10 Best Shoes For Working At A Carwash in 2022

Best Shoes For Working At A Carwash

The best shoes for working at a carwash should feature a 100% waterproof upper membrane to excellently impede water penetration, thus keeping your feet dry all day long regardless of the intensity of splashes or the number of clients you serve.

In addition, the best shoes for car washing should show outstanding traction and slip resistance to ensure an always grippy experience when working on wet, soapy, and sloppy surfaces, thus preventing skids, slides, and falls.

Furthermore, the best work boots for car washing should have a shaft that rises adequately enough to shelter your feet from splashes, thus retaining your feet from water and cleaning agents.

Also, the best shoes for working at a car wash should have adequate cushioning to offer a relaxing experience and a comfortable fit to give you a nagless experience without pressure points on your toes or pain on your feet throughout the day.

However, not every waterproof shoe is perfect for car wash workers, and picking the best shoes for working at a carwash can be tedious and tiring.

SneakerWagon presents a research of well-filtered top picks for the best shoes for carwash work.

Let’s get into the reviews…

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Working At A Carwash

1. Muck Boots Chore Hi Carwash Boots

Muck Boots Chore Hi Carwash Boots are the overall best shoes for working at a carwash.

Muck Boots Chore Hi 100% waterproof feature protects your feet from contact with water ensuring your feet remain dry while washing the cars at the carwash.

best shoes for working at a carwash M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The 5mm neoprene booties secure your calf in place and ensure that your body maintains body heat even when you come in contact with water.

The air mesh-lined rubber upper makes the Muck Boots Chore Hi breathable, maintaining unrestricted airflow in and out of your feet, which keeps terrible odor and foot infections at bay.

Additionally, the upper is durable and easy to clean, making it easy for you to maintain neatness throughout the day.

The steel shank of the boot aids in reducing tension on your arches, calves, and knees ensuring you are comfortable all day long.

Additionally, the steel shank helps maintain balance on bumpy areas around the carwash area.

The most significant advantage is that the steel tank holds the boot’s shape, ensuring maximum use and actual value of your money.

Muck Boots Chore Hi reinforced Achilles support panel protects your feet from Achilles tendonitis and any other form of pain caused by standing all day cleaning vehicles at the carwash.

The treaded rubber outsole with diamond-textured toe provides your feet with ultimate slip-resistant qualities protecting you from potential falls caused by slippery surfaces caused by the soapy water used to clean automobiles.


✅ 100% waterproof construction upper fabric

✅ 5mm neoprene booties

✅ Air mesh-lined rubber upper

✅ Steel shank for balance

✅ Reinforced Achilles support panel

✅ Treaded rubber outsole

✅ Diamond-textured toe


X No half sizes available

2. Muck Boots Chore Classic Tall Rubber Work Boot for Car Wash work

At runners-up, we have the Muck Boots Chore Classic.

Muck Boots Chore Classic breathable air-mesh lined upper allows an unrestricted airflow throughout your feet, promising you dry feet at the end of a long day working at the car wash.

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The material used on the upper makes it easy to clean, making it easier for you to get them ready for subsequent use. The main advantage is that the upper is designed durable, ensuring a maximum return on your investment. 

A steel shank on the Muck Boots Chore Classic relieves tension on your arch and knees while at the same time providing your feet with the needed balance facilitating more confident strides around the carwash.

The 100% waterproof design gives you the freedom to comfortably clean cars at the car wash without paying attention to the water contacting your shoes. 

Muck Boots Chore Classic neoprene booties ensure your calf is safely secured in place while at the same time maintaining your natural feet temperature despite being in contact with water all day long at the carwash. 

The treaded rubber outsole makes the Muck Boots Chore Classic highly anti-slip, securing your feet in place in the small puddles and wet grass at the carwash.

This outsole protects you from falling, which might cause additional pain.


✅ Breathable air-mesh lined upper

✅ Accessible to clean, durable upper

✅ Steel shank

✅ 100% waterproof design

✅ Steel toe protection

✅ ASTM F2413-11 M I /75 C/75 Electrical Hazard Protection

✅ Comfort rated from subfreezing to 65 °F/18 °C


X Require long socks due to the plastic lining

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 3. Rugged Shark Men’s White Carwash Boots, Waterproof

At position 3, Rugged Shark Carwash Boots have a flexible vulcanized rubber material that makes it easy for car wash workers to move around freely and climb ladders to pick cleaning equipment from the highest shelves at the cleaning storage room. 

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The waterproof design guarantees car wash workers’ feet dryness, whether you are pre-soaking the car’s exterior or rinsing it.

This waterproof feature on the Rugged Shark Carwash Boots ensures that your feet are protected from water, allowing car washers to walk freely without the formation of bunions or any other form of discomfort. 

Rugged Shark Carwash Boots removable padded water-friendly interior footbed offers your feet the support it needs to walk around the carwash.

Furthermore, the exclusive Shark Teeth arch support feature aids relieve pressure from your back and joints while working at a carwash.

Also, the footbed design provides your feet with maximum comfort, allowing you the freedom to clean the car without applying pressure on certain parts of your feet. 

The pull-on design makes wearing it easy and quick, saving you the time spent getting ready.

The outside heel is equipped with a molded kick on the back that makes it easier for you to remove, getting rid of the burden that comes with eliminating shoes after a long and tiring day of vacuuming car interiors at the carwash. 

Rugged Shark Carwash Boots non-marking rubber outsole provides ultimate traction on the tiled wash areas or cabro pavings.


✅ SLIP RESISTANT Non-marking Rubber Sole

✅ Pull-On closure

✅ Super-dry WATERPROOF upper

✅ Removable Cushioned Water Friendly Interior Footbed

✅ Rubber Construction for Flexible Wear

✅ Exclusive Shark Teeth arch support

✅ Molded kicked on the back is for easy removal


X Not ideal for wide feet

4. HISEA Men’s Waterproof, Durable CarWash Work Boots

At position 4, HISEA Car Wash Work Boots stable feature consists of a corrosion-resistant rubber shell that enhances maximum use and prevents oil deterioration caused by oil leaking vehicles. 

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The reinforced rubber shell provides additional protection to your feet, especially your heel, arch, and toes. 

The 5mm neoprene and natural rubber upper provide your feet with maximum comfort and stability, ensuring every stride around the carwash is comfortable. 

HISEA Car Wash Work Boots are 100% waterproof, preventing water entry into your feet.

This way, your feet remain dry and refreshed throughout the car cleaning day. Additionally, the boot’s heat retention feature makes them suitable for use in all weathers, all year round. 

The air mesh lining on the upper makes the HISEA Car Wash Work Boots permeable, giving room for moisture and sweat to exit, maintaining dryness all around your feet while protecting your feet from Athlete’s Foot.

The podiatrist recommended memory foam insoles are antibacterial and odor-free technology equipped, ensuring your feet are protected from foot infections caused by wearing shoes for an extended period.

Additionally, the memory foam insole provides cushioning to each part of your feet, especially your arch.

HISEA Car Wash Work Boots rubber outsole anti-skid features provide you with a secure foothold on the wet floors while working at the carwash.


✅ High Traction, slip-resistant Rubber sole

100% Waterproof; 5mm neoprene and natural rubber upper

Breathable mesh lining

Completely sealed rubber shell

Reinforced heel, arch, and toe

Top-notch Durability


X Slightly heavy

5. TENGTA Unisex Waterproof Shoes for Car Wash Footwear

At position 5, TENGTA carwash shoes’ elastic neoprene mouth makes it easy for you to put on without causing pain to your toes and fingers.

The slip-on design with a looped collar facilitates a quick change to get you through the day with ease.

The elastic mouth also makes the shoes easy to remove after a long day of polishing vehicles at the carwash.

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The removable memory foam insole on the TENGTA carwash shoes waterproof qualities 

 aids in keeping your foot warm and dry, preventing your skin from becoming soft and susceptible to abrasions caused by walking around the car wash areas.

The natural rubber upper makes it easy to clean, making it easier for you to get them ready for subsequent use without taking too much time.

Additionally, the rubber design naturally repels debris, making it even easier for you to maintain a neat appearance while handing over a clients’ vehicle.

TENGTA carwash shoes’ natural rubber is amazingly designed to ensure that the upper does not crack when they stretch, making the boots flexible in every stride and long-lasting as well.

The powerfully built rubber outsole with a zig-zag design makes the TENGTA carwash shoes non-slip, allowing their use on wet puddles within the carwash.


✅ Comfortable and Flexible upper

✅ High traction, non-slip outsole

✅ Multifunction work shoes

✅ Easy on and off for quick outdoor work carwash

✅ Waterproof and easy cleaning exterior

✅ Integrated design of neoprene and natural rubber

✅ Removable memory foam insole


X Mid-cut design does not protect from huge water splashes.

6. EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” Men’s Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots for Car Wash work

At position 6, EverBoots Ultra Dry features a soft leather material that eliminates the break-in period.

This soft leather feature means that where it might take you a few weeks to feel comfortable in your new pair of shoes, the soft upper makes the boots comfortable for you immediately you put them on, getting rid of the need to remove your shoes while cleaning vehicles at the carwash.

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The waterproof leather and bootie use a Seal-Direct Attached Construction that provides a non-penetrative barrier for water molecules to access your feet. This way, you maintain dryness all day, putting blisters at bay.

The mesh insulated liner makes the EverBoots Ultra Dry air passable, which means that as more open-air gains access to your feet, sweat and moisture are quickly absorbed, leaving your feet happy and refreshed all day long.

The lining is also insulated to ensure your feet remain warm despite spending time in contact with water while at the carwash.

The PU removable insole offers your feet ultimate comfort with the option of using a custom insole to ensure a personalized fit. Moreso, ​a durable polyurethane midsole aids in relieving foot fatigue, promising you a comfortable fit all day long.

Equipped with speedy hooks and a back loop to ease the wearing process, EverBoots Ultra Dry allows you to get ready in time for motor cleaning at the carwash.

The lace-up closure system also facilitates a quick change together with a comfortable wraparound for more confident strides.

 EverBoots Ultra Dry is designed lightweight, making it easy for you to walk around the carwash areas without the extra bulk on your feet. 

The rubber outsole is diversely non-skid as it is both oil and abrasion-resistant, keeping you safe from potential falls at the carwash.


✅ Durable 100% Leather upper

✅ Waterproof leather and bootie

✅ Insulated lining 

✅ Break-In Free: Soft leather

✅ Lightweight Easy Wear

✅ Oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole


X Slightly instep- low arch

7. Georgia Boot Eagle One Waterproof Work Boots for working at a carwash

At position 7, Georgia Boot Eagle One’s full-grain SPR leather upper is durably designed both inside and out to ensure a return on your investment.

The upper also features a padded collar that enhances ankle support and individualistic lacing.

Additionally, the upper consists of a removable leather Comfort Cover which offers protection by doing away with the pinch point the tongue causes, ensuring your experience is painless.

best shoes for working at a carwash View on Amazon

Georgia Boot Eagle One comes equipped with dual functioning hardware with the option of hooks or eyelets that allows your feet a secure hold to the customized fit. 

 The Georgia Waterproof system prevents water from accessing your feet, thus ensuring they remain dry whether cleaning the glass windows or vacuuming the seats at the carwash.

The AMP memory foam footbed combined with a broad platform shovel shank ensures that the Georgia Boot Eagle.

One is supremely comfortable by providing smooth and stable landings in every little stride you take while working at the car wash. 

Georgia Boot Eagle One comes equipped with a rubber outsole that clutches the wet slippery car cleaning area to protect you from falls.

The outsole is also abrasion resistant which means that they do not wear quickly, allowing you maximum use without getting a new pair.

The heat-resistant outsole design ensures that your feet remain cool when cleaning cars outdoors during summer.


✅ Comfort Cover tongue protector

✅ Georgia waterproof membrane system

✅ 100% Leather upper; Full-grain SPR leather upper

✅ Rubber sole

✅ The shaft rises 6.5″ from arch

✅ High-performance mesh lining

✅ Combination eyelet/hook hardware


X None

8. Muck Boot Muckster Ll Men’s Rubber Garden Shoes

At position 8, Muck Boot Muckster Ll features flexible 4mm neoprene ensuring a snug contoured fit that provides your feet with optimum comfort while protecting you from blebs and chafing.

This way, you will be able to apply wax and clean car tires at the carwash without any discomfort and pain on your feet.

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The neoprene with high-grade rubber combined upper ensures a 100% waterproof feature that ensures your feet remain dry throughout the car cleaning process working at the carwash.

The upper is also equipped with heat retention properties that keep the cold out and retain the warmth around your feet. 

Muck Boot Muckster Ll curved Stretch-fit Comfort Topline improves your range of motion to enhance the proper mobility for your entire body.

Additionally, the topline snugs your calf in place to provide you with supreme warm comfort and, at the same time, prevent dirt access to your feet.

The air mesh-lined upper does away with humidity and sweat, allowing a free flow of air around your feet, preventing bad smells and foot infections.

The upper is also comfort rated from subfreezing to 65 °F/18 °C ensuring your feet maintain the desired temperatures all day long. 

The high-traction rubber outsole ensures the Muck Boot Muckster Ll provides a secure foothold on muddy and wet grass terrains.

The extended rubber exterior provides extra toughness protecting you from probable falls while working at the car wash. 

Muck Boot Muckster Ll slip-on feature with a wide mouth makes it easy to put on and remove, thanks to the pull-on tab.

Both your toes and fingers will be free from pain when putting the shoes on.


✅ Neoprene upper

✅ 4 mm neoprene upper for comfort and flexibility

High-traction, Durable rubber outsole

Shock absorption and heat retention

Waterproof construction

✅ The high-grade extended rubber exterior

Breathable Air Mesh lining


X Often requires you to go for one size higher

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9. CNSBOR Waterproof Ankle Car Wash Boots

At position 9, CNSBOR Ankle Car Wash Boot’s sturdy non-slip rubber outsole has clutches features that allow you to move with ease even on the most slippery surfaces such as tiled wet soapy floors in the car wash.

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The neoprene upper with extended rubber coverage facilitates more protection, comfort, and stability, allowing you the freedom to go about your day cleaning motors at the carwash. 

CNSBOR Ankle Car Wash Boots are designed waterproof to prohibit water from contact with your feet, maintaining dryness during the entire duration of use.

Additionally, the boots are designed to absorb shock protecting your feet from pain caused by rigid pavements and concrete floors.

Furthermore, CNSBOR Ankle Car Wash Boots come equipped with heat retention qualities ensuring your feet remain warm despite spending time in contact with cold water at the car wash.

The comfortable lined upper ensures your feet remain clean and dry as the accumulated sweat is quickly pulled away. 

The curved Stretch-fit Comfort topline aids in improving your range of motion to ensure you walk in your most relaxed state.

The top line also keeps debris from accessing your feet, maintaining cleanliness all day long.

CNSBOR Ankle Car Wash Boots’ pull-on design makes them easy to put on, ensuring you get ready on time to kick start your car cleaning duties at the car wash.


✅ Waterproof high-quality Rubber

✅ Comfortable lining

✅ Sturdy and non-slip outsole

✅ Stretch-fit Comfort topline

✅ Easy to slip-on


X None

10. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 MID Waterproof Car Washing Boot

Last but not least, Merrell Moab 2 are the overall best Merrell waterproof shoes for carwash work.

Merrell Moab 2 MID is equipped with M Select DRY to ensure that sweat and moisture have room for escape, maintaining dryness and freshness as you clean and polishing cars at the car wash.

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The suede leather upper provides the Merrell Moab 2 MID with a stylish finish ensuring that you look presentable as you attend to customer vehicles at the car wash.

The upper is also equipped with mesh fabric panels that allow for breathability, ensuring that your feet are protected from infections caused by wet feet.

Merrell Moab 2 MID comes with a bellows, closed-cell foam tongue that protects your feet from the pain that comes with tying the laces, ensuring you can freely fit the boots to a customized fit.

Additionally, the foam tongue aids in keeping the moisture, maintaining dryness and debris to ensure neatness.

The Merrell air-cushioned heel aids in shock absorption, ensuring that each stride taken at the carwash is painless.

Furthermore, the air-cushioned heel guarantees foot stability in every stride, which means you worry less about your landings. 

Merrell Moab 2 MID Vibram TC5+ outsole comes with a 5mm lug depth and provides the ultimate anti-skidding features, enough to grip the slick and wet surfaces at the carwash.


✅ 100% Suede Leather; Performance suede leather and mesh upper

✅ M Select DRY seal

✅ Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue

✅ Merrell air cushion in the heel

✅ Protective rubber toe cap

✅ Vibram TC5+ sole, 5mm lug depth

✅ Merrell M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA


X Lace system slightly tight

Final Thoughts

Muck Boots Chore Hi Carwash Boots and Muck Boots Chore Classic were the overall best shoes for working at a carwash.

These two pairs show exceptional waterproof upper and sole to protect your feet from the water when cleaning cars at a carwash.

The shoes offer a relaxed fit and calf protection, plus adequate cushioning to ensure your car wash work is hassle-free.

Also, these shoes have a rubber outsole with max traction to ensure that you never skid or slide when working on the wet and soapy ground at a carwash.