7 Best Shoes For Golf Caddies in 2022

What kind of shoes do professional golf caddies wear?

The best shoes for golf caddies should offer exceptional traction through a scientifically distributed lug system and elaborate slip-resistant outsole, thus protecting golf caddies from skidding, sliding, and bruising their feet in wet, sloppy, or grassy fairways.best shoes for caddying

In addition, the best shoes for golf caddying should offer maximum cushion through excellent support and padding, plus a responsive midsole that will enable all-day comfort when aiding in intense tournaments.

Also, the most comfortable golf shoes for caddies should be the best breathable golf shoes to ensure that foot moisture and perspiration are wicked away, thus retaining your feet to be fresh and dry.

Furthermore, the best lightweight shoes for golf caddying should give that deceptively light experience that ensures that each step is lag-free and hassle-free, thus enabling you to cover 18 hole sessions effortlessly.

However, finding the best and Comfiest golf shoes for golf caddies can be tiring and confusing.

Today, SneakerWagon presents a well-researched selection of the best picks to enable you to conform to the caddie footwear dress code. 

Reviews for the Best Shoes For Golf Caddies

1. Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Golf Caddying Running Shoes 

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Golf Caddying Running Shoes are the best shoes for golf caddies.

These shoes strike a balance between a new, modern, refined look and a high bar on performance and fit on the golf course.

overall best shoes for golf caddies M E N’ S

 W O M E N’ S

The rubber outsole is not only durable for 18 hole golf courses but also delivers exceptional traction to ensure you never skid on dew or irrigation water.

The firm grip of the aggressive tread patterns ensures that you walk smoothly on sloppy ground eleven during wet weather or early morning golf caddying.

Salomon Speedcross 5 has a precise foothold with an elastic lace closure system that guarantees golf caddies a relaxed fit and excellent wraparound.

Also, the Sensifit style ensures that your foot gets that skin and footwear blend to ease breaking in and eliminate pressure points when walking for long.

These features correspond well with golf caddies who work with fast-paced players or take on subsequent players without breaks.

The dynamic upper features flexible and breathable material to ensure that you can perform your golf caddying job for a long and achieve the desired comfort.

Thus, squatting, bending, and carrying heavy golf bags seem hassle-free, and your feet are always fresh and dry.

The midsole height has a 10mm drop to ensure a smooth heel-to-toe transition that conveniently enables you to make those fast strides across the golf course.

Also, this 10mm drop is significantly beneficial to golf caddies with flat feet.


✅ Durable rubber outsole with deep, sharp lugs for an improved traction

✅ Contagrip traction style

✅ Modern refined design

✅ Precise foothold with an elastic lace closure system

✅ Breathable dynamic upper

✅ 10mm drop-in midsole 

✅ Sensift installed


X Not waterproof and thus not fit for deep swampy roughs and fairways.

2. ON Running Shoes Cloudflyer 2021 – Golf Caddie Road Running Sneakers 

ON Running Shoes Cloudflyer 2021 are the best on cloud golf shoes for caddies. These beasts are built for long-distance caddying, making 18 hole sessions no fuss.

Best Shoes For Golf Caddies M E N’ S

  W O M E N’ S

ON Cloudflyer 2021 features ultimate stability to your foot through the zero-gravity foam midsole that exhibits excellent weight distribution. This way, every step is stress-free without nagging weight.

Furthermore, the zero-gravity foam allows golf caddies to enjoy extra comfort and coziness through the compression-resistant block and the dual-density sock liner.

Therefore, as a golf caddy, you never suffer from overfatigue or painful feet arising from fast strides, sharp direction changes, heavy golf bags, or even jogging.

The star lacing system gives golf caddies a precisely engineered fit custom to their natural foot movements; thus, your shoes never loosen or fidget even when having a busy session.

Also, golf caddies can have a smooth time when bending, squatting, or looking for balls in the bush when their feet must flex and arch.

The internal Speedboard and the  V-molded heel cap ensure that your foot sole and the back of your foot receive ample heel support and stability; thus, any walking or running across the golf course is comfortable and does not hurt.

These ON cloud golf shoes feature a 7mm midsole drip that is ideal for heel-to-toe transitions to aid in propelling you forward, stabilizing your feet to avoid bruising and achieving a perfect overall shoe weight distribution.

The upper features breathable textile mesh with exclusive airflow perforations to ensure your feet are always fresh and dry throughout your golf caddying job.


✅ Built for long-distance golf caddying

✅ Zero gravity foam

✅ Dual-density sock liner

✅ Star lacing system

✅ Internal Speedboard

✅ V-Molded heel cap

✅ Lightweight shoes weigh in at only 8.99 oz.


X Too long and thin laces are not suitable for golf caddies who prefer shoes with short shoelaces

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3. Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes for Caddies 

Do caddies wear golf shoes? Yes, caddies wear golf shoes. Golf shoes are an excellent choice for caddies due to the spike configuration, overall comfort, and professional look. 

shoes do professional golf caddies wear M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

At position 3, we have the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes for Caddies, an excellent choice for golf caddying looking for breathability, max cushion, and a lightweight design.

Adidas Tech Response features a synthetic mesh upper that excellently wicks away perspiration and foot moisture to ensure your foot is always dry.

Also, the perforations ensure that your feet always receive fresh airflow to rid of foul smells and fungi, thus retaining the health of your foot regardless of the busyness of your day while golf caddying.

The upper of the Adidas Tech Response is not only breathable but cushioned to provide excellent support to your foot, and natural movement seems hassle-free and comfortable throughout the 18 hole golf course.

The low-profile thintech midsole ensures that your foot receives adequate shock absorption when running and walking fast, even if your foot is closer to the ground.

This way, you can show up for work for the entire week without painful foot soles or ankle pain.

The upper features a durable and abrasion-resistant Adituff material thus, your shoes remain in good condition for a long time thus you are always presentable for work to your golf player client and the golf course.

These shoes are lightweight to ensure a nagless experience on each step thus, long periods of walking should not worry you when doing your golf caddying job.

The Soft EVA insole of the Adidas Tech Response ensures that your foot receives superb cushioning and heavy equipment, plus quickly successive golf caddying sessions are easy to execute.

The 6-spike configuration on the outsole provides the potential for including spikes that heighten available traction for your golf caddying job.

This way, wet grassy fairways, and recently irrigated golf greens are easy to walk on without sliding or skidding.


✅ Synthetic mesh upper, breathable, and cushioned

✅ Low profile thintech midsole

✅ Durable and abrasion-resistant Adituff material

✅ Lightweight

✅ Soft EVA insole 


X Not waterproof

4. Saucony Canyon Tr Golf Caddying Trail Running Shoe 

At position 4, Canyon Tr Trail Running Shoe from Saucony presents a dirt-friendly work shoe that is responsive for productive and comfortable golf caddying.

Best Shoes For Caddying M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Saucony Canyon Tr features a synthetic mesh upper that is highly breathable to ensure that your feet receive adequate cooling during summer and busy tournaments at the golf club.

This way, you always feel motivated and work in confidence without discomfort or smelly shoes.

Saucony Canyon Tr is made in the USA guaranteeing golf caddying well-manufactured work shoes that do not take any caveats to compromise quality, performance, or even compliance.

This way, you end up with shoes that fit the claims and serve you for a long time.

The synthetic sole of the Saucony Canyon Tr is less durable than the rubber outsole of other shoes but does a great job in providing the desired traction and ultimate foot stability.

To achieve this high traction, Saucony Canyon Tr implements low-profile lugs that provide massive off-road grip to ensure each step is well protected from sliding against different grass species from the tee area, fairway, or green zone.

In addition, the lugs are adequately spaced to ensure that you enjoy a smooth transition when walking on pavements, and changing terrains.

This way, you always have a smooth experience going through the entire 18 hole golf course.

The PWRRUN cushioning provides adequate softness to bring a smooth, cozy experience for golf courses with rough terrains, bridges, and many long holes.

This way, your foot receives responsiveness and springiness that allows you to walk around the golf course without too much pressure on your foot sole.


Breathable synthetic mesh upper

✅ Made in the USA

Versatile  low-profile lugs that provide massive off-road grip

✅ Dirt-friendly traction

PWRRUN cushioning 


X Not waterproof for heavy rains and deep waters

5. Nike Air Max Torch 4 for Golf Caddies 

At position 5, the Nike Air Max Torch 4 presents an excellent choice to golf caddies whose feet require additional support while simultaneously receiving max cushion and outstanding traction.

Best Shoes For Caddying M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Nike Air Max Torch 4 provides additional support for a more secure fit through the TPU overlays.

The TPU overlays provide exclusively targeted support to the entire foot architecture while being resilient and abrasion-resistant to ensure your shoes remain in good condition for a long time. 

This way, your shoes as a golf caddie ensure that you gain that comfortable experience yet stable walking experience. As such Nike Air Max Torch 4 is one of the most comfortable golf caddie shoes.

The breathable mesh upper is adequately perforated to ensure max airflow that not only cools your foot but also wicks away foot sweat.

Therefore, golf caddies can enjoy a stress-free experience when walking long distances and pulling heavy golf bags.

Also, busy weekends with many tournaments and clients ensure that your feet remain fresh with the Nike Air Max Torch 4.

The phylon midsole in the forefoot section of the foot ensures utmost cushioning such that quick strides, hard grassy spaces, and concrete pavements will NOT cause foot pain.

In addition, slapping your feet on the ground when jogging or running ensures that you have less fatigue experienced later when having your break.

The phylon midsole and the mesh upper create a lightweight build to ensure that each step feels deceptively light and that you can walk for long across the golf course or range area.

Under the heel, the Visible Max Air unit provides max cushioning to ensure that your foot has a smooth experience when naturally moving, bending, or even squatting.

Also, this cushioning eliminates the chances of bunion formation or heel pain.

The Waffle fill outsole shows exceptional durability and outstanding traction to different turfgrass species, even artificial grass.


✅ Additional support for a more secure fit through the TPU overlays

✅ Breathable mesh upper

✅ Phylon midsole

✅ Midsole and the mesh upper create a lightweight build

✅ Visible Max Air unit under the heel provides max cushioning

✅ Durable Waffle fill sole


X Not waterproof for deep water and heavy rains during golf caddying

6. Columbia Vitesse Outdry Hiking Shoes for Golf Caddying 

At position 6, Columbia Vitesse Outdry Hiking Shoes are the best waterproof shoes for Golf Caddying.

The shoes feature a waterproof design that impedes irrigation water due to heavy rains from accessing your foot. This way, your feet remain dry when carrying out your golf caddying job throughout the year.

Best Shoes For Caddying M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Columbia Vitesse Outdry features a rubber outsole with the Omni-Grip technology that ensures your feet achieve a firm grip on many surfaces.

This way, golf caddies can enjoy a smooth working experience when walking on grass fairways, striding across the clubhouse, or resting on a bridge or deck. Also, ongoing wet weather and rain overflow do not distract movement.

The advanced ultralight midsole technology not only ensures an overall lightweight design but also creates responsive work shoes with high return thus smoothening your adventure in your golf caddying job.

Therefore, all-day golf caddying and long training sessions are stress-free without causing over fatigue to your feet.

The Outdry membrane of the upper perfectly impedes moisture and water splashes through the seam-sealed waterproof membrane. Therefore, even muddy water has no chance of soiling your feet.

The shaft also rises approximately low-top from the arch to ensure that splashes from landing balls or sprinkler irrigation in the fairway do not access your shoes’ interior.

Columbia Vitesse Outdry features a nimble performance to exhibit agility and prompt responsiveness.

Thus, golf caddies gain that propulsion forward, accurate dashing, and powerful strides through the golf tournament to bring out a productive and professional golf caddie.


✅ Omni-Grip technology for ultimate traction

✅ Advanced ultralight midsole technology 

✅ Durable rubber outsole

✅ Outdry waterproof membrane of the upper

✅ The shaft also rises approximately low-top from arch


X Runs narrow for golf caddies with wide feet or those who wear thick socks.

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7. CAMELSPORTS Women’s Hiking Sneakers for Golf Caddie Trekking and Walking

Last but not least, CamelSports Hiking Sneakers offer a wide fit for golf caddies with painful feet or those who require a roomier toe box for their taste.

This wide fit ensures perfect compatibility with golf caddies with bunions, hammertoes, or even plater warts.

Best Shoes For Golf Caddies View on Amazon

Due to the wide fit of these Hiking Sneakers, CamelSports advocates cross-checking the size chart keenly to ensure you get that relaxed fit for your foot dimensions. SneakerWagon recommends products with this information.

The rubber outsole is durable to ensure that your shoes remain in excellent working condition regardless of the frequency of use and the roughness of the terrain in your designated golf course.

The traction of the CamelSports Hiking Sneakers is exceptional due to the scientifically distributed anti-slip lugs.

These lugs and the maximum cushioning midsole ensure utmost stability when jogging, thus eliminating the risk of injury on your golf caddying job.

CamelSports Hiking Sneakers feature a breathable upper due to the sufficiently knitted mesh fabric that keeps your feet cool and fresh throughout summer sessions and successive tournaments.

Therefore, sweat and ordinary foot moisture do not get in the way of giving you all-day comfort while golf caddying.

The upper materials are not only fashionable for a matching design but also provide excellent water resistance to repel away dew, irrigation water and allow you to have a comfortable experience throughout the entirety of your golf caddying experience.

Furthermore, the inner membrane is waterproof thus ensuring no moisture accesses the interior of your shoe. This with a water-repelling outer and waterproof membrane, your feet are always secure from soaking.


✅ A wide fit for those with wide feet, bunions, hammertoes, etc

✅ Durable rubber outsole

Size charting information available

✅ Rubber sole

✅ Water-resistant upper and waterproof inner 

✅ Scientifically distributed anti-slip lugs


X Require careful size matching

Final Thoughts

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Golf Caddying Running Shoes and ON Running Shoes Cloudflyer 2021 – Golf Caddie Road Running Sneakers were the overall best shoes for golf caddies.

These two shoes offer excellent cushioning for all-day comfort while ensuring that you always have that anti-slip protection.

Also, the lightweight build and the breathability mean that you will have a nagless experience and dry, fresh feet to smoothen your day and golf tournaments.

Thus, these shoes are the most comfortable for golf caddying and present a striking balance between all protective features and an excellent athletic design.