Best Shoes For Yellowstone National Park in 2022 – Top Picks

The best shoes for Yellowstone must be comfortable hiking shoes with max cushioning, padded footbed, and excellent weight distribution.

Your hike at Yellowstone National Park is hassle-free and bulk-free, allowing you to enjoy the wildlife plus sight and sounds.Best Shoes For Yellowstone

Furthermore, the best shoes for Yellowstone National Park must exhibit ultimate breathability to naturally wick away foot sweat as you hike during summer and trek for long along the paths of this beautiful place.

In addition, the best waterproof shoes for Yellowstone should ideally inhibit water from ensuring that you can walk in the water with a fast-drying technology and not have to soil your feet.

Today, SneakerWagon presents a well-researched piece covering the best recommendations from podiatrists and pro hikers who have experienced the trekking zone in Yellowstone.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Yellowstone

1. HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 Textile Synthetic Trainers for Yellowstone

HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 is the best light hiking shoe for Yellowstone. It comes with an improved breathable upper with seamless synthetic overlays that guarantee your feet the unrestricted airflow they require to maintain dryness. 

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

Also, the 3D printed overlays grant your feet the support they need for a comfortable and secure fit while at the same time providing the sneakers with the shape and structure for a beautiful finish. 

The gusseted tongue on the upper cut-out design aids adds to the breathability feature, which means that as you explore the mountain ranges at Yellowstone, your feet remain happy as sweat quickly escapes out your shoes. 

The removable padded footbed ensures that your feet enjoy maximum comfort, support, and protection against the rocky surfaces of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Additionally, the wide forefoot accommodates your foot for better strides during the hike at Yellowstone.

The foam midsole makes the HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 light on your feet, which means you get to experience the best out of the trip as you can walk without tired feet. 

HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 low profile construction enhances ankle mobility which is essential for the best range of motion, allowing you to walk properly during your hike at Yellowstone while preventing the weakening of your knees. 

HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 comes with a built-to-last Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole with 5mm stepped rubber lugs with the best anti-skidding features which ensure that you worry less about what shoes to wear in Yellowstone.


✅ Breathable mesh upper

✅ seamless synthetic overlays

✅ Breathable textile lining

✅ abrasion-free wear

✅ foam padded insole

✅ ankle mobility

✅ Durable Vibram Megagrip outsole


X Slightly narrow at the forefoot section

 2. ALTRA AL0A4VQE Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoes for Yellowstone

ALTRA Lone Peak 5 is one of the shoes to wear in Yellowstone as it is designed using the FootShape™ comfort feature allowing your feet ample room to rest naturally as you explore the camping sites at Yellowstone. 

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The Balanced Cushioning™ platform provides ALTRA Lone Peak 5 with a protective feature as your heel and forefoot are at a level from the ground, ensuring low impact landings during the hike at the Yellowstone park trails.

ALTRA Lone Peak 5 MaxTrac™ rubber outsole with grippy features guarantees the ultimate trifecta that features grip, traction, and longevity regardless of whether you are walking on a loose sandy slope or a wet, muddy puddle at Yellowstone. 

The TrailClaw canted lugs add to the non-slip feature as they are ideally placed to ensure that the slippery swampy parts of the wilderness at Yellowstone have nothing on you.

The Altra EGO™ foam midsoles ensure that energy returns to the foot for an effortless and responsive yet mushy feel guaranteeing supreme comfort allowing you absolute fun up the canyon at Yellowstone. 

ALTRA Lone Peak 5 comes with an updated StoneGuard that provides an additional layer of protection between the ground and your feet which provides you the confidence to pack the pair of sneakers for your trip at Yellowstone.

The quick-drying mesh upper with laser-cut holes ensures the water you may come in contact with while crossing the rivers at Yellowstone is drained immediately. 


Altra EGO Midsole

MaxTrac Outsole

Moderate cushioning for flex and comfort

Quick-Dry Air Mesh Upper

25 mm Stack Height


X Toe box is less roomy than previous models

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3. Salomon X Raise Hiking Shoes for Yellowstone

Salomon X Raise are the best shoes for Yellowstone National Park as they come with a stylish athletic design that matches your clothes, ensuring you look your best while taking photos at the waterfalls at Yellowstone. 

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The supportive stitch-free uppers ensure that the sneakers are smooth on your skin for the perfect fit allowing you to have the best time as you walk around the museums or go fishing with your friends at Yellowstone.

The lace-up closure makes the Salomon X Raise easy to wear ensuring you maximize on time set aside for fun activities at Yellowstone.

Also, the lace-up closure ensures a firm, yet comfortable and personalized fit as you can provide your feet the desired wraparound.

Salomon X Raise reinforced heels and toes provide protection against high-impact landings for a painless experience at the stone-paved trails. The reinforced heels and toes enhance durability which means the sneakers will serve your needs for longer.

The Contagrip® rubber outsole guarantees your feet safety against the most slippery surfaces such as the polished cabin floors and the slippery grass at the open fields making Salomon X Raise the ideal Yellowstone backpacking footwear.


✅ All-Terrain Adventure

✅ Support Stability And Comfort

✅ All-Terrain Grip Outsole

✅ Lightweight Construction

✅ Quicklace System For Easy Adjustments

✅ Reinforced Heel And Toes

✅ Generous, Cushy Fit


X Not water resistant

4. Danner TrailTrek Light 3″ Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Yellowstone

Danner TrailTrek is the best hiking shoe for Yellowstone as it comes with the Danner Dry waterproof feature that protects your feet against water entry caused by spills you may encounter while trying to catch fish at the Yellowstone camping site. 

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

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Danner TrailTrek combines suede and nylon uppers that work to provide a long-lasting comfortable upper that supports your feet minimizing unnecessary foot movement for a more stable fit as you go backpack hiking at Yellowstone with fellow hikers.

The removable open-cell polyurethane Ortholite midsole provides the extra cushioning, support and also allows for an unrestricted flow of air all around your feet even during a very hot day in the summertime.

The Danner Plyolite® midsole lightweight aspect allows for a bulk-free encounter and also adds to the comfort and shock absorption that guarantees safety in the rock-filled terrain areas all around Yellowstone visit.

Danner TrailTrek abrasion-resistant toe and heel, built to handle the harshest of environments, ensure that you avoid the need to get a new pair of footwear after a few trips to Yellowstone as the sneakers last a long time.

The rubber outsole with a streamlined multi-directional lug pattern comes with a lightweight design that also provides excellent anti-slip features which means that movement to slippery areas of the Yellowstone National Park is unlimited.


✅ Durable, suede, and nylon upper

✅ Danner Dry waterproof protection

✅ Abrasion-resistant toe and heel

✅ Danner Plyolite midsole

✅ Streamline, athletic platform


X Little arch reinforcement

5. Brooks Cascadia 16 Trail-Running Shoes

Brooks Cascadia 16 is the best shoe to wear in Yellowstone as it comes with released grooves in the midsole for quick adaptability.

The enhanced adaptability feature ensures that the hiking boot easily conforms to the ground for stable strides at Yellowstone.

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

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The TrailTack rubber outsole provides your feet the confidence needed to explore all sections of Yellowstone regardless of whether it is during the summer or the spring as non-skid features protect you from the slippery snow surfaces. 

The Brooks Cascadia 16 outsole comes with drainage ports that get rid of all the water encountered while crossing the rivers at Yellowstone ensuring that the sneakers are weightless by failing to carry the water.

Brooks Cascadia 16 Updated Ballistic Rock Shield construction prevents entry of any form of debris and at the same time ensures the footwear adapts easily to the uneven terrain.

The Ballistic Rock Shield incorporates vertical grooves that ensure side-to-side adaptability without passing the effect to your feet. 

DNA LOFT v2 midsole makes the Brooks Cascadia 16 super soft and light, without compromising on the durability feature which means that you wear the sneakers for longer. 

The additional 2 mm of cushioning adds to the softness ensuring that once you get home from a long day of viewing the wildlife, your feet remain free of pain.


✅ Release grooves in the midsole

✅ enhanced adaptability on rough terrain

✅ New DNA LOFT v2 Technology

✅ 2mm of foam in the midsole

✅ TrailTack rubber outsole


X Slightly rigid toe foot

6. Saucony Peregrine 11 Trail Running Shoes

Saucony Peregrine 11 PWRRUN cushioning offers a responsive feel which means that you get back the energy on your feet for more comfortable strides as you are walking along the marina at Yellowstone for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Best Shoes For Yellowstone

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The rock plate adds to the protection by ensuring that your feet are protected against any sharp or irregular-shaped stones you may come across allowing you to climb uphill and drive downhill with utmost confidence.

The PWRTRAC tacky rubber combative lugs make the Saucony Peregrine 11 suitable for use in all the slippery terrains as the lugs aim to dig into the ground for a secure foothold on the huge muddy puddles that you might be unable to skip.

Saucony Peregrine 11 long-lasting top layer comes with an ultra-light feature that ensures that while you explore the thermal basins at Yellowstone, nothing limits your speed. 

The top layer also brags of well-designed mesh fabric panels that work to ensure that the footwear remains highly breathable to maintain feet dryness. 

Also, the upper prevents the entry of debris and pebbles from gaining access to your feet that would potentially cause you harm and complete discomfort that would limit fun time at Yellowstone.


✅ Made in the USA

✅ Aggressive lugs made of PWRTRAC tacky rubber

✅ Responsive PWRRUN cushioning

New Ultralight, Durable Top Layer

Comfortable Air Mesh Bootie


X None

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7. Vasque Breeze Lt Low Hiking Shoes

Vasque Breeze Lt GORE-TEX waterproof membrane comes with over 9 billion pores per square inch that prohibit entry of water or any other liquid molecules. 

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The waterproof membrane allows all the sweat and moisture vapors to easily escape right through the pores for dry feet all day long as you explore all areas of the trip at Yellowstone such as biking or riding the horses. 

The synthetic microfiber uppers with abrasion-resistant mesh ensure that Vasque Breeze Lt remains breathable to ensure your feet remain happy.

Also, the abrasion-resistant mesh means that the sneakers are built to last to facilitate you with several trips to Yellowstone.

Vasque Breeze Lt anatomical high rebound footbed makes it easy for you to make comfortable strides while you are walking on the nature trails. 

The dual-density compression-molded endure last EVA midsole makes the Vasque Breeze Lt durable and super stable with every stride made at Yellowstone regardless of whether you are running or taking slow strides.

Vasque Exclusive Vibram® Ground Control LiteBase outsole with Megagrip Compound secures your feet in place even as you go downhill a sandy section or walk on the hard rocky surfaces at the canyon at Yellowstone.


✅ Breeze Lite Low Gore-Tex

✅ Best-In-Class Traction

✅ Waterproof Membrane

Synthetic Microfiber Upper

Rebound Footbed Dual Density

Vibram Megagrip Outsole

Synthetic Microfiber Upper


X Slightly narrow and best for narrow feet

Final Thoughts

1. HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 4 Textile Synthetic Trainers for Yellowstone and 2. ALTRA AL0A4VQE Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoes for Yellowstone were the overall best shoes for Yellowstone.

These shoes not only deliver max cushioning for long-lasting hikes but also their perfectly relaxed fit rids of foot pain and bunion formation.

In addition, these two pairs are the most breathable shoes for Yellowstone National Park making them ideal to trek in during summer.

When selecting the best shoes for Yellowstone, hikers should consider waterproof membranes when hiking along rivers, perfect fit and max cushioning plus a cushioned footbed.