7 Best Shoes for Working in Restaurant Kitchen in 2022

What are the best shoes that restaurant kitchen employees should wear?

The best shoes for restaurant kitchen workers should offer an oil, electric shock, and slip resistance to ensure that working on oily and wet surfaces is hassle-free while protecting you from electrical hazards with cooking appliances and machines.Best Shoes for Working in Restaurant Kitchen

In addition, good restaurant kitchen shoes should offer a max cushion with ergonomic arch support and a relaxed fit, thus giving your feet that nice foot wraparound to offer you a bulk-free and comfortable working experience.

Furthermore, the best shoes for working in a restaurant must be lightweight to ensure that you never feel overly tired when working for long hours.

Today, SneakerWagon podiatrists present their research for their top picks for the right shoes for restaurant kitchen workers.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Working In Restaurant Kitchen

1. Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clogs Restaurant Kitchen Workers

Dansko XP 2.0 are the best shoes for restaurant kitchen workers as they come with leather uppers that provide your feet with the extra support needed in every stride.

The softly padded collar ensures your feet remain comfortable with every step you make while working in the restaurant kitchen.

Best Shoes For Working In Restaurant Kitchen M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The roomy toe box allows your forefoot to rest on the footbed comfortably, which allows your feet a free unrestricted movement.

Additionally, the highly recommended roomy toe box allows room for a wiggle that ensures your feet have enough blood, which is necessary to prevent neuropathic diseases that cause pain and weakness that will limit your duties in the kitchen restaurant.

Dansko XP 2.0 comes with a lightweight EVA midsole that aids in fatigue reduction, ensuring your feet remain relaxed as you develop and plan daily menus and specials in the kitchen restaurant.

Furthermore, the EVA midsole provides more stable strides with high shock absorption features which aid in reducing a sufficient amount of pressure off the joints for a more relaxed fit. 

The removable polyurethane footbed equipped with Dansko Natural Arch technology provides exceptional arch support once you wear the footwear to ensure that you access the food storage spaces without painful feet.

Also, the footbed comes with memory foam cushioning, which makes the Dansko XP 2.0 highly comfortable and supportive as you work in the restaurant kitchen. 

The patented non-slip rubber outsole offers protection against slippery surfaces ensuring you are comfortable walking around the deep-frying machine or the tiled food storage room, making Dansko XP 2.0 the best non-slip kitchen shoes. 


✅ Padded instep collar

✅ Leather uppers

✅ Patented slip-resistant rubber outsole

✅ Roomy toe box

✅ Lightweight EVA midsole

✅ Removable, dual-density PU footbed

Dansko Natural Arch technology

TPU arch stabilizer

Memory foam for cushioning

Zero Break-in time


X Optimised for high arch

 2. Dansko Men’s Wynn Restaurant Chef Work Shoes

Dansko Wynn is the best non-slip kitchen shoe. They come with a rubber outsole with anti-skidding features designed to withstand the greasiest parts of the kitchen, such as the meal cooking area or the cleaning area protecting you against slips and falls that would cause potential hazardous injuries. 

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The leather outer makes the Dansko kitchen shoes easy to clean, making it easier for you to transition from meal preparation in the restaurant kitchen to welcoming and explaining the menu to the special guests. 

The riveted shank construction provides the Dansko Wynn with a structure that promises a supportive, stable, and controlled experience, which ultimately offers your feet reduced tension as you manage the rest of the culinary team in the restaurant kitchen. 

Dansko Wynn restaurant shoes cushioned midsole provides your feet with shock-absorbing features for a comfortable and less strenuous experience as you develop new kitchen recipes in the restaurant kitchen. 

Dansko Arch support technology ensures all-day support to your feet ensuring that at the end of your shift from the restaurant kitchen, your back, knees, and ankles remain painless.

The Removable triple-density EVA molded footbed ensures a reduced break-in period. The footbed adapts to your feet, providing personalized and comfortable feet as you manage inventory of food stock and order raw food preparation materials in the restaurant kitchen. 


Highest standard Slip-resistant outsole

✅ Easy wipe-clean leather 

Superior shock-absorption midsole

Dansko Arch support

Riveted shank construction 

Triple-density EVA molded footbed

Dansko DNA – materials and construction


X Require some break-in period

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3. Crocs Unisex On The Clock Clog for Restaurant Kitchen Staff – Slip Resistant

Crocs On The Clock are the best restaurant kitchen shoes.

They come with an enclosed toe and heel, which meets the safety standards required at the workplace by protecting against injuries that come with open-style shoes such as burns and toe stubs in the kitchen restaurant. 

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The wide mouth allows for fast and easy entry allowing you to get ready for your shift in time without being tardy.

The tapered fit in the back of the heel makes the crocs kitchen shoes super comfortable as they provide a relaxed fit making it easy for your feet to bear the fatigue that comes with standing all day in the restaurant kitchen.

Crocs On The Clock enhanced arch support adds comfort, ensuring that you gracefully manage long working hours in the restaurant kitchen.

The thermoplastic elastomers outsole with Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant treads makes the pair the best non-slip kitchen shoes allowing you the confidence to walk along surfaces with spilled food items in the restaurant kitchen.

Crocs On The Clock comes with Dual Crocs Comfort™ technology that provides a soft, supportive, and comfortable fit throughout the day, ensuring that you execute your tasks with relaxed feet.

The ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE Certified restaurant shoes waterproof design ensures that your feet remain dry all day long, even while cleaning the dishes at the restaurant kitchen.


✅ Thermoplastic Elastomers sole


Quick-dry upper

Enclosed toe and heel protection

Slip-resistant treads

Croslite foam footbed

Dual Crocs Comfort 

Waterproof and Lightweight


X May require hands to slip on and off

4. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Literide Clog for Working in Restaurant Kitchen

Crocs Neria Pro are ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE Certified, which provides the best results for comfort for all on-your-feet demanding jobs especially working in the restaurant kitchen. 

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The next-generation LiteRide™ foam insole soft and super light design makes the Crocs Neria Pro more comfortable with bulk-free strides from the cold storage room to the food preparation area in the restaurant kitchen.

Additionally, the foam insoles provide a sink-in softness providing additional comfort and, at the same time, reducing the break-in period for a snug fit.

Crocs Neria Pro comes with an enclosed toe and heel design that meets safety workplace standards by protecting your feet from coffee spills that could burn your skin while working at the restaurant kitchen.

The extra room in the back of the heels makes the Crocs Neria Pro easy to slip on and remove after a long working shift of training kitchen staff in the restaurant kitchen.

The extra room at the heel also promises a relaxed fit, ensuring that you get through the day without causing pressure points at specific parts of your feet. 

Crocs Neria Pro arch support enhances comfort by reducing the extra pressure from your joints, guaranteeing a smooth operation flow while working at the restaurant kitchen.

The thermoplastic elastomers outsole provides excellent traction making the Crocs kitchen shoes the best non-slip kitchen shoes as you can freely move along the slippery floor around the cleaning area without the risk of falling.


✅ Thermoplastic Elastomers sole

✅ Removable, washable footbed liners

✅ Slip-resistant work shoes

✅ Relaxed fit

✅ Thicker toe region

ASTM F2913-11 tested

CE Certified


X Require slightly more time to break-in

5. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Restaurant Work Shoes

Birkenstock Profi Birki 100% Polyurethane construction is highly durable to last you a long time while providing your feet with a comfortable and supportive hold with every step you make while working in the restaurant kitchen.

Additionally, the Polyurethane material makes the Birkenstock kitchen shoes easy to clean, which means you only need one pair for use throughout the week.

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The dirt-resistant features make your tasks even more manageable as you worry less about how unkempt you look and focus more on your duties at the restaurant kitchen. 

The synthetic outsole with uniquely designed treads makes the Birkenstock Profi Birki non-skid, which means that your access to areas with the slippery floor sign such as close to the sinks is unlimited, making the footwear the best non-slip kitchen shoes.

The anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed removable design allows for a custom fit to suit your most comfortable shoe needs depending on the shape and width of your feet for a strenuous free experience all day long working in the restaurant kitchen. 

Birkenstock Profi Birki is super light on your feet, allowing you to make faster strides f faster service attending to customer orders in the restaurant kitchen.


100% Polyurethane

Anatomically Shaped Cork-Latex Footbed

Washable At Up To 30°c

Oil- And Grease-Resistant

Non-Slip Outsole


Original Birkenstock Footbed 


X Slightly inflexible forefoot

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6. LARNMERN Steel Toe Kitchen Shoes Men Waterproof Work Slip Oil Resistant

LARNMERN Kitchen Shoes’ convenient slip-on design eases entry, ensuring that you spend minimum time getting ready to fulfill customer orders at the kitchen restaurant as soon as they enter and settle at the restaurant.

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The leather uppers with waterproof features ensure that while you clean kitchen equipment and cause spills, your feet remain dry all day long, protecting you from odor and wet feet infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

The uppers are also easy to clean, allowing you a quick wipe which means you will appear presentable as you explain the contents of the buffet to tourists visiting the restaurant.

LARNMERN Kitchen shoe rubber outsole engraved with professional skid lines provides grippy traction making the footwear the best non-slip kitchen shoes.

The non-slip features mean that cooking operations run smoothly without the need to clean up every time there’s an oil spill for fear of falling.

The removable insole with breathable features provides your feet and especially your arch with the needed support to ensure you comfortably complete your tasks without tired feet at the end of your shift.

Additionally, the breathable feature ensures that sweat and moisture are quickly absorbed, enhancing dry and happy feet throughout the day of working at a restaurant kitchen.

LARNMERN Kitchen Shoes’ protective toe designed with anti-smashing features provides your feet with guaranteed protection against the falling steel spoons while preparing soup for customers at the restaurant kitchen.


Slip-on closure type

Rubber engraved SLIP RESISTANT outsole

Uppers made from waterproof leather material

Removable insole with breathable arch support

ASTM F2413-18 for impact and compression


X Uppers are not full-grain leather

7. LMQLZHYC Men’s and Women’s Restaurant Chef, Food Service Shoes

LMQLZHYC Chef Shoes stylish leather upper with soft and lightweight design comes with quick-drying, easy to clean features.

The easy-to-clean uppers ensure that you always appear neat and presentable enough to interact with guests and other hotel staff outside your workstation in the restaurant kitchen.

The upper is also designed waterproof maintaining feet dryness that ensures your feet remain refreshed just like they were at the beginning of your shift.

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Additionally, the upper is oil-proof which means you worry less over oil spills accessing your feet that may cause a slippery and uncomfortable experience as you prepare meals for clients at the restaurant kitchen.

The rubber outsole with treads makes the LMQLZHYC Chef Shoes the best non-slip kitchen shoes safe for use on the slippery oily surfaces around the restaurant kitchen due to the non-slip and oil-proof features.

The lightweight outsole is also flexible to bends and twists, which means that your movements are limited, which ultimately provides a fatigue-free experience while working at the restaurant kitchen.

LMQLZHYC Chef Shoes’ well-cushioned insoles with breathable features ensure that your feet remain comfortable as sweat is absorbed fast, promising dryness.

The seasonal adaptive shoes ensure that the ultra-breathable features wick away the sweat caused by the fire, and the velvet material ensures you remain warm even while gathering frozen products from the walk-in freezer.

The lace-up closure design gives the LMQLZHYC Chef Shoes a classical look which allows for multiple uses to enable you to move from your workstation to shop for ingredients for a recipe.

Which type of shoe is most recommended for working in restaurant kitchens?


✅ Lightweight, soft, breathable, and waterproof leather

✅ Quick-drying

✅ Ultra-light sole

✅ Non-slip, oil-proof rubber outsole

✅ Use breathable and sweat-wicking high-elastic insole.


X Slightly difficult deciding on  Not Waterproof and Ventilated / Waterproof and Not Ventilated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes should you not wear in the restaurant kitchen?

The shoes that you should not wear in the restaurant kitchen include:

X Sandals

X Slippers

X High heeled shoes

X Open toe shoes

X Fancy colored shoes away from black, white, and brown

X Smooth sole shoes with LITTLE traction

What are the possible consequences of wearing inappropriate footwear in a restaurant kitchen?

The most common consequences of wearing inappropriate footwear in a restaurant kitchen include;

1. Slipping, Sliding, and Sliding: Inappropriate kitchen shoes lack adequate traction or slip resistance, thus predisposing your feet to slide.

2. Job loss or Warning. Inappropriate shoes at the restaurant kitchen can lead to a stunning warning from your supervisor or losing your job due to transgression of appropriate footwear bylaws.

3. Scald accidents: Inappropriate kitchen shoes expose your foot to hot oils and soups, thus causing pain and discomfort.

Are Crocs suitable for working in a restaurant kitchen?

Crocs are suitable for working in a restaurant kitchen due to their easy-to-clean upper materials and quick-drying features that ensure you are always presentable when working.

In addition, Crocs feature an enclosed foot wraparound that protects your foot from scalding from hot oils and soups.

Furthermore, Crocs exhibit oil and slip-resistant outsoles to ensure that you never skid or slide when walking and washing oily, soapy, and slidy restaurant kitchen floors.

Also, crocs are lightweight and easy to slip on, thus ensuring a bulk-free experience when working and dashing across the restaurant kitchen space.

Therefore, for these reasons, many restaurant chefs wear Crocs to have a fun, comfortable, and safe working experience in the kitchen.

How long do restaurant kitchen shoes last?

Restaurant kitchen shoes last between 8 to 12 months when worn daily for 9-hour shifts.

Overall, restaurant shoes can last an average of 600,000 human steps without significant deformation, wearing, or tearing.

However, some pairs of restaurant kitchen shoes, especially those with rubber outsoles, show incredible durability of up to 800,000 steps lasting more than a year.

Can you wear high heels in a restaurant kitchen?

No. You cannot wear high heels in a restaurant kitchen due to their relatively imbalanced support and the less floor grip predisposing you to slip and skid.

Furthermore, high heels do not have a comfortable fit and adequate cushioning to make a painless and tireless experience for restaurant kitchen workers who have to stand all day.

Also, most heels lack shoe protection from hot soups, oils, and food spills; thus, your foot will likely suffer from scalding accidents in the restaurant kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 Clogs and Crocs Neria Pro were the overall best shoes for Restaurant Kitchen. These clogs feature an easy-to-clean upper with quick-drying technology to protect you from oil and soup spills.

These clogs are also slip-resistant and oil-resistant, allowing you to work confidently even on sloppy and wet floors while working at the kitchen restaurant.

Also, these clogs feature a relaxed fit with max cushioned padding to ensure that standing all day is hassle-free as a restaurant kitchen worker.