7 Best Tennis Shoes For Elderly in 2022

The best tennis shoes for the elderly should offer cozy foot comfort through max cushioned upper, shock-absorbing midsole, ergonomic and supportive footbed, plus a personalized fit, thus ensuring strolls in the garden and walking are hassle-free.Best Tennis Shoes For Elderly

Also, the best tennis shoes for seniors should offer an elaborate lug system with a durable outsole, thus heightening traction and non-slip features, hence providing an anti-skidding experience when walking on sloppy and wet floors.

Furthermore, the best shoes for the elderly should feature breathable upper fabric to wick away foot moisture and sweat effectively, thus ensuring a fresh and dry experience even when walking or jogging for a long time.

However, finding the best shoes for e3lserly can be tedious and confusing. Today, we present our best research to our SneakerWagon readers as we tackle the top picks fit for older men and women.

Let’s get into the reviews…

Reviews For The Best Tennis Shoes For Elderly

1. STQ Tennis Shoes for Senior Women — Casual Shoes for Walking, Running Shoes

STQ Tennis Shoes are the overall best shoes for older women. 

The adjustable laces make it easy to put them on and off. Furthermore, the elastic closure system ensures you get to fit the shoes to your desired comfort. 

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The breathable lined mesh upper ensures sufficient airflow around your feet by quickly drying the sweat caused by walking around during the day. 

The upper design guarantees dryness of your feet all day long, leaving them odorless, while the soft upper fabric amazingly wraps around your feet for the perfect and comfortable fit. 

The MD midsole makes the STQ Tennis shoe lightweight allowing you a nagless experience for every stride you take. Additionally, the MD midsole design absorbs shock protecting you from pain caused by high impact landings. 

The soft cushioned removable insoles enhance premium comfort protecting your feet from pronation and supination, making STQ Tennis Shoes the best tennis walking shoes for a 60-year-old woman

The ultra-light MD and rubber outsole ensures maximum grip on concrete floors and pavements, protecting you from potential falls while taking the afternoon walks.

The abrasion-resistant outsole makes the STQ Tennis Shoes long-lasting, saving you the burden of replacing them every few months. 

The elastane heel provides maximum comfort making the STQ Tennis Shoes suitable for use all day long. 

Besides providing you with the ultimate comfort, the elastane heel facilitates a natural movement of your feet which aids in maintaining your natural gait. 


✅ Elastic adjustable laces

✅ Breathable lined mesh upper

✅ Lightweight, shock-absorbing MD midsole

✅ Soft cushioned removable insoles

✅ Ultra-light MD and rubber outsole

✅ elastane heel provides maximum comfort 


X Not made in the USA as the marketing claims

2. LEADER SHOW Men’s Casual Elderly Safety Walking Shoes

Leader Show Elderly shoes are the overall best shoes for elderly men.

The Leader Show Elderly shoes are conveniently designed with a hook and loop to facilitate easy entry and removal.

Another advantage the hook and loop offer is a comfortable, personalized fit as you can adjust the shoes depending on your foot width.

The Velcro closure system ensures the protection of your feet from the unnecessary pressure that comes with wearing tight shoes.

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The honeycomb-designed upper makes the Leader Show Elderly shoes highly porous, giving room for air circulation all-around your feet.

Ultimately, this ensures that your feet remain dry even after use during the summer. 

The Leader Show Elderly shoes MD and rubber outsole design guarantees a light feel on your feet, giving you the freedom to walk without the extra bulk.

The most significant advantage is the outstanding non-slip feature that provides maximum grip when walking on muddy terrain or wooden floors.

Additionally, the durable MD outsole makes them fit for use over a long time without the need to replace. 

The insole features superior cushioning that protects your feet from potential injuries you may encounter while enjoying miniature golf.  

The Leader Show Elderly shoes lightly cushioned footbed also provides your feet with a soft feel promising to offer comfort all day long. Thus they are the best tennis shoes for older men


✅ Hook and loop

✅ Comfortable, personalized fit

✅ Velcro closure system

✅ Honey comb-designed upper

✅ MD and rubber outsole

✅ Lightly cushioned footbed


X The elastic lacing is relatively stiffer than average elastic laces

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3. Konhill Women’s Comfortable Walking Tennis Shoes for Seniors

At position 3, Konhill Walking Tennis shoes are comfortable walking shoes as they come with a flexible MD non-skid outsole.

The soft, perfectly designed rubber outsole provides traction, protecting you from the slippery wet grass that might cause a potential fall.

The outsole design adapts not only the shape of your feet but also your foot’s motion. This feature promises your feet sock-feel maximum comfort as you stroll around the garden.

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The Konhill Walking Tennis shoes padded memory foam insoles provide extra comfort by reducing pressure on your feet.

The achieved comfort is because the memory foam bounces back immediately you elevate your feet.

The stylishly designed lightweight knit upper makes the Konhill Walking Tennis shoes breathable providing your feet with sufficient airflow.

The breathability aspect ensures that you avoid all fungal or bacterial infections caused by wet, sweaty feet.

The Konhill Walking Tennis shoes are highly flexible as both the upper and the outsole can bend, allowing you to move without strain while you feed the birds as an elderly. 

The Konhill Walking Tennis shoe slip-on design makes it easy to wear without causing your toes and thumb.

The slip-on design hugs your feet in place, providing a custom fit throughout the day, making Konhill Walking Tennis shoes one of the best slip-on tennis shoes for the elderly.


✅ MD non-skid outsole

✅ Feet sock-feel maximum comfort 

✅ Padded memory foam insoles

✅ Breathable lightweight knit upper

✅ Slip-on design


X Quite slim color choices

4. Propét Men’s Stability X Strap Shoes for Elderly

At position 4, the Propet Stability X comes equipped with the Propet Extra Volume insole system that ensures your feet fit perfectly, providing ultimate comfort.

Also, the EVA midsole provides arch support reducing pressure from your joints.

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Furthermore, Propet Stability X is equipped with double removable insoles for use as you desire.

You have the option of removing one of the insoles for extra room for your toes or removing them both to accommodate your prescribed orthotic insoles. 

The Propet Stability X nylon lined upper allows for free flow of air in and out of your feet, maintaining dryness from morning to evening.

The uppers collar and tongue are padded to provide your feet with a soft, comfortable feel that provides ultimate support for your ankles, making Propet Stability X one of the best tennis shoes for the elderly with balance problems.

The Propet Stability X semi-rigid heel counter provides additional support and the utmost protection against impact by ensuring the shoe maintains its shape. 

The Propet Stability X treaded rubber outsole not only provides you with a natural rebound in every stride but also offers a firm excellent anti-skid feature making them suitable for use on surfaces with water puddles. 

The adjustable hook and loop closure makes it easy to slip them on and remove without the need to apply a force that might injure your toes.      


✅ Propet Extra Volume insole

✅ Arch support

✅ Nylon lined upper 

✅ Uppers collar and tongue are padded

✅ Semi-rigid heel counter

✅ Treaded rubber outsole

✅ Adjustable hook and loop closure


X The Velcro strap requires extra care to avoid ripping.

5. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot and Heel Pain Relief. Extended Widths.Orthopaedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers, Coral

At position 5, Orthofeet walking shoes are the world’s most comfortable orthopedic shoes for the elderly, as they come with super soft stretchable uppers—the stretchable upper curves to the shape of your foot, guaranteeing your comfort even with swollen feet.

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The non-binding DryPlex anti-odor fabric upper allows perspiration around your foot, which helps fight bad smells and infections on your feet. 

Orthofeet walking shoes are equipped with a wide-toe box that provides a pleasant and spacious toe box that offers enough room for your toes and forefoot protecting your feet from additional pain caused by bunions. 

Orthofeet walking shoes come with premium orthotic insoles that offer the needed arch support that aids in relieving the pressure that could lead to back and hip pain.

Additionally, the orthotic insoles aid in foot alignment by controlling pronation. 

Orthofeet walking shoes have an overall depth design, providing ample room to utilize your personal and prescribed orthotic insoles.

The highly padded, lightweight, ergonomic soles provide ultra-soft protection that strives to increase comfort, reduce muscle fatigue and alleviate the pain in the heel caused by plantar fasciitis.

The soft foam padded interior offers a soft feel on your feet, relieving pressure points making it suitable for your arthritic feet.

Orthofeet walking shoes come with a unique therapeutic design that makes the shoes highly stable, making them easier to walk. The heel is also padded with a cushioning foam that reduces heel pain. 

 Orthofeet walking shoes have a loop for support, making them easy to wear without using unnecessary extra energy trying to fit your shoe. 

The treated outsole facilitates secure movement by providing the needed anti-slip features making the Orthofeet walking shoes okay on slippery sandy slopes.


✅ Most comfortable orthopedic shoes

✅ Super soft stretchable uppers

✅ Non-binding DryPlex anti-odor fabric upper

✅ Wide-toe box

✅ Premium orthotic insoles 

✅ Highly padded, lightweight, ergonomic soles


X Requires slightly more time to break-in

6. Yytlch Men’s Tennis Shoes Non-Slip Running Shoes for Seniors

The Yytlch Tennis shoe is equipped with an abrasion-resistant outsole that guarantees to serve your feet for an extended period.

In addition to longevity, the rubber outsole provides maximum traction, ensuring you are safe from impeding minor and significant injuries caused by the soapy wet floor.

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The Yytlch Tennis shoe soft upper provides your feet with a continuous flow of air, enhancing the desired comfort all around your feet by keeping them dry. 

The upper also hugs the foot in place, providing you with stress-free, comfortable strides all day long. 

The Yytlch Tennis shoe honeycomb-designed insole provides the required cushioning and shock absorption for your feet.

The cushioning protects your feet from impending harm you may come across while walking. The honeycomb-designed insole is also breathable, enhancing a porous airflow, keeping your feet dry, and feeling fresh after use.

The breathability feature makes the Yytlch Tennis shoe suitable for active outdoor activities with friends and family. 

The Yytlch Tennis shoe lace-up closure system makes it suitable for you to wear the shoes to your unique fit according to your foot width.

In addition, the shoe has a loop at the back to facilitate a quick and easy entry without tearing the collar.


✅ Abrasion-resistant outsole 

✅ Honeycomb-designed insole

✅ Breathable soft upper

✅ Lace-up, closure system


X Lacks a rounded toe box.

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7. LeMouton Classic Elderly Women’s Wool Shoes

Last but not least, The LeMouton Classic wool 4. 9 ounces makes them super light on your feet, leaving a no-shoes-on impression.

The 3D stretchable wool fabric conforms to the shape and motion of your foot to actualize the weightless experience.

The lightweight feature is crucial for your feet since you can make more confident and comfortable strides with the necessary support throughout the day, leaving your feet painless and healthier. 

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The LeMouton Classic wool knitted wool upper makes the shoes suitable for multiple occasions such as visiting the doctor for appointments or bird watching at the park.

The woolen upper has an additional advantage that makes it water repellant, which allows for quick evaporation of moisture, keeping your feet dry and fresh all day long.

The LeMouton Classic wool comes equipped with the Australian merino wool padded interchangeable insole that provides ample arch support and overall cushioning of your feet.

The padded wool protects your feet against additional pain caused by plantar fasciitis. 

The LeMouton Classic wool utilizes laces for closure. The adjustable laces not only make them easy to put on but also allows for a customized fit promising your feet maximum comfort whether you are walking around your home or walking down the subway.

The LeMouton Classic wool synthetic rubber outsole offers your feet the desired slip-resistant features allowing you the freedom to walk down a slippery slope without the fear of a fall.


✅ 3D stretchable wool fabric

✅ Lightweight

✅ Merino wool padded interchangeable insole

✅ Slip-resistant rubber outsole


X Not for wide feet

Final Thoughts

STQ Tennis Shoes and LEADER SHOW Casual shoes are the overall best tennis shoes for the elderly.

These shoes have a comfortable walking, jogging, and strolling experience to ensure that older women and men never feel pain or discomfort.

Also, the durable and grippy outsole protects seniors from slipping and skidding.

When picking the best shoes for the elderly, it is essential to watch out for comfort, breathability, and max traction.