7 Best Boots For Scrambling in 2022 – Top Picks

The best shoes for scrambling must offer adequate support either through synthetic supportive uppers or  figure-8 sling-shot tensioning to give scramblers that foot securement that ensures that they have that hassle-free climbing experience.best boots for scrambling

Furthermore, the midsole of rappelling shoes must deliver a springy experience to allow scramblers to avoid inquiry when landing on hard rocky surfaces.

Also, the best shoes for rappelling should provide that grippy feel through a solid traction outsole to ensure that you never skid even when scrambling on smooth rock.

Therefore, today SneakerWagon’s podiatrists present their top choices based on research and experience.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Scrambling

1. La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoe

TarantuLace is the best La Sportiva approach shoe for scrambling. They come with an RN45 asymmetric shape that works great for overall shoe performance, especially pain prevention while scrambling at the canyons.

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The synthetic upper with overlays provides maximum support avoiding feet wobbling, while the unlinked leather maintains a soft, snug fit throughout the scrambling drop.

TarantuLace sticky FriXion RS rubber outsole with aggressive rubber heel makes it comfortable for you to stand even in the most confrontational places such as micro edges.

The outsole also provides a sticky secure foothold preventing slips on the steep terrains.

Quick-pull lacing harness ensures that the TarantuLace shoes fit precision by promising the perfect wraparound for the ultimate comfort during rock climbing.

Additionally, the lace-up closure system makes the footwear easy to wear and easy to remove, eliminating the stress even after a long exhausting day of scrambling.

TarantuLace lined tongue manages moisture by ensuring that even when you are out hiking in the sun, your feet remain dry, promoting healthy feet.

The 1.8mm LaspoFlex at the midsole and 5mm FriXion RS at the outsole enhance durability, ensuring you eliminate the need for replacement after a few smears at the gorge.


✅ Convenient Quick-pull lacing harness

aggressive rubber heel rand

sticky FriXion RS rubber soles

low-asymmetry RN45 build

classic unlined leather upper

 Lined tongue

Synthetic leather overlay

1.8mm LaspoFlex at the midsole


X Unstable aglets

2. La Sportiva Women’s Solution Comp Rock Climbing Shoes

Solution Comp Rock comes with a patented figure-8 sling-shot tensioning that works great for the support allowing you to tackle the edge with ease and avoid foot jams at the same time.

Additionally, the extra rubber around the toe area provides extra protection for an even softer feel.

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The low profile design with an updated heel makes the pair more sensitive and provides a softer fit which increases pull-power ensuring that nothing stops you from reaching the highest peak making the pair the best scrambling shoes.

Solution Comp Rock downtown and curvature at the forefoot makes the pair flexible, allowing you to confidently bend your foot to the desired shape without causing cramping as you climb up the rocks during scrambling. 

The Fast Lacing System™ comes with a heel-lock harness system that allows for the perfect fit with ample support for the ultimate comfort throughout a fun-filled day of scrambling.

The climbing shoes come with a hook and loop that secures your foot in place, ensuring the shoes remain on your feet even after tackling a jam.

Solution Comp Rock comes with a softer midsole which increases sensitivity and, at the same time, allows for a faster break-in which means that even when you get a new pair on the day of scrambling, your performance remains at its best.


✅ Rubber sole

✅ Extra rubber around the toe

✅ Vibram’s XS Grip 2 rubber

✅ La Sportiva’s original P3 Power Platform

✅ Quick-pull lacing harness

✅ Softer midsole

✅ Bigger scumming patch

✅ Narrower heel for grip


X None

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3. Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Freerider leather and textile upper provides your feet with the ultimate support preventing ankle sprains as you scramble up the cliff. 

Best Shoes For Scrambling

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The pair of footwear also features laces for closure which ensures that the climber has an easy time wearing the shoes and allows for a custom and snug fit to their desire for a relaxing day of rock scrambling. 

Five Ten Freerider Stealth® S1 rubber outsole provides grippy traction in all slippery surfaces regardless of whether you are scrambling and hiking back down to the starting point.

The outsole also features the Classic Dotty™ tread, which enhances the anti-skid features whether you are cliff climbing with or without any special equipment. 

Five Ten Freerider also features a one-piece molded cupsole that protects the heel, toe, and sides of your shoes ensuring they remain durable even after several encounters with abrasive rock making the pair the best Five-Ten approach shoes for scrambling.

The wide footbed accommodates hikers with all types of foot shapes without compromising comfort. The footbed also allows ample toe room allowing for wiggling, which promotes blood circulation after a long day of hiking. 

Five Ten Freerider padded collar promotes ample ankle support protecting your feet from ankle sprains that are likely to occur while walking on uneven rocky terrain towards the scrambling site.


✅ Durable Rubber sole

✅ High-friction versatility

✅ Stealth S1 rubber construction

✅ Classic Dotty tread for superior rock traction.

✅ Made with recycled content

✅ Lace closure

✅ Leather and textile upper


X Slightly heavy

4. Salewa Rapace GTX Mountaineering Boot

Salewa Rapace GTX nubuck and fabric upper provide your feet with extra support for the perfect fit.

Also, the upper incorporates a breathable GORE-TEX® with waterproof features that protect your feet from water entry encountered at the rivers at the canyon on your way to the scrambling site.

Furthermore, the breathable feature ensures moisture-wicking maintaining feet dryness. 

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The lightweight Vibram WTC outsole with uniquely shaped treads provides maximum grip providing the ultimate anti-slip features on the slippery rocky slopes making the footwear the best hiking boots for rock scrambling. 

Salewa Rapace GTX durable 360° full rubber rand combined with Blight TPU midsole promises your feet protection against high impact landings such as jumps on the rocky slopes by providing long-lasting cushioning.

Protection is guaranteed even after wearing lightweight hiking boots while scrambling multiple times.

Salewa Rapace GTX comes with adjustable  MFF+ footbeds which mimic the shape of your feet, guaranteeing superior comfort.

The main advantage here is, the footbed aids in the break-in period elimination as your feet receive a homely fit even when wearing the best hiking boots for scrambling for the very first time. 

The hiking shoes come with a patented Flex Collar that improves rear ankle movement giving you the freedom to keep going up the scrambled with a pain-free experience. 


✅ Durable 100% Leather Construction

✅ Traction Rubber outsole


✅ Breathable Gore-Tex liner


✅ dual-density Blight Technology midsole


✅ stiff crampon compatible midsole


X Breaks in slightly slowly

5. SCARPA Men’s Mescalito Walking Shoe, One Size

Scarpa Mescalito shoe Vibram LiteBase outsole comes with a whole range of benefits which include non-slip abilities that allow you to conquer the slippery slopes encountered while creating your trail markings.

The additional benefit is the lightweight design which works best to allow the scrambler to get through the course without the extra nag.

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The suede uppers with full perimeter rand provide great support for your feet and at the same time provide protection for your feet against the rocky trails encountered while scrambling.

The Scarpa Mescalito shoe comes with a unique lace-up closure system that extends to the toes for a secure fit that ensures your shoes remain on your feet even when you come across steep rocky hills while scrambling. 

The dual-density EVA midsole works great for cushioning by protecting your feet against the painful impact you come across while going up the rocks.

Additionally, the midsole provides stable support for all strides preventing unwanted foot movements for the perfect fatigue-free stride. 

The Scarpa Mescalito shoe comes with a rubber toe rand that offers great traction while edging protecting you from risky slips.

Also, the rubber toe rand is essential as it avoids foot jams and when they do occur, reversal of the same is easy without causing painful cramping to the scrambler’s feet.


✅ 100% Suede material

✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ Vibram LiteBase outsole with Megagrip

✅ Lightweight friction and traction

✅ 1.8mm upper for durability and comfort

✅ Lace-to-toe design for a performance fit

✅ Dual-density EVA midsole

✅ Rubber toe rand for superior abrasion resistance


X None

6. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Newton Ridge Plus comes with a breathable mesh textile combined leather upper that allows for free air circulation all-around your feet ensuring your feet remain dry even while you scramble under the hot scorching sun. 

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The pairs are also designed waterproof ensuring your activities remain uninterrupted even with a change of weather from sunny to rainy, making the pairs the best boots for scrambling.

Newton Ridge Plus Techlite™ midsole promotes lightweight features, which means that your feet remain comfortable throughout the day as you can climb up the rocks scrambling without the extra bulk on your feet.

Also, the midsole protects your feet by guaranteeing to cushion against painful impact encountered while hiking. Furthermore, the midsole promotes high energy return, ensuring fatigue-free strides at the scrambles. 

Omni-Grip™ non-marking rubber outsole works excellent on multiple terrains by promising maximum traction thanks to the specially formulated compounds and treads that can tackle whatever challenge is thrown to them.

An additional advantage is the dual-zone winter tread pattern provides non-skid features when scrambling on icy or snowy surfaces. 

The lace-up closure system allows for adjustable design which means that when the best scrambling boots are worn, the scrambler enjoys the perfect personalized fit. 


✅ Waterproof Scrambling Boot 

✅ durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy

✅ advanced traction rubber sole

✅ waterproof full-grain leather

✅ mesh bootie construction

✅ durable mesh tongue


X Takes slightly longer to break-in

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7. NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes Lightweight Leather Low-Top Hiking Shoes for Outdoor Trailing Trekking Camping Walking

NORTIV 8 suede leather upper comes with high-performance features. Also, it provides a soft feel on your feet without compromising durability as the upper is wear-resistant, built to last you several scrambling trips at the gorge. 

Best Shoes For Scrambling

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The rubber toe cap protects your forefoot from pain caused by collision with the rocky paths making the pair of footwear the best approach shoes for scrambling.

The breathable upper with mesh fabric panels come with a waterproof membrane that ensures sweat and moisture easily escape without letting any water molecules access your feet.

A combination of the mesh and waterproof membrane guarantees foot dryness allowing you to scramble during all seasons. 

The shoes with a good edge for scrambling also feature a rugged rubber outsole with Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) that guarantees maximum grip even on the most stubborn surfaces such as muddy slopes on the trail or rocky drops encountered while scrambling.

NORTIV 8 removable flexible insole provides the needed arch support allowing you to remain comfortable all day long even when carrying your scrambling gear around from one challenging cliff to the next.

The MD midsole aids in the reduction of foot stress and also protects your feet from impact by absorbing shock making the pair ideal running shoes as you transition from scrambling to hiking. 


✅ High-performance suede leather

✅ Rubber toe cap for anti-collision

✅ Breathable mesh lining

Waterproof membrane construction

Rugged rubber outsole

Multi-Directional Traction (MDT)


X Breaks in slightly slowly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scramble in hiking boots?

Yes, you can scramble in hiking shoes. Most hiking shoes come with rubber outsoles equipped with uniquely shaped treads and deep lugs for maximum traction on the uneven rocky terrain during scrambling. 

Ideal hiking boots are built lightweight which eliminates the extra bulk on the scrambler’s feet for a stress-free experience. 

Hiking boots midsoles come highly cushioned, which is vital as the scrambler is protected from high-impact landings that are likely to cause painful injuries during scrambling. 

The most stable hiking shoes resist compression. Stable hiking boots protect the wearer from unnecessary or unintended foot movements that are likely to cause ankle sprains during scrambling.

Are our approach shoes good for scrambling?

Yes, approach shoes are suitable for scrambling. Approach shoes aim to fulfill the same tasks hiking shoes, climbing sandals, and mountaineering boots tackle.

Due to this, the approach shoes are made with unique features that allow them to perform these functions. 

Approach shoes are much lighter in comparison to hiking boots making climbing easier and also ensuring the hike back to the trailhead is stress-free. 

The shoes are also designed with rubber outsoles for extra grip, especially on rocky terrain. 

The best approach shoes feature a rubber rand which plays an essential role in ensuring that the scrambler has sufficient grip while edging or stepping into the cracks.