women’s CNA Nursing Work Shoes are the best nursing shoes for CNA. 

These shoes feature an MD+Air Cushion sole that doubles to give two advantages.

First, the durability is outstanding in ensuring that your shoes last a long time and remain in excellent condition to make you always presentable on your CNA job.

Second, the MD+ cushion perfectly absorbs shock from leaps, jumps, and fast dashes to ensure a busy day does not over-fatigue your feet when addressing many patients.

best nursing shoes for CNA View on Amazon

Furthermore, the easy slip-on design ensures that you get ready for Certified Nursing Assistance quickly and that shoe removal is effortless.

This way, you always remain agile when gearing up for work while your collar never wears while forcing your foot inside the shoes.

YHOON Nursing Work shoes feature a breathable upper with a lightweight air-fly-woven design.

The result here is utmost flexibility to ensure smooth toe and forefoot movements while retaining a dry, fresh, and cool foot throughout your shift.

Thus, your feet remain comfortable and supported while dashing across the home care facility or clinic.

The YHOON Nursing Work Shoes are versatile and are the ideal choice for daily walking, casual running, nursing, traveling, shopping, outdoor and indoor activities.

Thus YHOON Nursing Work Shoes covers all the possible activities that Certified Nursing Assistants engage in their line of duty, offering you the chance to interchange activities without discomfort.

One of the best things about the  YHOON Nursing Work Shoes is the Memory Foam insole that mimics your foot architecture to eliminate the risk of bunion formation while absorbing shock from hard concrete floors and slapping your feet.


✅ Water-resistant

✅ MD+Air Cushion sole

✅ Easy slip-on design

✅ Breathable upper with a lightweight air-fly-woven design

✅ Versatile and are the ideal choice for daily walking, casual running, nursing, etc

✅ Memory Foam insole


X Non-waterproof

6. Crocs Unisex On The Clock Clog | Slip Resistant CNA Work Shoes 

At position 6, Crocs On The Clock Clog are one of the comfiest shoes for CNAs due to the firm securement all within a lightweight and durable build.

On The Clock Clogs features a durable Thermoplastic Elastomers sole that not only gives your foot a soft landing on every stride but also lasts long when working across concrete pavements between wards and home care facilities.

comfiest shoes for CNAs View on Amazon

Crocs include outstanding slip resistance and waterproof upper in these On The Clock Clogs thus making them ideal for wet floors and when cleaning patients’ rooms.

Also, sloppy stairs are worry-free when walking up and down.

The heel rises at 0.85” which is sufficient to ensure proper blood flow for flat feet, and thus CNAs feel comfortable standing and walking around all day without heel pain.

On The Clock Clogs are easy to clean and dry quickly. It is easy for CNA to wipe away poop, pee, or blood with just soap and water. Therefore, you always remain presentable throughout the day to your client patients and boss officials.

On The Clock Clogs are a reinforced version with a relaxed fit to ensure that your feet receive a sufficient hold even when dashing around in high paces and jogging while on your Certified Nursing Assistant job.

The upper here is not only waterproof but also has a Moisture Wicking Liner to ensure that foot sweat and moisture do NOT soil your foot to cause dampness, foul smell, and fidgeting.

The removable footbed cushions your foot sole, thus standing for a long time is stress-free, while ZERO pressure points ensure that you gain all day and night comfort.


Durable Thermoplastic Elastomers sole

Outstanding slip resistance

Heel rises at 0.85”

Easy to clean and dry quickly

Moisture Wicking Liner


X No half sizes available

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7. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoes for CNA Work

Last but not least, we have the Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoes for CNA Work.

These medial shoes offer CNAs a comfortable yet supportive footwear experience such that you work all day smoothly.

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoes for CNA Work View on Amazon

The most significant advantage here is the Align corrective orthotic, which offers a perfect custom fit to ensure that your foot remains stable and well-positioned.

Also, our podiatrists here at SnekaerWagon prescribe the NurseMates Velocity Medical shoes due to their unique and ergonomic design.

In addition to the Align corrective orthotic, NurseMates Velocity Medical shoes feature a Stabilizing composite shank to offer additional foot support to form a sturdy fit and avoid dislodging.

The full-grain leather delivers excellent foot support to ensure that your foot stays secure regardless of the busyness of your day or in case of emergencies.

The Adjustable stretch laces ensure that your feet are never painful or uncomfortable when you tie your laces, whether jogging around or just walking.

Thus, you never have to retie your laces whether you want a loose or tight fit.

The Lightweight EVA midsole is significant in ensuring an efficient weight distribution while cushioning your foot against pressure from your knees and hard surfaces.


✅ Align corrective orthotic

✅ Full-grain leather 

Adjustable stretch laces

Stabilizing composite shank

Lightweight EVA bottom


X Polyurethane sole is less durable than rubber outsoles

Final Thoughts

Dansko CNA Professional Clog XP 2.0 and Dansko CNA Professional Clog XP 2.0 – Overall Best are the best shoes for CNA work.

These two pairs will give you a comfortable experience working all day at your CNA healthcare facility while giving you that lightweight experience that you want when attending to many patients.

In addition, these two pairs are good shoes for Certified Nursing Assistant work due to the excellent ergonomic fit that ensures your foot receives a firm hold to secure it throughout your shift.

When selecting the best shoes for CNA work, consider max cushion, slip resistance, waterproof capability, lightweight builds, and ergonomic feet.