10 Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s in 2022

The best shoes for working at McDonald’s should offer exceptional slip resistance and maximum traction to give you a safe experience when working on the wet, oily, soapy, and sloppy kitchen and restaurant pavements and floors.

This way, you work with confidence improving your productivity.Best Shoes For Working At Mcdonald’s

Also, the best shoes to wear if you work at Mcdonald’s should be close-toed, black, have a professional look offer maximum protection from spills and splashes of hot soups, oils, and water. 

In addition, the best shoes to buy when you work at McDonald’s should have adequate cushioning to give you an ultimately comfortable, hassle-free working.

Therefore, you can work for 6 – 10 houses shifts without painful discomfort or bunion formation.

Furthermore, the best McDonald’s shoes should offer a relaxed and comfortable fit to give that perfect foothold. Also, the heel should be 2 inches and shooter to provide an ergonomic experience for restaurant tasks.

However, picking the right shoes for working at McDonald’s can be confusing and tedious. SneakerWagon presents 10 well-researched choices from hundreds of options within 6o hours of review and editorial work.

Let’s dive into the reviews…

Reviews for the best shoes for working at McDonald’s

Best shoes for chefs and food service staff at McDonald’s

1. Skechers Women’s Sure Track-warfell McDonald’s Food Service Shoes

Skechers Sure Track-Warfell is the overall best shoe for men working at McDonald’s as food servants and chefs.

These shoes strike a balance between giving you maximum comfort while working all day and complete protection from spills, thus allowing a hassle-free shift at McDonald’s.

overall best shoes for men working at McDonald’s View on Amazon

Skechers Sure Track-Warfell feature a 100% synthetic leather upper that is smooth and durable. This way, water, Oil, and soup spills flow downwards to ensure your foot does not soil.

Also, the high durability of this solid leather ensures that your shoes stay in good condition for a long time while working, serving food, or cooking at McDonald’s.

Skechers Sure Track Warfell are slip-on sneakers with easy entry to ensure you get ready for work quickly and hassle-free.

Skechers Sure Track Warfell is slip-resistant with a durable outsole that offers outstanding traction when working on wet and oily surfaces in McDonald’s kitchens and mopped floors. This way, you work with agility and confidence to ensure you are always productive and well protected.

The Air Cooled Memory Foam insole offers McDonald’s employees a mimic for their foot architecture to ensure long working periods without any pressure points or even bunion formation.

Also, the memory foam perfectly absorbs shock from your foot sole to give you a soft landing surface when making fast strides, standing the whole day, or even walking on hard floors.

Skechers Sure Track Warfell has Electrical Hazard protection (EH – ASTM F2412-05), offering a safe and protected design. This way, accidental faulty electric kitchen apparatus, and wet surfaces always find you protected from hazards.

One unique protective feature making Skechers Sure Track-Warfell the best work shoes for working at McDonald’s is the maximum protection through Protective leather toe and heel overlays.

This way, heavy kitchen equipment, sharp knives, cutlery, and cookey have no chance of injuring your foot or deforming the shoe form.

✅ 100% synthetic, high durable leather upper

✅ Slip-resistant outsole (ASTM F1677-96 tested)

✅ Oil resistant outsole for McDonald’s kitchen

✅ Electrical Hazard protection (ASTM F2412-05)

✅ 1-inch built-in heel (Fit for McDonald’s)

✅ Supportive shock absorbing FlexSole midsole

✅ Lightweight (8.25 oz. per shoe in a women’s size 8)


X Not waterproof

2. LARN SAFETY Waterproof McDonald’s Chef, Kitchen, Food Service Shoes Men Slip-On

At runners-up are the Larn Safety shoes that offer exceptional protection from accidental liquid spills, splashes, and pours. This way, your foot stays protected from hot soups, water, and oils. 

overall best shoes for women working at McDonald’s View on Amazon

Larn Safety shoes feature a waterproof leather upper that perfectly resists fluids from penetrating the fabric to offer your feet a dry experience. Liquids on the fabric’s surface slip away and do not soil the interior of the shoes giving you a comfortable experience.

Also, Larn Safety shoes allow you to always remain presentable as the food service staff at McDonald’s since they are easy to clean and quick to dry.

This way, cooking powders, and food residues do not easily stain the shoes and can be eliminated with just a single wipe using a damp cloth.

The rubber outsole is not only durable to keep your shoes in excellent working condition but also anti-slip to provide outstanding traction and avoid accidental falls.

The well-defined skid lines give constant traction to provide hard stops when braking and running across at McDonald’s workspace.

The Larn Safety shoes are lightweight shoes due to the presence of an EVA midsole. This way, your legs always feel nagless, allowing you to walk quickly, meet targets more efficiently and boost overall working productivity at Mcdonald’s.

Larn Safety shoes are an excellent choice for working and standing all day in long shifts due to the breathable arch support and the removable cushioned insole that ensures a hassle-free experience.


✅ Waterproof, leather upper

✅ Easy to clean and quick to dry

✅ Durable and anti-slip rubber outsole

✅ Lightweight shoes due to the presence of an EVA midsole

✅ Breathable arch support

✅ Cushioned insole


X Not for McDonald’s employees with wide fit

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3. New Balance Women’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe for McDonald’s

New Balance 626 V2 features a rubber outsole with nuts traction to keep you stable and safe when working on wet floors or mopping kitchen pavements.

Furthermore, the outsole offers heightened oil resistance with ASTM D471-16a compliance to ensure you can walk across cooking areas and oily surfaces in the kitchen and food preparation area.

Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s
View on Amazon

The outsole of the New Balance 626 V2 is Non-marking to ensure that your trail across McDonald’s working space remains untraced.

This way, whether you walk around the restaurant area while entering and exiting the kitchen, no marks are made on the tiled or wooden floors.

New Balance 626 V2 features a 100% leather upper that is durable and breathable. These shoes can thus wick away perspiration and foot moisture when working during busy and long shifts at McDonald’s.

The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch to give your feet excellent comfort when bending and putting pressure on your knees. This way, squatting, bending, and bowing seem hassle-free.

The compression-molded midsole perfectly absorbs shocks for running and jogging on tiled and concrete floors at McDonald’s.

This way, your foot sole does not hurt or feel extra fatigue when slapping your feet on the floor.

Furthermore, the internal shank provides additional foot support, and the Abzorb Crash Pad offers compression resistance to make your underfoot comfortable when twisting and moving laterally.


✅ Heightened oil resistance ( ASTM D471-16a compliant)

✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

✅ 100% leather upper

✅ Non-marking work shoes

✅ Compression-molded midsole

✅ Abzorb Crash Pad


X Not waterproof

4. LMQLZHYC Men’s and Women’s McDonald’s Chefs, Food Service Shoes

LMQLZHYC Food Service shoes come in two forms. One, the waterproof and not ventilated version is perfect for washing duties and in spaces where there is direct contact with oils and food spills.

Two, the breathable and not waterproof version offers ideal air circulation to make sure your foot remains dry regardless of the busyness or length of your shift or whether you are working in a hot environment.

Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s View on Amazon

LMQLZHYC Food Service shoes feature 100% synthetic leather that is durable and easy to clean to ensure you are always presentable and dirt debris easily washes away.

The rubber sole has a unique tread pattern for outstanding traction on wet ground. The outsole features elastic air cushions that allow forefoot flexibility to give you an easy time propelling forward, bending, or squatting at McDonald’s.

As a McDonald’s employee, you also need a lightweight shoe to make sure that you can stand, walk or jog the whole day without feeling overly fatigued, and LMQLZHYC Food Service shoes provide a lightweight upper for this experience.

LMQLZHYC Food Service shoes provide adequate cushion to ensure all-day comfort when having a busy day at McDonald’s.

In addition, the velvet interior keeps your feet warm during winter to rid of factors that can predispose your feet to arthritis.


✅ 100% synthetic leather upper 

✅ Lightweight and durable rubber outsole

✅ Oil-proof and slip-resistant outsole

✅ Version 1: Waterproof and not ventilated for wet and oily ground

✅ Version 2: Not waterproof and not ventilated for long shifts

✅ Velvet interior to keep warm

Electric shock-proof 


X The waterproof version has poor breathability for sweaty feet and the summer environment.

X The ventilated version does not keep feet dry upon splashes or spills.

5. Avia Avi-Union II Non-Slip Shoes for Women Working at McDonald’s Restaurants

At position 5, the Avia Avi-Union II is one of the most comfortable shoes for working at McDonald’s.

Avia Avi-Union II exhibits supreme traction to offer protection from skiddy floors due to the thick rubber outsole and the well-defined tread pattern for a firm grip.

This rubber outsole has well-designed grooves that resist water and oil accumulation while remaining non-marking to ensure your trial across McDonald’s is untraced.

Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s View on Amazon

The lightweight build coupled with the adequate cushioning allows  Waitresses, waiters, and chefs at McDonald’s to perform productively regardless of their shift’s length.

These features will enable McDonald’s employees to perform duties more efficiently with confidence without pressure and fatigue points on their feet.

The removable sock liner made of memory foam ergonomically mimics your foot’s nature to ensure a custom and relaxed fit while relieving pressure and compression on your foot sole.

Therefore, jogs, rams, strides, and sharp movements across McDonald’s working space are hassle-free.

The most significantly advantageous feature here installed by Avia on the Avia Avi-Union II is the deliberate dedication to shock absorption.

The compression-molded EVA midsole, anatomical heel cradle, and Avia’s Cantilever Technology aim to stabilize and center your heel and ensure outstanding cushioning and shock absorption.

Avia Avi-Union II exhibits superb water and stain resistance through the Scotchgard Defedneer treatment, which offers exceptional impermeability to ensure your feet are always dry.


✅ 100% Synthetic leather upper

✅ Durable anti-slip rubber outsole

✅ Non-marking, thick rubber outsole

✅ Removable, ergonomic, memory foam sock liner 

✅ Avia’s Cantilever Technology

✅ Compression-molded EVA midsole

✅ Anatomical heel cradle

✅ Scotchgard Defedneer treatment


X Removable outsole can come out when taking out the shoes quickly.

X Long shoelaces that may trip you down and require reactive tying

What kind of shoes should I get for a cashier position at McDonald’s?

6. HISEA Non-Slip Shoes for Women, McDonald’s Food Service Work Sneakers

HISEA Non-Slip Shoes for Women are yet an ideal choice for women employees working as cashiers at McDonald’s.

The shoes deliver exceptional slip resistance to your feet to ensure any consultation you have to make to the kitchen or wet ground is safe.

The slip resistance here is top-notch and meets the  ASTM F1677-05 to make sure you work in confidence.

Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s View on Amazon

The Shoelace enclosure gives a perfect wraparound to give you that comfortable foothold such that you are comfortable working for a long time at McDonald’s shifts.

HISEA Non-Slip Shoes for Women are water-resistant to ensure that a shift reshuffle from your cashier position to the foodservice section is hassle-free.

Also, the water resistance is beneficial to accidental spills when consulting in the kitchen about specific orders.

The water resistance here is top-notch through the special chemical coating of the upper that turns liquids into beads to drip away any soups or water splashes on your feet.

HISEA Non-Slip Shoes for Women are lightweight, weighing in only at 11.2 oz. This way, you can wear the shoes comfortably for the whole day at your cashier desk at McDonald’s.

Furthermore, HISEA Non-Slip Shoes for Women offers an anti-fatigue experience and expectations shock absorption through the flexible EVA midsole and removable foam insole.

This way, you can place your feet on a bar or stand the whole day without over-tiredness.

Also, the shoes are easy to clean with stain resistance, ensuring food spills and dirt do not clog on the fabric or outsole. Therefore, you remain decent and presentable throughout your shift.


✅ Exceptional slip resistance (ASTM F1677-05)

✅ Water resistance to drip way liquid spills when consulting in the kitchen

✅ Easy to clean and stain-resistant shoes

✅ Lightweight shoes for all-day anti-fatigue

✅ Flexible EVA midsole

✅ One Year Quality Assurance

✅ Breathable upper


X Narrow lace holes make it difficult when you want to change the shoelaces.

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7. Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II Non-Slip McDonald’s Food Service Work Shoes

Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II is an excellent choice for men cashiers at McDonald’s due to the striking balance between all-day comfort and an athletic design.

Best Shoes For Working At McDonald’s View on Amazon

The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch. This feature ensures your feet are always comfortable regardless of your sitting position.

This way, your feet do not hurt whether you have to bend, reach out to customers or even strain your knees.

Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II are slip-resistant to ensure that as a McDonald’s cashier, you never skid or slide on tiled floors or when you have to walk on mopped floors.

Also, these anti-slip features ensure you are compatible when you have to stand in for colleagues in the kitchen or food service departments.

Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II show exceptional breathability that excellently wick way perspiration making them ideal for cashiers with sweaty feet or those who work for long shifts.

Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II is easy to clean to ensure that you are always presentable to your boss and customers, thus securing your employment and promotion potential at McDonald’s.

These are some of the unsaid housekeeping criteria to retain and heighten your career at McDonald’s but are being revealed right here at SneakerWagon hub.

The lightweight nature due to perfect weight distribution ensures that your feet experience nagless and anti-fatigue feel.

Shoes for Crews Men’s Freestyle II are water-resistant to excellently repel liquids away from soaking on the upper’s fabric. 


✅ Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch 

✅ Slip-resistant

✅ Exceptional breathability

✅ Lightweight

✅ Water-resistant 

✅ Available In Wide for McDonald’s cashiers with wide feet


X The shoelaces loosen when working on busy shifts and require one additional tightening during the work shift.

Reviews for  2 best crocs for working at McDonald’s

8. Crocs Unisex-Adult On The Clock Clogs | Slip Resistant McDonald’s Work Shoes

Crocs On the Clock Clogs are the best clogs for McDonald’s employees and deliver both an easy to clean and waterproof experience while retaining top-notch cushioning and comfort for working all day.

best clogs for McDonald’s employees View on Amazon

On the Clock Clogs feature durable Thermoplastic Elastomers sole to resist wearing on rough kitchen floors and high use frequency. This way, your shoes stay in good condition for a long time without deforming.

On the Clock Clogs have a heel raised at 0.85”, making it a decent choice for McDonald’s employees with flat feet problems.

Also, this heel size is approved and compliant with McDonald’s footwear guidelines.

In addition, this heel has a specific role in providing smooth heel-to-toe transitions when making quick strides or grabbing tools at the kitchen.

These work crocs for working at McDonald’s ensure a perfect foot wraparound to ensure a comfortable kitchen and food service session.

This way, you can stand all day long without any discomfort or sole pain while maintaining a decent pace at your workplace.

The thermoplastic build allows for easy cleaning with just soap and water. Also, the material dries quickly to let you get ready for your next shift hassle-free. In the end, you are always decent and professional at McDonald’s.

On the Clock Clogs have ultimate slip resistance to ensure you never skid on wet, oily kitchen grounds and slidy tiled floors at the restaurant.


✅ Ultimate anti-slip outsole

✅ DurableThermoplastic Elastomers sole (4200 psi)

✅ Easy to clean and Quick dry

✅ Compliantly raised heel (0.85” < 2.0”)

✅ Relaxed foot fit and lockdown for long shifts

✅ Lightweight McDonald’s crocs (11 ounces)


X Takes slightly longer to break-in.

9. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Crocs Neria Pro II is the second-best crocs for working at McDonald’s. These shoes offer a 100% synthetic build that is waterproof to formidably protect your toes and foot from hot oil, water, and soups.

This way, you can work confidently in the kitchen and cooking areas.

best clogs for McDonald’s employees View on Amazon

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II features a Thermoplastic Elastomers outsole that exhibits exceptional traction and resilient durability to last a long time, even on rough floors.

The Neria Pro II has a heel rising at 1.2”, which is within the heel height requirement stated by McDonald’s.

This way, your feet are always comfortable without the risk of bruising your ankle, regardless of the busyness of your designated McDonald’s post.

Neria Pro II is breathable due to the Moisture Wicking Liner that ensures that sweaty feet and busy days or hot kitchen environments are not a problem.

Neria Pro II is easy to clean to ensure you are presentable throughout your shift at Mcdonald’s. Also, the footbed liner is washable to ensure that your feet are always fresh without foul smells and fungal growth.

The thick build ensures that you get adequate toe protection such that heavy objects and hot spills never get to the top of your foot, thus giving you maximum shoe protection.

This way, you can work more efficiently delivering orders with great agility.


✅ Slip Resistant outsole

✅ Waterproof and sweat-wicking upper

✅ Lightweight

✅ Easy to Clean

✅ Removable and washable Footbed


X Slightly high temperatures when working in a very hot kitchen environment

Best boots for working at McDonald’s

10. Reebok Men’s Sublite Cushion Tactical Boot for McDonald’s Restaurant

Lastly, we have the Reebok Sublite Tactical Boot that offers maximum protection of the areas above your ankle.

The shaft rises 5.5” from the arch, perfectly shielding any accidental spills, high-level mopping water, and hot splashes of liquids in the kitchen.

best BOOTS for McDonald’s employees View on Amazon

Reebok Sublite Tactical Boot features a 100% Textile and Synthetic upper to ensure utmost breathability and retains your foot dry and freshly smelling.

Reebok Sublite Tactical Boot has a rubber outsole with outstanding slip resistance to ensure you never slide on wet and oily surfaces in McDonald’s kitchens.

The Full-foot flex grooves aid in significantly improving forefoot mobility so that your jogging and running are smooth, helping you make quick strides and remain productive throughout the day at McDonald’s.


✅ Longlasting and extremely durable outsole

✅ Comfortable for long shifts

✅ Lighter than other work boots

✅ MemoryTech Massage footbed

✅ Lightweight Sublite foam midsole

✅ Ultimate flexibility and comfort for agile working


X Thin insoles that do not provide exceptional interior cushioning for employees with heel pain or flat feet

What kind of shoes should employees of Mcdonald’s wear? — Detailed Buying Guide

Table showing quick features required for smoothly working at McDonald’s

NO. McDonald’s Shoes Requirements Details


Slip resistance


Defined Tread Patterns (Not Groovy or shallow) to offer a firm grip




Shoe Enclosure


Substantially cover the toes, foot sole, ankle area, and heel. Avoid sandals and open toes




Low Heels


Maximum heel height of 2inches/ 5 cm. Avoid high heels.




Black and Professional Look


Avoid trainer looks and multicolored shoes




Good Condition


Durable Shoes ensure a good condition for a long time






Perfect cushioning, well


Black shoes for Mcdonald’s

The approved color for work shoes at McDonald’s is black. The sole material and the upper should show dark colors. The laces and tongue should also be black to extend this black color theme.

Professional look

Shoes for McDonald’s should exhibit a semi-professional look that shuns away from too much of a shoe trainer look or has fancy designs.

Comfortable shoes

The right shoe choice for working at McDonald’s should offer maximum comfort to enable you to work in those 6 -10 hours hassle-free.

Since you will spend the majority of your time standing, walking, or jogging, you need perfect cushioning in your shoes to ensure anti-fatigue features and flawless working.

Comfortable shoes mean:

  • Foam and springy midsole excellently absorbs shock from quick strides, hard floors, and sharp corners.
  • A well-padded interior, heel section, tongue, and toe box offer that perfect cushioning to ensure your natural foot movements are easy to make.
  • A comfortable footbed that mimics your foot architecture to ensure no unnecessary pressure points or pain spots.

Clean shoes in good condition

The best Mcdonald’s shoes should always be in good condition and clean. The two features that will ensure you achieve this standard at McDonald’s.

First, the shoes should be easy to clean, water, and spill-resistant to ensure that stains, oils, food spills, and soups do not spoil the aesthetic value of your shoes.

Second, the shoes should be durable and perfectly resist wearing against concrete floors, frequent use, and intense work shifts at Mcdonald’s.

This way, the shoes will remain in good condition for a long time regardless of the intensity of use.

Slip resistance

Shoes for working at McDonald’s should offer outstanding traction and a firm grip to ensure that you are safe when working on wet wash areas, oily kitchen floors, or even slopy stairs.

This way, you walk with confidence on mopped surfaces or when striding across the kitchen.

Unacceptable shoes for working at Mcdonald’s

Some of the unapproved shoes for working at McDonald’s include:

X Ballerina-style work shoes with a significantly low toe end.

X Open shoes such as flip flops and sandals

X Striped shoes

X High or pointed heels

X Open-toed shoes

X Smooth soled work shoes that lack outstanding traction.

These shoes won’t offer you maximum protection from skiddy floors and hot spills of oil or soups.

Also, these shoes will predispose you to accidental falls while reducing your productivity at McDonald’s.


Can you wear vans to work at McDonald’s?

Vans with open mesh uppers are not suitable for working at McDonald’s. Open mesh vans predispose your foot to injury from hot liquids, soup spills, and water splashes, thus making them unacceptable for McDonald’s.

Although vans can offer excellent breathability through the open mesh upper, there is 0% protection from liquids, oils, and splashes.

Only vans with a high degree of water resistance or water-repelling features can qualify as work shoes at McDonald’s.

Can I wear crocs to work at McDonald’s?

Yes, you can wear crocs to work at McDonald’s. Crocs are an excellent choice for the best shoes to wear when working at McDonald’s.

The anti-slip resistance and the waterproof features ensure you are always protected when working in the kitchen, restaurant, or food service sections.

Also, crocs are lightweight, breathable, and provide ample foot support to ensure a comfortable working experience.

Testing shoes for McDonald’s kitchen

How can I test if my shoes are suitable for work in a fast-food restaurant such as McDonald’s kitchen?

Testing if your shoes are suitable for working at McDonald’s requires that you put your shoes on 3 critical performance tests; traction, waterproof, and perspiration.

1. Traction test.

The best method to test traction and slip resistance for shoes for working at McDonald’s is the ASTM F2913 Slip Resistance Testing Method.

The ASTM F2913 Slip Resistance Testing is footwear compliance by companies manufacturing work shoes to work at McDonald’s.

If your pick claims to be  ASTM F2913 compliant, then the shoe has outstanding traction to withstand oily, soapy, sloppy, and wet ground.

Another method for testing traction is looking for defined treads, durable outsole, and heavy-duty tread patterns as part of your checklist is yet another test to ensure your shoes are fit for working at McDonald’s.

2. Waterproof testing.

Spill, pour or splash oily food, soups, or water on the upper of your shoes and see how much liquid leaks to your foot and if you can continue working comfortably.

If liquid completely soils your foot that you cannot continue performing well, the shoes are not perfect for working at McDonald’s.

3. Perspiration test.

Perform a quick training or wear the shoes for a significant amount of time such that your feet will undergo much sweat.

Your foot should have zero pressure points while at the same time leaving your foot dry. By wicking away sweat, your foot remains dry, offering perfect air circulation to rid away foul smells.

Where can I buy footwear for work at McDonald’s?

Amazon is the best place to buy footwear for work at Mcdonald’s. Whether you are wondering what are the best shoes for food service, kitchen chef, cashier, or even guard at McDonald’s, Amazon fulfills all your needs.

Amazon is the best place to buy footwear for work at McDonald’s due to the fast shipping, variety of colors and designs for a custom look, a massive volume of customer reviews for product authenticity, the wide price range for many budgets, and various brands.

However, finding the best work shoes for working at McDonald’s on Amazon can be tedious and confusing.

Therefore, SneakerWagon Hub went out of their way to present these well-researched picks for the best shoes for working at McDonald’s

Our Final Thoughts

Skechers Women’s Sure Track-warfell McDonald’s Food Service Shoes and LARN SAFETY Waterproof McDonald’s Chef, Kitchen, Food Service Shoes Men Slip On were the overall best shoes for working at McDonald’s in our review.

These two pairs show exceptional traction and slip resistance to protect every stride across the wet ground while giving you a proper cushion for working long shifts.

The shoes also offer a professional look and perfect fit to ensure that you confirm with McDonald’s standards.

Today’s article thus provides a great insight into our well-curated picks, plus tips and tricks on selecting the best work shoes for working at McDonald’s.