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What are the best shoes for canyoneering?

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 Astral TR1 Mesh Hiking Shoes, Made for Canyoneering, are the overall best shoes for canyoneering with a comfy design that delivers excellent use and protects your feet while giving you a breathable experience.

But for us, to arrive at this well-filtered and researched decision, our podiatrists hone in on critical criteria for the best kind of canyoneering shoes.

The best shoes for canyoneering must have a super grippy outsole to give ultimate traction and protect you from skidding when trekking, sliding, or hiking as a canyon.

In addition, the best shoes for canyons must possess a mesh upper with adequate breathability to wick away sweat, and foot moisture thus retaining your feet fresh, dry, and relaxed.

Also, the best water shoes for canyoneering must have a drain system to allow you to walk over streams and trek across shallow rivers without soaking and soiling your feet.

Thus, today we present the best picks considering these aspects and much more as per our team’s expertise and knowledge.

Reviews For the Best Shoes for Canyoneering

1. Astral TR1 Mesh Hiking Shoes, Made for Canyoneering

Astral TR1 are the best shoes to wear for canyoneering as they come with a super sticky excellent performance G.15 rubber outsole that provides you the best traction keeping you safe from slips at the canyons whether you are hiking or abseiling. 

This canyoneering footwear is also equipped with super strong 5mm lugs that enhance grip on all types of terrain you will come across at the canyon.

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The low durometer construction offers instep comfort while at the same time guaranteeing the unique abrasion-resistant features allowing you to freely explore the canyon without the fear of destroying your astral canyoneering shoes. 

Astral TR1 top shank midsole aids in stress reduction on your feet, allowing you to fully enjoy the technical jumps at the canyon.

Also, the EVA heel cup works in collaboration with the shank midsole to provide your feet with sufficient arch support which assists in the reduction of pain on your back, knee, ankle, and hip. 

The lightweight design makes the Astral TR1 super comfortable, granting you a naturally comfortable fit that lets you jump at the canyon with ease making them the best canyoneering shoes.

Astral TR1 Ripstop 2D Mesh allows for breathable features that ensure your feet remain dry throughout the canyoneering trip at the canyon. Also, the uppers are equipped with TPU overlays

at the time and heel cup providing the canyoning shoes with a structure that aids in stability provision for your feet. 

The drain holes allow for the removal of excess water from your shoes after swimming or water activities at the canyon eliminating the dilemma of what shoes to wear for canyoning.

Astral TR1 comes with a removable Polygiene treated insole that ensures that all foot problems associated with a terrible odor are eliminated.


✅ Heavy-duty 5mm lugs for maximum grip

✅ High-performance G.15 rubber outsole

✅ Ripstop 2D Mesh with TPU overlays

✅ Level footbed promotes balance and agility

✅ recycled polyester and source materials

✅ turbo ventilated and ultra-light hiker


X None

2. Astral Loyak Barefoot Shoes for Outdoor, Water, Travel, and Boat

Astral Loyak hydrophobic canvas uppers are combined with stretchy air mesh at both the vamp and tongue, ensuring that the pair of canyoneering footwear provides the perfect without putting pressure on certain parts of your feet.

The air mesh ensures there’s free air circulation throughout your feet to ensure they remain dry at all times while you practice your route finding skills. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The waterproof laces ensure that you quickly and easily put on the Astral Loyak together with providing a glove-like fit thanks to its adjustability feature that lets you fit the astral canyoneering shoes to your desired comfort. 

The lightweight Astral Loyak design allows you to fully express your agility and strength at the canyon as you can freely jump, run or walk without any form of a burden on your feet. 

Astral Loyal comes with a closed-cell EVA foam midsole that provides enough stability for your feet which ensures that you land with confidence even while you are scrambling at the canyon. 

The non-marking outsole equipped with the Flex-Grip™ technology guarantees your feet a secure foothold regardless of whether you are climbing a canyon or abseiling. 

The G.15™ outsole also comes with 3MM lugs that provide extremely sticky features that prevent slips while you explore the gorges at the canyon. 

The outsole also features self-draining qualities that ensure that after you are done water rafting, all the water is quickly drained out making the canyoning shoes the best water shoes for canyoneering. 


✅ lightweight, flexible, and made for the water

✅ Flex-Grip outsole is made with extra-grippy G.15 Rubber

✅ Divided lugs and razor siping maximize traction

✅ Holes in the front and back of the midsole drain water

✅ breathable mesh and hydrophobic canvas upper

✅ level footbed and wider toe box


X No separate Tong

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3. La Sportiva Men’s Makalu Canyoneering Boot

La Sportiva Makalu Idro-Perwanger leather upper ensures that the canyoneering footwear remains durable which means the frequent replacement of your favorite canyoning boots is avoided. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The Vibram rubber rand also works to improve the lifespan of the boot by preventing holes on your feet caused by the highly abrasive aspects of the gorges at the canyon.

The most important feature of the Vibram rubber rand is the ability to tightly grip your foot ensuring the canyoneering footwear stays in check especially while climbing up. 

La Sportiva Makalu is equipped with a dry-best lining that works perfectly to ensure that even when the sun is out while you are out canyoneering, your feet remain dry as sweat is quickly absorbed. 

The steel shank ensures that the la Sportiva canyoneering shoes provide you with the support you need especially if you are carrying heavy backpacking bringing along the canyoneering gear.

Additionally, the steel shank provides your feet with improved arch support which ultimately protects your back and joints from any additional pressure or strain while you are out hiking in the canyon. 

La Sportiva Makalu air cushion midsole comes with an anatomic MtnFlex insole that provides your feet with superior comfort and also provides cushioning by preventing sharp stones from accessing your feet and causing injuries. 

The rubber outsole ensures protection from slips by offering anti-skidding features granting you the confidence to fully explore the canyons without fear of falls.


✅ Durable roughout leather (3.0mm Idro-Perwanger leather)

✅ Recommended Use: Canyoneering, Mountaineering, Glacier travel

✅ rollers with locking ankle lacing

✅ Vibram Outsole

✅ full steel shank boot

✅ EZ rollerball hardware


X Require a break-in period before setting out for canyoneering

4. Five Ten Freerider Pro Canyon Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Pro Stealth S1 Dotty rubber outsole provides unmatched traction for your feet when walking around enjoying the beautiful sightings at the canyon.

The best advantage of the Stealth S1 Dotty rubber outsole is the ability to maintain a grip on pedals, ensuring that the canyoneering riding experience remains uninterrupted. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The Urethane reinforced toe box protects your feet, especially your toes from any form of impact you encounter while going down the limestone cut canyons during your canyoneering trip. 

Five Ten Freerider Pro synthetic uppers feature quick-drying qualities that allow you to easily transition from crossing the canyon rivers or swimming to enjoying outdoor activities including walking at the canyon. 

The 5.10 canyoneer shoes also feature a compression-molded EVA outsole that promises a lightweight shoe experience for your feet as you take part in jumping activities at the canyon.

Also, the EVA outsole plays an essential role in ensuring that your feet receive the required cushioning and shock absorbing qualities protecting you from high impact landings. 

Five Ten Freerider Pro removable OrthoLite sock liner ensures comfort all day long by providing the extra cushioning for the footbed.

Furthermore, the sock liner offers warmth during the cold weather while at the same time, aids in the absorption of moisture on your feet keeping them dry and fresh during the summer while you are out canyoneering.


✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ impact resistant toe box

✅ Stealth S1 Dotty rubber outsole

✅ Three-layer reinforced toe box 

✅ Quick-drying upper

✅ Recycled content


X Slightly small fitting requires half a size up if you have wide feet

5. Adidas Terrex Ax4 Shoes for Canyons

Adidas Terrex Ax4 comes with a lace-up closure system that allows ease of entry, ensuring you take minimal time getting ready, which means you maximize the amount of time set aside for a fun day at the canyon.

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The regular fit shoes ensure your feet stay in their natural form without causing painful stress on certain parts or the entire foot. The standard fit features guarantee comfort and allow you to climb the canyons effortlessly. 

Adidas Terrex Ax4 mesh and synthetic upper leave your feet feeling cool and fresh as air freely flows in and out of your foot while enjoying a canyoneering trip with friends and family. 

The dual-density EVA midsole ensures that they provide your feet with super stable strides.

The midsole also protects by absorbing shock, ensuring your feet are kept safe from painful landings making the shoes the best Adidas canyoneering shoes.

Adidas Terrex Ax4 Continental™ Rubber outsole eliminates slip by providing ample grip to hit the ground more efficiently, even when you are going uphill through the wet gorges near the waterfalls. 

The PrimeGreen material used on the upper, made of 100% recycled polyester, ensures the  Adidas Terrex Ax4 is flexible and eliminates shrinking and wrinkling, which means that even after cleaning, the shoes maintain their cool athletic look. 


✅ Quiver of one trail shoes.

✅ From forest hikes to alpine adventures

✅ dual-density design

✅ cushioned trail running

✅ Continental Rubber

✅ made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials


X Slightly tight fit

6. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoes for Canyoneering

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX waterproof construction makes it suitable for use on wet terrain at the canyons as your feet confidently remain dry which in turn aids in preventing tears and blisters formations that could hurt your feet.

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The mid-height climbing shoes come with great cushioning that offers sufficient ankle support that aids in taking the pressure off your joints and spine for a tireless day of fun climbing at the canyons. 

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX foam surrounded advanced chassis provides excellent comfort thanks to its cushioning which also connects to the outsole for proper heel stability regardless of whether you are going up or down the canyon. 

A combination of two different types of rubber improves the sure footedness of the climbing boots with the treads maximizing on the secure foothold which offers better control so you don’t fall while rappelling. 

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX utilizes the Descent Control Technology that hugs your feet in place while also ensuring that the wet terrain downhill at the canyon is easily tackled.

The X Ultra 3 GORE-TEX hiking boots come with a loop at the back to allow a snug and easy fit making the Salomon canyoneering shoes easy to wear.


✅ Rubber outsole

✅ Waterproof Hiking Boots

✅ maximum traction on all terrains

✅ Descent Control Technology

✅ innovative outdoor sports gear

✅ SensiFit Foothold

✅ Trail protection


X The inside of the tongue may cause hotspots for some users.

7. Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes for Swim, Diving, Aqua Sports for Canyons

Mishansha Water Shoes spandex fabric upper with the super light Lycra material ensures that the canyoning shoes let you comfortably walk along the gorges without any form of a burden on your feet. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The high-quality uppers are also salt and stretch resistant which means that you worry less about the type of water you encounter while swimming at the canyon.

The non-stretch feature ensures that the footwear maintains sizing and shape for a comfortable fit.

Mishansha Water Shoes are the best water shoes for canyoneering as they come with a uniquely designed non-skid camo rubber outsole with sufficient hole on the bottom that an unrestricted exit from the shoe allows you to continue the other canyoneering trips without wet soggy shoes. 

A nicely sized pull tab at the heel allows you to fit the Mishansha Water Shoes conveniently without causing foot stress trying to force the pair in just before you go water rafting at the canyons. 

Mishansha Water Shoes elastic straps eliminate the stress of tying shoelaces as the straps remain in place once fitted in.

The most important feature here is the elastic straps accommodate your feet regardless of width for a comfortable experience at the canyon. 

The quick-drying breathable and soft footbed provides cushioning while absorbing the sweat when you are out hiking in dry, sunny areas at the canyon.


✅ Durable Spandex Fabric

✅ Upper with salt resistance wear resistance

✅ Breathable ultra-lightweight Lycra material

✅ Top-quality anti slip camo rubber sole

✅ pull tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry

✅ Elastic Straps

X Slightly dye your feet when new

8. DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

DLGJPA Water Shoes feature a quick-drying open mesh upper that works perfectly to ensure that your feet maintain a relaxed and refreshed feel, which promotes a healthier environment for healthier, happier feet.

The open mesh design also allows for breathability which means that while you’re on dry land canyoning, your feet enjoy sufficient airflow maintaining dryness. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The upper also enhances the canyoneering shoes’ lightweight quality that ensures unlimited movement for a fun day of jumping and climbing at the canyon.

The flexible outsole allows you to move your feet in any direction without causing pain as the footwear conforms to the shape of your feet. 

The outsole also has holes on the bottom to drain all the water you encounter while crossing the canyon rivers or swimming, allowing an easy transition to the next activity at the canyon without the wet feet.

DLGJPA Water Shoes elastic straps fit according to foot width without the extra pressure points to certain parts of your feet allowing for a comfortable fit while kayaking at the canyon. 

The complete covering construction ensures your feet are wrapped in place, providing the necessary protection while you are out, putting your wilderness travel skills into practice.


✅ Unique and top-quality anti-slip rubber sole

✅ Open mesh on the upper

✅ hole on the sole provides for superior breathability

✅ Quick Drying

✅ excellent flexible and comfortable

✅ Elastic Straps

✅  pull tap at the heel allows for quick and easy entry


X Not ideal for those with high arches

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9. Astral Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes, Grippy and Lightweight, Made for Whitewater, Canyoneering, Fly Fishing, and Travel

Astral Rassler 2.0 inbuilt Polygiene treated sock liner ensures the prevention of foul smell brought about by wearing a pair of footwear for a long time with sweaty feet on a hot sunny day during a trip at the canyon. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

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The holes at the front and back ensure all the water encountered while taking photos at the waterfalls is quickly drained without the need to take off your shoes. 

Astral Rassler 2.0 mesh upper allows for hot air ventilation ensuring your feet breathe freely ensuring they maintain the best health conditions.

The upper also includes a quick-drying canvas and water-resistant laces that ensure your feet avoid the idea of wetness throughout the entire time at the canyon. 

The astral canyoneering shoes’ level footbed provides excellent balance for instep comfort while you take light hikes exploring the canyon. The wide toe-box allows your foot to rest without restrictions providing stability and comfort all day long. 

Astral Rassler 2.0 comes with padded ankle and heel counters for additional support and TPU overlays that provide stability and also ensure that the shoes last you several trips to the canyon. 

The GRANITE GRIP 2.0 rubber soles with razor-sipping divided lugs enhance protection against impending falls caused by slippery terrains at the canyons. 



✅ excellent flex and sensory feedback

✅ enhanced grip and balance

✅ razor-siping, divided lugs, and a maximized surface area

✅ High-performance G.ss rubber outsole

✅ Built-in Polygiene treated sockliner

✅ Level footbed promotes balance and agility


X Fits a bit funky

10. Saucony Canyon Tr Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Canyon Tr that breathable knit upper contains 33% recycled content that aids in reducing environmental waste while at the same time maintaining dryness on your feet while you are out enjoying the beautifully sculpted walls at the canyons. 

Best Shoes for Canyoneering

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The upper also comes with a 3D-Printed film that provides additional protection to your feet and also ensures the Saucony Canyon Tr lasts longer to allow for maximum use. 

Saucony Canyon Tr FORM FIT construction ensures the footwear surrounds your feet from all angles leaving you with a made-for-me feel for unrivaled comfort which means nothing hinders you from performing the technical jumps. 

The PWRRUN midsole provides sufficient cushioning protecting your feet from high impact by the rocks making the footwear good canyoneering shoes. 

Saucony Canyon Tr PWRTRAC tacky rubber outsole with closely spaced 3MM lugs improves use even on wet terrain or while you abseil using a tough and thick rope at the canyons.

The 8mm offset works allows for multifunctional use as you can wear the footwear to the hike at the canyons and on your way to the convenience store to grab drinking water for the hike. 

Saucony Canyon Tr weighs less than 10oz which means they allow you the freedom to quickly jump while canyoneering.


✅ Synthetic-and-mesh

✅ Synthetic sole

✅ Low profile lugs for off-road grip

✅ Pwrrun cushioning for cushion

✅ Engineered Mesh upper with flexible d-printed film for added protection


X None

Final Thoughts

Canyoneering is an involving task and hobby and remains a recommendation by most hobbyists and physical therapists.

However, the best shoes for canyoneering palsy are significant in ensuring that you experience the utmost comfort, performance, and fit to allow you to enjoy canyoneering.

We hope you will find one or two picks that perfectly suit your canyoneering needs.