7 Best Shoes For Rappelling in 2022

The best shoes for rappelling must deliver outstanding traction through a rubber outsole that provides a stiff, consistent, and durable anti-skid experience. You can climb on hilly, sloppy, and smooth rocks confidently.best shoes for rappelling

Also, the best waterfall rappelling shoes should combine a quick-drying Climacool feature with an inbuilt water draining system that ensures your feet let go of water in your shoes quickly.

Thus, your rappelling expedition is a hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, the best shoes for rappelling ought to come with a springy and comfy EVA midsole that delivers comfortable springiness to not only propel you forward but give that comfortable compression.

Today, our podiatrists have prepared these seven choices for the best rappelling shoes to accurately inform you on the topmost suited footwear for rappelling.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Rappelling

1. Adidas Men’s Terrex CC Boat Parley

Terrex CC Voyager textile and synthetic upper combines a quick-drying Climacool feature with an inbuilt water draining system that ensures your feet let go of water in your shoes quickly making the climbing shoes the best waterfall rappelling shoes.

Best Shoes For Rappelling

M E N ‘ S

W O M E N ‘ S

The quick-drying feature is vital as your feet remain dry, allowing the climber to easily transition from waterfall rappelling to other light hikes at the canyon or caves.

Terrex CC Voyager bungee lacing system allows the climber a snug fit with an assurance of non-loosen laces allowing for an interrupted abseiling experience.

The lacing system also makes wearing the footwear easy, saving on time spent getting ready for descending the cliffs.

The EVA midsole makes the pair of extra footwear light on your feet, allowing you to descend the cliffs without the additional burden on your feet, which would lead to fatigue.

Furthermore, the EVA midsole provides excellent stability ensuring that all your landings while repelling or taking strides are safe.

Terrex CC Voyager’s stretchy tongue and heel ensure you remain comfortable all day long as your feet remain free of pain caused by tight-fitting shoes.

The stretchy feature allows you to bend your foot flexibly to maintain safety while making the vertical drop.

The rugged stealth Traxion rubber outsole guarantees protection from any form of slip-on surfaces such as rocky surfaces or wet muddy trails.


✅ Breathable and supportive Synthetic-and-mesh construction

✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ Convenient Lace-up closure

✅ Stretchy and cozy tongue and heel

✅ Hassle-free, Lightweight EVA midsole


X Sole marks floors. Only wear outdoors

2. SCARPA Men’s Helix Lace Rock Climbing Shoes for Trad and Sport Climbing

Scarpa Helix passive rand that oversees the performance of the footwear, especially in terms of durability, letting you wear the pair for rappelling on multiple occasions without the need to replace it.

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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Also, the rand ensures a comfortable fit allowing you to tackle the edges without causing foot stress.

The symmetrical profile matches your foot design, making it easier to descend through the cracks for a successful drop at the canyons.

Scarpa Helix comes with a Vibram XS Edge rubber outsole that provides stiff, consistent, and durable trifecta with excellent traction making the pair ideal for rappelling beginners as they quickly tackle the obstacles. 

The padded heel cup provides ample cushioning, which promotes a secure fit hugging your heel in place without causing pain to parts of your hindfoot while rappelling.

Scarpa Helix’s padded tongue protects your feet from pain caused by stuffing your feet into cracks making the pair the best shoes for rappelling.

The Scarpa climbing shoes’ to-the-toe lacing allows a faster and easier adjustable fit and also ensures that the shoes remain on your feet even after you overcome foot jams during the descent.

The strong suede uppers provide your feet maximum support by ensuring your feet stay in place eliminating unwanted foot movement ensuring you remain on course while going down or climbing the summits.


✅ classic lace-up design

✅ Padded Heel Cup

✅ Vibram XS Edge Rubber

✅ Symmetrical Profile

✅ Passive Rand


X Dyes your feet blue during the first few wears

3. SCARPA Women’s Origin Rock Climbing Shoes for Gym and Sport Climbing – Low-Volume, Women’s Specific Fit

Scarpa Origin vision thick rubber outsole ensures the footwear lasts a long time and also provides superior slip-resistant features that allow you to execute the different foot movements you need to improve footwork while rappelling.

The rubber outsole also feels sticky on your feet which is highly crucial in skating prevention.

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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The Pressure Absorbing Fit aids in pressure reduction on your hindfoot, especially the Achilles tendon, without compromising on the forward pressure, which means your feet remain agile and free of pain with every vertical drop down a cliff.

Scarpa Origin features a passive rand and flat-lasting construction that ensures you remain comfortable all day long for your rappelling trip eliminating fatigue on your feet.

Also, the rand enhances better shoe performance as you get to focus on other rappelling gear instead of your shoes. 

The narrow last and lower-volume heel cup promise ultimate comfort that best suits a climbing woman’s foot needs allowing for an all-day fit.

Scarpa Origin comes with a hook and loop closure system that features two adjustable straps that encourage a comfy custom fit.

The hook and loop closure also ensure the rappelling shoes eliminate the hazards of getting stuck on the rocks or branches while mountaineering.


✅ Vision (5mm) sole

✅ flat-last and only slight asymmetry

✅ lower-volume heel cup for a women’s-specific fit

✅ Pressure Absorbing Fit 

✅ Passive Rand


X Slightly tight fit and may require ordering a size higher for regular and wide feet

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4. Evolv Kronos Climbing Shoe

Evolv Kronos features the Synthratek VX synthetic upper that is vegan friendly and also fits your feet snugly for a comfortable experience throughout the walks and rappelling at the caves.

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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The slightly down-cambered technical toe profile makes it easier for hikers to easily maneuver through the cracks and small rocky edges for the perfect and effortless drop.

The toe profile also comes with protective material that protects your toes from pain caused by fitting your feet into small spaces during rappelling.

Evolv Kronos comes with an adjustable strap length that accommodates a variety of foot shapes without compromising on comfort.

The easy-to-tie strap also secures the shoes to your feet even after tackling the tightest foot jams.

The full-length midsole provides your feet with maximum support and comfort, ensuring that even after a long day of rappelling, your feet remain comfy and free of stress making the pair the best shoes for rappelling.

The Evolv climbing shoes come with a split tongue that provides maximum protection to your feet and also allows for ease of entry and removal as well, ensuring you get ready on time for your rappelling trip.

Evolv Kronos Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) system aids in pressure point reduction on certain foot areas and also promises longevity which means you get to enjoy rappelling severally before the need to replace with a new pair arises.

The TRAX® SAS technology used on the rock climbing shoes ensures maximum friction, making the pair highly stable on the rocky terrain down the cliffs.


✅ comfortable fit

✅ Non-compromised performance

✅ Conveneinet single buckle

✅ cinch-pull strap closure

✅ best flat-lasted technical all-around shoes

✅ Anatomically engineered parts


X Slightly tight for wide feet

5. Evolv Skyhawk Climbing Shoe

Evolv Skyhawk features laces for closure with synthetic overlays that work together in ensuring the shoes lock the foot in place, maintaining the perfect fit all day long for an uninterrupted experience of rappelling.

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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The narrower and lower volume shape best suits lady climbers as the climbing shoes provide a comfortable fit ensuring feet remain fatigued-free.

Evolv Skyhawk comes with a full-length midsole that provides maximum support and stability, which means that as you walk towards the cliff and set up anchors for the drop, you maintain smooth strides.

The Evolv climbing shoes’ unlined leather design promotes happy and healthier feet by ensuring breathability. There’s a free airflow throughout the feet, even during a hot day in the mountains.

Evolv Skyhawk comes with a molded Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) system that places the thinner rubber rand rubber in specific areas to reduce pressure points.

Thicker rubber is designed to ensure durability and the best footwork especially when bouldering.

Evolv Skyhawk TRAX® SAS lasts longer and provides maximum friction for stable landings while going down the clean.

The climbing shoe weighs 7.4 ounces which means that they are super light on the climber’s feet, allowing them to perform their best even on the crag.


✅ Durable and grippy rubber sole

✅ Supportive synthetic upper material

✅ Durable and intelligent leather lining

✅ Trax SAS rubber present


X Tricky shoe size requiring 1.5 sizes up

6. So iLL The New Zero

So iLL The New Zero synthetic upper, comfy synthetic interior hugs the foot in place, allowing maximum comfort as the thread used is super soft. The toe box feels line free, promising a comfortable fit throughout the rappelling activity. 

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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So iLL climbing shoes’ sensitive design enhances the best performance as climbers get to feel the surfaces to allow proper foot placement throughout the face.

The Dark Matter toe rubber connects with the rand by butting up together without overlapping, ensuring that hotspots are avoided during rappelling.

So iLL The New Zero downturned toe design allows the climbers to squeeze their feet through the cracks allowing them to maintain a stable hold down the cliff without causing foot cramps or stress.

The single strap hook and loop closure make it easy to wear the rappelling shoes and also allows the climbers the freedom to adjust the strap to their desired fit for a relaxing day.

Also, the hook and loop stay in place, preventing the risks of getting stuck on the rocks.

So iLL The New Zero comes with a seamless toe cap that protects your toes from pain caused by fitting your feet through the cracks to execute the perfect landing while rappelling.


✅ Traction Rubber sole

✅ Synthetic Upper & Comfy Synthetic Interior

✅ Durable Dark Matter Rubber

✅ Convenient Downturned Toe

✅ Single Strap Tightening

✅ Seamless Toe Cap


X None

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7. Adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex CC Voyager Aqua Walking Shoe

Terrex CC Voyager Aqua are the best shoes for waterfall rappelling as it comes with a breathable, quick-drying climacool® upper, which ensures there is free air circulation in and out your feet during the hot weather. 

Best Shoes For Rappelling

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The quick-drying aspect ensures that your feet remain dry a few moments after an encounter with water during water rappelling, promoting healthier feet, free of infections.

Terrex CC Voyager Aqua comes with a soft EVA frame upper that provides barefoot comfort promoting the natural agility of the feet for the best outcome while rappelling through a waterfall.

The stealth rubber outsole, specially designed to tackle water surfaces, provides amazing grip down the descent, allowing you canyoneer down the beautiful waterfalls without the hugely inconvenient slips.

Terrex CC Voyager Aqua midsole features a 360-degree cooling design that also works as a water drainage system for improved comfort and breathability, thus ensuring that your shoes remain light even if they are wet from waterfall rappelling.

The EVA footbed provides cushioning for comfort without compromising safety as it feels soft under the foot and harder on the outside, promoting the stability needed, and you bounce down the waterfall.

Terrex CC Voyager Aqua thin TPU welds protect your toes from pain you may encounter while crack climbing, making the pair the best shoes to wear rappelling for all types of weather all year round.


✅ Textile and Synthetic construction

✅ Durable Rubber sole

✅ Breathable Climacool open mesh upper

✅ Barefoot comfort for the best climbing experience

✅ Stealth rubber outsole

✅ 360-degree cooling

✅ TPU welds for toe protection


X Slight squeak


Rappelling is a fun and engaging activity. However, the footwear choice for rappelling is so critical that it can make or break your rappelling experience.

Today, we present Adidas Men’s Terrex CC Boat Parley and SCARPA Men’s Helix Lace Rock Climbing Shoes for Trad and Sport Climbing which are the best shoes for rappeling.

These shoes feature utmost comfort, outstanding traction, and rappeling-grade durability. We hope we have informed you and now you are in the know.