7 Best Shoes For Ziplining in 2022 – Top Choice Only

The best shoes for zip-lining should have max cushioning and air cushion to shield your feet experience when landing on the ground.

This cushioning ensures that when you slap your feet on the ground, you never experience painful landings.Best Shoes For Ziplining

In addition, a grippy outsole with exceptional traction is perfect for ensuring that hard stop when landing from zip-lining.

Also, these slip-resistant shoes are ideal when you have to trek across the sloppy ground before and after reaching the zip-line platform.

Furthermore, the best shoes for zip-lining should come with perfect securement and a custom fit to ensure that you never lose your shoes over the zip-line flight.

Also, good zip lining shoes must offer a breathable experience to smoothen hiking and zip-lining during summer or when zip-lining for long.

Therefore, today, our editors and podiatrists present a well-researched list of the best shoes for zip-lining.

Reviews for the Best Shoes For Zip-lining

1. Merrell Alverstone Ziplining and Hiking Shoes

At position 1, Merrell Alverstone is the overall best shoe for Zip-lining that offers a comfortable and breathable design with a highly prospective shoe.

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The suede leather upper is durable and easy to cope with the hike before and after the zip-line. This way, hard and soft landings from the zip-lining activity do not disfigure and tear your shoes.

In addition, Merrell Alverstone comes with a Breathable mesh lining to naturally wick away foot moisture and retain your foot dry, fresh, and cool when zip-lining.

Remember that you could be required to hike uphill to the zip-line stage before descending to a lower altitude.

The Kinetic Fit BASE removable contoured insole of these Zip-lining shoes gives hobbyists a soft landing experience when stepping on the ground for the first time after the zip-line.

Therefore, Merrell Alverstone reduces the foot pain and discomfort associated with foot slapping on the ground.

The flexible support Molded nylon arch shank ensures sufficient foot support such that lateral movements when landing are hassle-free and that your foot gets that customized anchorage.

Merrell Alverstone comes with the Merrell Air Cushion in the heel that significantly improves the heel cushioning to offer perfect shock absorbance when landing after the zip-line flight.

Your heel feels relaxed, and you can take as many zip lines as you can regardless of their speeds.

The Lightweight EVA foam midsole not only exhibits excellent weight distribution but also brings that foot responsiveness and energy return to allow a bulk-free and effortless zip-line hike.

Also, this construction allows you to quickly spread and close your legs bulk-free while on the zip-line flight.

The included Merrell sticky rubber outsole is important in giving you that grippy stop when you land after your zip-line flight.

This traction eliminates falls, slides, and skids at the end of the zip-line.


✅ Durable Suede leather

✅ Traditional lace closure to avoid losing your shoes

✅ Protective toe cap

✅ Kinetic Fit BASE removable contoured insole

✅ Molded nylon arch shank

✅ Merrell Air Cushion

✅ Lightweight EVA foam

✅ Merrell sticky rubber outsole 


X Not waterproof for wet weather and river hikes

2. BomKinta Women’s Anti-Slip Lightweight Breathable Ziplining Shoes

At position 2, BomKinta Anti-Slip is another great pick for the best zip-lining shoes.

These shoes have a Wear-resistant polyurethane outsole to ensure that when trekking in the river before the zip-line, you experience a hassle-free hike.

Best Shoes For Ziplining

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In addition, the size chart is perfectly adjusted to fit true to size to ensure that your id off shoe fitting problems such as painful experiences and bunion formations.

The performance suede leather is durable to ensure that BomKinta Anti-Slip withstands wearing and tearing when landing after the zip-line flight.

The mesh upper of the BomKinta Anti-Slip is a breathable fabric and perfectly eliminates foot moisture. This way, hiking before, during, and after the zip line flight is hassle-free and your feet remain fresh without foul smells.

The speed-lace system is not only convenient for easy wear but also ensures that your feet get that proper securement to avoid losing your shoes during zip-lining.

Thus, with the BomKinta Anti-Slip, you are getting the best fit with a healthy foot wrap around.

The midsole of BomKinta Anti-Slip is lightweight to ensure a bulk-free experience. 

In addition, this midsole comes with a side port drainage to allow you to hike and zip-line during wet weather and along rivers. This way, BomKinta Anti-Slip is the best shoe for zip-lining with landing water ponds.

The rubber outsole of the BomKinta Anti-Slip is grippy to ensure that your feet stick to the ground when landing after zip-lining.

Also, this slip resistance is adequate when trekking and walking up to the zip-line platform.

BomKinta Anti-Slip is a flexible zip-lining shoe giving ample flex to hobbyists’ feet and relieving fatigue and rigidness. In the end, zip-lining becomes hassle-free and smooth.


✅ Anti-skid and Durable Sole

Wear-resistant polyurethane sole

true to size

Performance suede leather

Breathable air mesh upper

Convenient speed-lace system

Lightweight midsole


X Not fully waterproof

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3. Columbia Redmond V2 Waterproof Zip Lining Boot

At position 3, Columbia Redmond V2 is one of the best waterproof Zip-lining boots that are a perfect fit when you have to trek on dew from grassy paths before getting on the zip line platform. 

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

Also, the waterproof membrane of the upper is ideal when landing on water pools to avoid splashes and spills.

The waterproof technology here is the Omni-TECH seam-sealed membrane that perfectly inhibits liquid entry to ensure that your feet remain dry.

The Columbia Redmond V2 is a comfortable and shock absorbing shoe for zip lining due to the TECHLITE lightweight midsole that delivers long-lasting comfort and superior cushioning with high energy return.

Thus, regardless of your weight, the speed of the zip-line, or even the terrain of the landing surface, your landings are smooth and painless.

The biggest advantage here is the outstanding durability that fits in well with high functionality with optimized performance.

With the construction of durable and tough materials, Columbia Redmond V2 comes out as a winner regardless of the nature of any zip-lining adventure that you embark on.

The Columbia Redmond V2 has a signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole. This grippy outsole ensures that you never rip when landing from your zip-lining flight regardless of the terrain or weather, or season.

The Columbia Redmond V2 comes loaded with HANDY FEATURES such as top metal rivets and lacing aglets to ensure reinforced lacing systems, such that you do not lose your shoes when zip-lining.

Also, the Reinforced Toe And Heel Construction perfectly shield these wear-prone areas that are likely to face massive impact from zip-lining landings.


Omni-Tech Seam-Sealed Membrane Waterproof

Techlite Lightweight Midsole

Superior Cushioning And High Energy Return

Durable Hiking Shoe

Omni-Grip Non-Marking Traction

Top Metal Rivets And Lacing Aglets

Reinforced Toe And Heel Construction


X None

4. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-TEX Ziplining Shoes

At position 4, Adidas Terrex Swift is built with a minimum of 50% recycled content to offer sustainably produced shoes for zip-lining.

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The waterproof upper membrane is ideal for zip-lining activities that may include you having to walk across the river before the zip-line or when you have to land on wet ground.

Adidas Terrex Swift is breathable to perfectly wick away foot moisture. This way, whether you are zip-lining in the summer or just want to hop on many zip-lines, then Adidas Terrex Swift is the perfect shoes for your needs.

The Continental Rubber outsole of the Adidas Terrex Swift is sufficiently grippy to ensure that you never skid or fall when alighting from your zip-lining flight.

Thus, ankle injuries and leg pains are rid of that usually occur when landing on rough terrains.

The Lace closure system here is not only handy to offer a relaxed fit and secure fit but also ensure that your shoes never come off even when spreading your legs along a fast-paced zip line.

The Lightweight EVA midsole shows excellent weight distribution and springy responsiveness to allow smooth pacing.

Also, this midsole is instrumental in enabling you to experience those soft landings even when zip-lining quickly. 


fast, light, and durable

GORE-TEX membrane that sheds water

keeps feet dry on wet trails

Lightweight EVA midsole

GORE-TEX lining

Lace closure

minimum 50% recycled content


X Slightly stiff outsole

5. Salomon X Crest Hiking and Ziplining Shoes

At position 5, Salomon X Crest is one of the best shoes for zip lining due to the stable heel counter and a protective toe cap to ensure that your zip-lining adventure is injury-free.

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The included toe cap protection is important in shielding your forefoot from rock and hard surfaces on the landing platform.

Thus, regardless of the length or speed of the zip-line, then you are ready for a soft landing.

Salomon X Crest has adequate cushioning and a stable fit –  features that couple up to provide a smooth zip-lining experience without painful landing.

Therefore, you can take a whole weekend off to perform as many zip-line flights.

The aggressive sole pattern of the Salomon X Crest assists in preventing skids when you land on wet surfaces.

Also, this grippy outsole is handy in retaining those hard stops when your first step foot on the platform.

For zip lining enthusiasts who have to trek through muddy terrain before and after the zip line flight, Salomon X Crest has a Protective mudguard around the base of the foot to protect the lateral and medial sides from muddy trails.

The Anti-debris Mesh upper perfectly prevents dust, stones, and leaves from trapping into the shoe.

This way, you are comfortable at all times even when landing on grassy ground or trekking on dusty paths before getting to the zip-lining platform.

In addition, the mesh upper is outstandingly breathable to remain cool, fresh, and dry feet while zip-lining during the summer holidays.

The midsole is an EnergyCell midsole characterized by an exceptional EVA foam to provide sufficient shock attenuation to smoothen those landing and prevent pain and bunion formation.

Also, the impact of foot slapping on firm ground is significantly reduced to ensure that no pain or pressure is built on your ankles, knees, or hips.


✅ Stable Heel Counter And A Protective Toe Cap

✅ Adequate Cushioning And A Stable Fit

✅ Aggressive Sole Pattern

✅ Protective Mudguard

✅ Anti-Debris Mesh Upper

✅ Energycell Midsole

✅ Sensifit Foothold


X No loop on the tongue for the laces to go through

6. Saucony Excursion TR12 Sneaker for Zip-lining

At position 6, Saucony Excursion TR12GRID is a great zip-lining shoe with an elaborate cushioning system.

The cushioning here is ideal to protect your feet when leaving the launching pad and also more importantly when landing on the ground after the zip-line flight. 

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The most significant advantage of comprehensive cushioning when zip-lining is preventing foot pain and discomfort that arises when you step with impact on the ground.

The rubber outsole is exceptionally durable to require that it never wears out when boarding many zip-lining adventures regardless of their speeds.

This way, you enjoy hiking, zip-lining, and trekking in your adventure without losing your shoes’ construction.

The trail-specific mesh upper is ideal for zip-lining enthusiasts with a sweaty fit.

These shoes naturally wick away sweat to ensure that you feel comfortable when zip-lining during summer.

The supportive overlays perfectly lock your foot into place to deliver outstanding foot support, thus ensuring that you never bruise your ankle when alighting from the zip-lining flight.

Also, your foot gets that ideal securement when boarding the zip lining activity giving hobbyists, an excellent time without loosely fitting shoes.


✅ GRID cushioning system

✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ Trail specific mesh upper

✅ durable, and good looking

✅ supportive overlays

✅ trail-tested outsole with triangular lug pattern


X Slightly stiff at the forefoot but not a deal-breaker

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7. KEEN Steens Vent Hiking Shoe

Last but not least, at position 7, KEEN Steens Vent strikes a balance between performance, aesthetics, and comfort for zip-lining enthusiasts.

Best Shoes For Ziplining

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The KEEN Steens Vent has this Water-resistant, oiled Nubuck leather upper handy for those early morning zip-lining activities or when zip-lining during the winter. Your feet are guaranteed to be dry throughout the trek.

The mesh panels are ergonomically designed to offer superior air circulation efficiency such that your toes and foot sole get a constant supply of cool, fresh air to ensure that your feet are dry.

This way, your feet are at a lower risk of developing fungal problems or foul smells.

KEEN Steens Vent is easy to slip on when getting ready for zip-lining and also easy to remove when retiring.

The reason for this convenience is the Speed hooks, for easy lace adjustment and the Reinforced eyelets for steadiness.

The KEEN Steens Vent’s Injected TPU heel-securement system is ideal for foot and heel stability. This feature keeps your foot safe and pain-free when landing on irregular and rough ground from fast-paced zip-lines.

In addition, the rubber outsole shoes trekking-grade durability with a firm grip to deliver those well-needed hard stops and outstanding traction.


✅ Water-resistant oiled Nubuck leather upper

✅ Mesh panels for breathability

✅ Speed hooks for easy lace adjustment

✅ Injected TPU heel capture system for stability


X None

Final Thoughts

Merrell Alverstone Ziplining and Hiking Shoes and BomKinta Women’s Anti-Slip Lightweight Breathable Ziplining Shoes were the overall best shoes for zip-lining. These shoes offer a breathable mesh lining to naturally wick away foot moisture and retain your foot dry, fresh, and cool when zip-lining.

Also, these two pairs feature a rubber outsole to ensure that your feet stick to the ground when landing after zip-lining.

When selecting the best shoes for zip-lining, enthusiasts should consider foot securement, breathability, grippy outsole, and adequate cushioning.