7 Best Shoes For Parkinson’s Patients 2022

The best shoes for Parkinson’s patients should come with a dual-density outsole to offer additional support and stability and as Parkinson’s disease results in loss of balance and impaired movement coordination leading to emergency falls.Best Shoes For Parkinson’s Patients

Moreover, good shoes for Parkinson’s must also have a Mid-foot strike zone to promote stride efficiency and improve impaired balance and posture in Parkinson’s patients with legs that are both trembling and shaking.

Also, footwear for Parkinson’s patients should feature a non-stretch upper, which is also 100% seamless to offer additional comfort by neutralizing pressure, shock, and impact in both men and women as Parkinson’s disease causes rhythmic and involuntary leg movements.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Parkinson’s Patients In 2021

1. Vibram Men’s Parkinson’s Patients V-Train Cross-Trainer Shoe

The V-Train Cross-Trainer was our best Vibram shoes for Parkinson’s patients on our review. It has a circular lug pattern to offer unconditional during lateral movement support and cushion.

Vibram added a Dual-density outsole console design to neutralize shock and an impact to enjoy a smooth ride.

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What is more amazing about these Vibram shoes is that American Podiatric Medical Association has approved their use to improve overall foot health professionally.

Lightweight nature is possible as this V-Train comes with a rubber sole and an Ultra Go cushioning technology, 100% responsive.

This sneaker’s comprehensive toe box characteristics allow it to be compatible with both hammertoes and Parkinson’s victims.

Interestingly they also come with a breathable mesh vamp. As a result of promoting foot aeration, it also keeps your foot free from developing blisters and bruises soft and comfortable, air permeability, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Also, V-Train Cross-Trainer features a quality poly fabric sock liner which Anti-microbial. Due to this reason, Parkinson’s patients are free from possible fungal foot diseases and possible foot rot conditions.

  • Ultra Go cushioning
  • Machine washable
  • Circular lug pattern
  • Light in weight
  • Military-grade
  • Dual-density outsole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Weighs 2 pounds

2. MBT Parkinson’s Disease Running Shoes For Women’s Sport 3X

Does Parkinson’s effect walking? The answer is a big yes as Parkinson’s disease results in limbs and trunk Stiffness hence ultimately impairing mobility by causing involuntary leg movements.

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That is why Sport 3X from MBT is the most comfortable pair, making it our editor’s pick’s best women walking/running shoes for Parkinson’s patients.

MBT Sensor Technology, on the other hand, professionally complements the entire mid-foot Pivot Strike by professionally neutralizing all the shock.

What is more exciting is that the  100% curved sole of this rocker shoe from MBT allows your foot to take a natural movement by modifying overall body balance and stability in women who are also Parkinson’s patients.

The gentle roll promotes a natural cushioning to your feet. The angle of the PivotAxis, critical to the Pivot Strike location at the mid-foot, provides the ideal foot striking platform to transition into propulsion or a forward movement while enhancing support.

Furthermore, MBT  went out of their way to include an Innovative Pivot Strike, which was 100 % ideal for promoting smooth stride transition either when walking or running with Parkinson’s into propulsion.

On the other hand, the rubber sole also offers a superb energy return option while at the same time enhancing wear and tear.

As a result, Parkinson’s disease patients who are huge running enthusiasts have a better ability to enjoy unparalleled pleasure.

  • Rocker bottom shoe
  • Tri-density Midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Ultimate cushioning
  • Enhances natural movement
  • None

3. MBT Parkinson’s Disease  Low-Top Sneakers For Women

Third, on our list, find Low-Top Sneakers, which were also our overall best MBT shoes for Parkinson’s disease.

It features a rubber outsole, which is of high abrasion origin; thus, they improve posture and gait in Parkinson’s patients.

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The engineered air mesh upper other than improving overall foot breathability also plays a considerable role in offerings snug fit by hugging your feet.

Due to this reason, MBT Low-Top Sneakers control back, foot, and hip problems.

It features a unique rocker sole. Therefore the MBT Low-Top Sneakers enhance a smooth transition in every stride you make.

Moreover, the heel of this sneaker features a quality MBT Sensor Technology. This feature alone offers a soft mid-foot and heel landing platform which is 100% free from shocks and impact.

Hence MBT Women’s Low-Top Sneakers is one way of minimizing difficulty standing, stiff muscles, and difficulty in walking conditions by offering unforgettable cushioning and arch support.

  • Light in weight
  • engineered air mesh upper
  • MBT Sensor Technology
  • Rubber sole
  • minimal stitching hence durable
  • Relatively pricey

4. Cole Haan Men’s 2.0 Zerogrand Laser Wing Oxford

2.0 oxford zero grand wings from Cole Haan was our best laser shoes for Parkinson’s patients on the market today.

By coming with a full-grain rubber outsole, this zero elegant laser offers 100% anti-slip grip ability, thus offering a smooth ride on a wide range of terrains by minimizing balance in both men and women living with Parkinson’s disease.

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The foam insole option present plays a considerable role by minimizing trembling legs condition.

Moreover, the dual-density midsole is equally important as it improves impaired body coordination and balance by offering shock and an impact-free foot landing platform.

It also features a slip-resistance sole that allows this pair to be both slip-resistant and unconditionally durable.

Indeed the hollow sole design provides patients with optimum cushioning ability when running, walking, or jogging with Parkinson’s diseases.

Lastly, the  Stretch upper, which comes from a breathable mesh, is one of the primary reasons Wing Oxford is unconditionally lightweight.

Moreover, the mesh upper promotes air circulation in your foot when suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

  • Ultra-lightweight support
  • Promotes  unparalleled pleasure
  • Breathable Mesh Vamp
  • Slip-Resistance’
  • Provides optimum cushioning
  • Sole offers superb energy return.
  • None

5. ECCO Women’s Exostride Sneaker

Exostride Sneaker from   ECCO took the best shoes for someone with Parkinson’s position on our review today.

Apart from being light in weight, it also features mesh upper technology. This option promotes overall foot breathability either when running or walking.

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Moreover, thanks to the perforation and soft textile lining on the leather upper, it enhances the entire foot aeration.

The mesh upper allows ECCO Women’s Exostride Sneaker to be compatible with wide and flat feet of Parkinson’s patients.

The composite EVA midsole improves how long someone with Parkinson’s drives as it offers additional foot comfort.

Interestingly, it also features a TPU heel and ankle guard. Due to this reason, Exostride Sneaker protects Parkinson’s patients from loss of balance and impaired movement coordination.

Furthermore, the Rubber soles offer your foot unconditional traction when walking on pavement, artificial turf, grass, or slippery floors.

The memory foam insole technology ensures your feet are 100% balanced and free from shock. The rubber outsole minimizes impact and wonder, which is the primary Parkinson’s walking problem.

  • natural cushioning
  • Gum rubber sole
  • Tri-density Midsole
  • PivotAxis Technology
  • Breathable upper
  • Overall weight is 1.4 Pounds

6. Pavers Women’s Parkinson’s Patients Casual Trainers Sports Shoes

Our second last position finds the Casual Trainers as our best paver’s shoes for Parkinson’s today. The best thing is that pavers are still trading on the market and not going out of the market soon.

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Besides, the upper of this pavers shoe comes in a Laser cut wingtip upper option, making it incredibly stylish compared to other pairs of shoes on this review.

Moreover, the manufacturers made use of smooth leather; hence it is 100% durable.

What is more impressive is that by coming with a removable insole Casual Pavers Trainers were the only pair on this list that had the potential of being  100% men’s shoes for Parkinson’s patients.

The comprehensive toe box option is the other reason Casual Trainers Sports Shoes from pavers are compatible with wide, flat, and narrow-foot Parkinson’s patients.

Also, this pair comes with a soft shoe lining. Due to this reason, your ankles are free from friction, which might end up causing a blister and eventually develop into ankle and knee pairs, which will be additional baggage to Parkinson’s disease.

It is also good to note that the Soft l lining is equally valuable as it naturally wicks away all the sweat and moisture, thus keeping your foot dry and free from moisture.

What is more impressive is that this beast comes with a 100% Synthetic upper. Due to this reason, this beast ensures that when walking or running in areas with wet weather, your foot remains to be 100% free from water.

  • They are naturally wicking away moisture.
  • It comes with a rubber sole.
  • Non-binding uppers
  • Optimum Cushioning Performance
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • None

7. Nike Men’s Court Vision Low Sneaker

Finally, our review finds court vision low sneaker as our best Nike shoes for Parkinson’s.

Nike had patients’ needs in mind when coming up with this sneaker as they made use of natural rubber cup soles to offer additional traction and durability.

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Expect to enjoy pillow-grade support when working, running, or walking with these sneakers to EASE PAIN and enhance comfort.

This sneaker’s low profile characteristics minimize i9nsanmce of the heel, foot, knees, lower back, and hips pain, resulting from other conditions such as flat feet, arthritis, and overpronation you are a Parkinson’s patient.

Nike also did include soft uppers in this court vision low. This feature and smooth interior lining superior comfort.

On the other hand, apart from offering sensitive feet protection, the low sneaker was also compatible with diabetic patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The lightweight nature of this sneaker results from Nike using a fine blend of fabric, leather synthetic materials as the leather upper.

Besides, dual-density midsole facture ensures that Vision Low Sneaker is compatible with hammertoes Parkinson’s disease and Morton’s Neuroma victims with swollen feet.

  • Anatomically designed
  • Human-made material
  • Adjustable laces
  • Breathable and soft lining
  • Enhances natural movement
  • Overall weight is 1.01 Pounds


Performances walk from Skechers, and the Furoshiki Black Sneaker from Vibram was our best shoes for Parkinson’s patients. the two pairs of shoes are  Breathable and also feature an engineered mesh upper to professionally offer your foot a sock-like and snug fit regardless of whether you have e wide or narrow feet.

Furthermore, they also come with a quality Microfiber technology and quality padded midsole, insole, and tongue to offer additional comfort.

However, at sneaker wagon.com, we highly recommend you consider undergoing disease pathophysiology to get the necessary treatment and medication during Parkinson’s final stages as it might lead to death.