10 Best Work Shoes for Diabetics in 2022 (Top Recommended)

The best shoes for people with diabetes should feature an Extra-depth & width design with an adjustable closure system, thus allowing your feet a relaxed fit giving people with diabetes a pressure and pain-free experience.Best Work Shoes for Diabetics

The best shoes for diabetics should also exhibit an excellent weight distribution to create a lightweight design that ensures diabetes patients can lift their legs bulk-free, providing hassle-free walks and runs.

Furthermore, good diabetic shoes should have max cushioning with cozy insoles that excellently absorb shock from hard surfaces.

Today, Sneaker Wagon presents its podiatrists’ research to save you on a tedious and confusing exercise on picking the right shoes for people with diabetes.

Let’s get into the reviews…

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Diabetics 

Best Diabetic Shoes for Women Reviews

1.W&LESVAGO Breathable Diabetic Work Shoes for Women

W&LESVAGO Diabetic Work Shoes is the best women’s walking shoes for people with diabetes thanks to its adjustable single Velcro strap that allows the recommended fit for the diabetic foot.

Additionally, the Velcro flexible design makes it easy to wear, saving you the stress of trying to fit in shoes. 

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The extra depth & width design the W&LESVAGO Diabetic Work Shoes come with provides a roomy fit for your diabetic toes and insteps.

The roomy fit ensures a reduction of pressure on your feet which ultimately means that your strides remain comfortable and stable every step of the way. 

W&LESVAGO Diabetic Work Shoes come with removable 5MM and 3MM thickness insoles built to guarantee your comfort as the removable feature accommodates your swollen feet in the morning.

The removable aspect means that once the swelling reduces, you can utilize either the 5MM or the 3MM, depending on your preference, without creating painful pressure points around your feet. 

The lined, breathable uppers ensure that W&LESVAGO Diabetic Work Shoes your feet remain refreshed all day long as your sensitive feet are kept dry.

Moreover, the breathable material makes the diabetic footwear extra light allowing you the pleasure of getting through your day without the extra bulk on your feet. 

W&LESVAGO Diabetic Work Shoes’ classic air cushion design aids in taking away the pressure from your feet and transferring it to the ground, ensuring that heel pain is brought to the minimum regardless of whether you are walking or standing. 


✅ Adjustable velcro straps

✅ Adapt to edema and deformation of diabetic foot

Extra-depth & width design

3 Pairs Of Insole Configuration

Breathable & Lightweight Material

Air Cushion & Orthotic Support

Comfort foam insole with arch support


X None

2. Orthofeet Proven Extended Widths, Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Slip-On Work Shoes

Orthofeet Diabetic Work Shoes ergonomic outsole assists in relieving long-term foot, back, and knee discomfort by reducing pressure on the heel and eliminating shocks throughout the body.

The material in the ergonomic sole provides more support and minimizes fatigue in the feet, which also means you won’t get tired.

The outsole is also designed with lightweight and superior cushioning to provide your feet with the needed protection from impact by surfaces such as concrete pavements. 

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The premium orthotic insoles of the diabetic work shoes are equipped with anatomical arch support that helps in reducing the strain on your muscles when you walk or stand.

Furthermore, the insoles’ multiple cushioning layers guarantee a pillow-like fit that maximizes comfort and relieves pain on your diabetic feet. 

Orthofeet Diabetic Work Shoes’ unique therapeutic design reduces joint stress, improves stability, and significantly makes it easy for you to walk. 

The soft uppers with smooth interior lining and extra foam padding give exceptional comfortability for sensitive feet, making these women’s diabetic shoes a perfect footwear alternative.

Additionally, the non-binding uppers have extended widths that you get to pick from for the perfect fit. 

Orthofeet Diabetic Work Shoes wide and spacious toe box provides a pleasant, non-binding fit for the toes and front area of the foot, which eases the pressure caused by swollen diabetic feet.

The extra depth design with removable insoles allows you the option of using your podiatrist’s recommended orthotics without any need to acquire a different set of footwear. 


✅ Stylish Orthopedic Shoes

✅ 60-Day Wear Test

✅ Orthofeet Orthotic Shoes

✅ Lightweight Sole

✅ Extended Widths

✅ Superior Comfort For Sensitive Feet

✅ Unique Therapeutic Design


X Slightly higher squeak

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3. Dr. Comfort Refresh Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Work Shoes

Dr. Comfort Refresh’s top-quality construction material ensures that the pair of diabetic footwear is wear and tear-free, lasting you a long time.

The lightweight designed cross-trainers come with a stable arch support feature that provides you with supportive and nagless comfortable strides as you walk.

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Dr. Comfort Refresh easy-to-adjust toggle closure makes it efficient and easy for you to put on without harming parts of your feet with forced pressure.

Removal of the Dr. Comfort Refresh has also been designed to ease the process as there is no need to tie or untie.

Furthermore, the drawstring closure system sits on a well-padded tongue which helps avoid skin irritation caused by diabetes. 

The mesh uppers Dr. Comfort Refresh comes with make it air permeable, ensuring that your feet remain cool and dry just like they were in the morning after wearing them all day long.

The mesh uppers also regulate heat around your feet, ensuring that you are protected from external temperatures, whether they are hot or cold. 

The removable insoles make the Dr. Comfort Refresh suitable for your custom-made orthotics for personalized and ultimate comfort. 

The toe box has been designed to ensure you do not experience toe-stubbing, which is extremely painful while wearing Dr. Comfort Refresh.


Ultra-Lightweight Cross-Trainer

Unique Arch Stabilizer

No-Tie Elastic Lace Closure

Seamless Design To Help Prevent Skin Irritation

Breathable Mesh Uppers

Removable Insoles

Protective Toe Box


X May require slightly more time to break in for wide feet.

4. Drew Shoe Naples Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Work Shoes

Drew Shoe Naples stylish upper provides your diabetic feet with a supportive fit that allows you to make confident and comfortable strides.

Additionally, the leather upper is accessible to clean and durable to last you a long time without acquiring another pair. 

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The slip-on design with an elastic panel at the center makes wearing easy without causing additional pain to your sore diabetic feet.

Additionally, the adjustable center holds your foot in place, providing you with all the support and comfort you need in every stride.

Removal of the Drew Shoe Naples is also simplified since there’s no requirement to adjust the closure system for easy access. 

The two removable footbeds make the Drew Shoe Naples super comfortable as they provide extra cushioning that makes contact with rigid pavements painless.

Additionally, the removable footbed offers room for the use of custom-made, chiropodist recommended insoles that best suit your diabetic feet needs.

The Drew Shoe Naples rubber outsole provides supreme anti-skidding features giving you the confidence to walk on slippery surfaces such as wet tiled floors without the fear of falling.

The rubber outsole is also anti-abrasive making it durable to serve your diabetic feet needs for a long time.


✅ Orthopedic, Diabetic shoes

Beautifully styled footwear

Full, Rounded Toe

Soft, Foam-padded Tongue and Collar

Prescribed Orthotics

Easy slip-on style

Center elastic panel


X None

5. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite-15433 Boat Work Shoes for Diabetic Women

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite responsive 5Gen cushioning ensures that your foot is created responsibly throughout your small afternoon walks.

Additionally, the cushioning, which is durable and long-lasting, makes the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite flexible and springy, which aids in reducing fatigue caused when walking or standing a long while.

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The lightweight design makes the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite highly comfortable as you can walk without the extra weight on your diabetic feet. 

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite comes with Skechers Goga Max’s high-rebound insole that provides your feet superior comfort and cushioning to tackle your daily tasks without suffering from any pain. 

The EZ fit closure system allows you the luxury of quickly slipping the Skechers diabetic shoes on in no time.

The EZ fit closure system has also simplified the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite aside after a long afternoon of grocery shopping. 

The textile upper with a smooth fabric lining ensures that your feet remain warm even on the coldest days. The soft lining covers the seams to make walking more comfortable by providing your diabetic feet with snug feet.

The synthetic outsole comes with treads making the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Lite suitable for sandy pathways or carpeted areas.


✅ Synthetic sole


Responsive 5Gen cushioning

Skechers Goga Max high-rebound insole

EZ Fit closure

Soft fabric lining


X Fixed laces

Best Diabetic Shoes for Men Reviews

6. Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Work Boot

Dr. Comfort Ranger’s double construction design is built to last, making it the best diabetic shoes for men’s review.

The hook and loop fastener and easy-to-adjust toggle closure save you a substantial amount of energy and time you would have spent trying to tie and untie a different type of closure.

Also, the hook and loop system provides your feet with the desired comfort, the needed support, and a custom fit. 

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Dr. Comfort Ranger’s classic leather upper stands out to make you look presentable whether you’re meeting an old friend or potential business partner.

Furthermore, the upper is made of a breathable material that regulates heat around your feet, leaving them refreshed and dry. 

The removable sock liners make Dr. Comfort Ranger super comfortable, providing maximum protection to your feet.

The removable aspect also ensures that your comfort is not limited to your favorite pair of diabetic footwear, as you can easily use your doctor-prescribed orthotics

Dr. Comfort Ranger’s wide toe box grants your forefoot, especially your toes, extra support and protection from the possibility of a toe stub which could cause immense pain to your diabetic feet. 

The padded heel cup and tongue provide extra stability to your foot and absorb additional shock prohibiting pain while you walk.

Dr. Comfort Ranger’s rubber outsole provides maximum traction allowing you to confidently walk on the wet lawn or go up a recently polished wooden set of stairs. 


✅ Out-of-the-box comfortable

✅ Contact Closure And No-Tie Elastic Lace


Full top-grain leather


Protective toe box

Padded heel cup and tongue


X Lacks insulation

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot for Diabetics

The diabetic work shoes composite safety toe front serve as a cushion, preventing your toe from having direct contact with the inside of the shoe, thus ensuring that all your strides are safe and comfortable.

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 Also, Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride is long-lasting and 30% lighter than steel toe boots making the diabetic footwear light on your feet, allowing you the confidence to walk naturally. 

Scuff-resistant leather upper with lightly distressed Woven Cordura mesh side panels provides your feet with a cooling effect that ensures your feet are breathable and dry all day long.

Additionally, Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Relaxed Fit® design technology provides you with a spacious and comfortable fit for your swollen diabetic feet without causing any pain or causing further complications to your foot health.

Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride memory foam cushioned footbed aids in shock absorption as you walk and guarantees further protection to your feet against additional soreness caused by diabetes.

Additionally, the shock-absorbing midsole and the memory foam footbed promise more shock-absorbing qualities, ensuring safe and stable strides on your diabetic feet. 

The rubber outsole with super treads makes the Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride anti-slip, which means that you worry less even on greasiest surfaces as you are protected from potential falls.


✅ Smooth heel to toe transition

Reliable durability

Cushioned support

Skechers® Work Soft Stride Canopy

Relaxed Fit design

Memory Foam cushioning

Slip resistance

Composite safety toe


X Slightly tight at the toes

8. Dr. Comfort Winner-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Work Shoes

Dr. Comfort Winner-X ¼ inch deeper design accommodates your diabetic feet all around, which enhances maximum support in every stride.

The diabetic footwear also comes with a unique arch stabilizer that aids in increasing foot comfort, which ultimately reduces foot fatigue that increases soreness. 

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The two hook and loop fasteners ensure that Dr. Comfort Winner-X provides a premium fit for your forefoot and midfoot promising confident, comfortable strides throughout your short walks to the park.

Furthermore, the duo adjustable fasteners provide your diabetic feet with the support they need by ensuring that your feet remain in place as you walk, reducing the risk of other sores and blisters. 

The beautifully designed leather uppers grant your feet a stylish finish and at the same time aid in heat regulation which ensures that while you wear the diabetic work shoes, your feet remain dry and refreshed, preventing the risk of additional breaking of the skin. 

Dr. Comfort Winner-X comes equipped with removable insoles that give your feet the cushioning and support needed to get you through the day without causing your foot pain.

Moreover, the removable features make the diabetic footwear suitable with custom-made orthotics. 

The forefoot comes with a wide toe box which ensures that your feet sit comfortably on the footbed without causing pressure points to certain parts of your feet.

Furthermore, the wide toe box protective design guarantees your feet protection, especially your toes, against the pain caused by hitting surfaces such as your piece of furniture. 


Full-Grain Leather

¼ Inch Deeper For Enhanced Support

Double Contact Closure

Breathable Leather Uppers

Removable Insoles

Protective Toe Box 

Shock Absorbent

3d Technology Modifications


X Less padded inserts

9. Propét Men’s Cliff Walker Medicare/Hcpcs Code = A5500 Diabetic Work Shoes

Propét Men’s Cliff Walker rubber outsole provides your feet with anti-skidding features that allow you the peace of mind to walk along a slippery sandy slope without the fear of falling.

Also, the self-cleaning tread ensures that no matter how dirty the backyard may be, no trail of dust or debris will be left behind. 

best shoes for diabetics View on Amazon

The 100% leather upper provides your feet with sealtex waterproof technology features that prevent water molecules from accessing your feet, ensuring that they remain dry even when you step on a small wet puddle.

The upper is also lined with a nylon mesh which wicks away the sweat and moisture in your foot, ensuring freshness for your diabetic feet all day long. 

Propét Men’s Cliff Walker’s heavily padded collar enhances ankle support, preventing the risk of a sprain to your diabetic feet.

Also, the padded tongue provides you with a snug fit protecting your feet from itching and pressure caused by fitting the shoelaces.

The Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 approved diabetic shoe comes with a hook and speed lace system that allows you to wrap the laces around each hook without the burden of threading each lace carefully through each eyelet.

The hook and speed lace system, which makes the Propét Men’s Cliff Walker easy to wear, allows you to wear the diabetic footwear to your custom fit without hurting your swollen feet. 


✅ Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic shoe

✅ Waterproof leather

✅ Nylon mesh lining

✅ Sealtex waterproof technology

✅ Hook and speed lace system

Self-cleaning design rubber outsole


X None

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10. Dr. Comfort Winner Plus Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Work Shoes Leather Lace

Dr. Comfort Winner Plus, an easy-to-wear diabetic shoe with lace-up features, is designed to provide a comfortable and painless wraparound for a guaranteed effortless fit.

The arch stabilizer, which aids in relieving foot fatigue, ensures that the diabetic footwear does not weigh you down or make you go slower in your activities. 

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The strong leather uppers provide your feet with support by holding your diabetic foot in place while aiding in heat regulation.

The heat regulation feature ensures that your feet maintain their natural temperature regardless of the weather by keeping them cool and dry.

The removable footbeds make Dr. Comfort Winner Plus suitable for use with your chiropodist’s recommended insoles without buying another pair of diabetic footwear to cater to your needs.

The multiple insoles provide extra cushioning to your feet, allowing you the luxury of walking without the fear of causing your feet additional injuries.

Also, the insoles consist of a supportive polyurethane layer, gel pods in the forefoot and heel, and polyethylene cushioning from heel to toe for extra comfort and protection.

The anti-abrasive rubber outsole makes Dr. Comfort Winner Plus suitable for use over a long time without replacing the diabetic footwear.

Additionally, the grippy traction the outsole provides you with anti-slip features giving you the confidence to walk on wet tiled floors or muddy terrains.


✅ Breathable Materials

✅ Removable Footbeds

✅ Supportive Polyurethane Layer

Gel Pods In The Forefoot

Heel And Polyethylene Cushioning

Protective Toe Box

Non-Slip, Non-Skid Patterned Rubber Sole


X Zero give in the sole

Final Thoughts

W&LESVAGO Breathable Diabetic Work Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Proven Extended Widths, Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s Slip-On Work Shoes were the overall best shoes for diabetics in this review.

These shoes feature an extra depth and width design, thus allowing you to have a roomy fit such that you enjoy walking, running, or dashing.

In addition, these two pairs offer breathable materials to ensure that your feet always remain cool, fresh, and dry thus giving you ultimate comfort regardless of the length of your shifts.