7 Best Shoes For Basketball Referees 2021

The best shoes for basketball referees should come with a mesh upper which has venting holes to encourage sweat perspiration, hence keep your foot dry and comfortable when referring a basketball match.

These shoes should also come with rubber outsole for outstanding traction and comfort on hardwood, acrylic   and asphalt indoor outdoor basketball court flooring material.

Good shoes for basketball referee so as to offer additional foot cushion and also to keep referees feet are free from ankle or knee pain, should come with a Textile upper which is complemented by an ankle collar which is padded.

Regardless of whether you are an NBA , middle school or  elementally school  basketball referee we are certain that from our review  below you will definitely  land a  basketball referees shoe brands  matches your interests.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Basketball Referee In 2020

1.Smitty | Bks-Sc1 | Black | Professional/Official’s Court Shoe For Basketball Referee

At our position one find professional official’s court shoe from Smitty as our editors pick of Best men’s black basketball referee shoes for wide feet on our post. It comes with low-cut design as a result expects a smooth ride which is also free from ankle and a knee pain.

Best men's black basketball referee shoes for wide feet View on Amazon

By also featuring a traditional lace up technology this Smitty black shoes is compatible with basketball referees with both wide and flat feet.  Beside the rubber outsole this beast also comes with a breathable upper which allows your foot to have access to fresh air when refereeing basketball match.

Congrats to Smitty for including lace u closure which is complemented by a padded collar, as a result it guarantees you to enjoy personalized fit. On the other hand by coming with a rubber outsole Smitty black shoes to referee basketball shoes are not only light in weight but also offers shock and impact free ride on different basketball court flooring.

Finally, the manufacture of these Smitty basketball referee shoes went out of their way to feature a slightly wide shoes box. Due to this reason, Smitty is compatible with basketball referee with either hammertoes or big toe arthritis as it offers enough relaxing space. It is also good to note the   Dri-Lex moisture-wicking shoes lining is equally important as it ensure that basketball referee feet will remain to be 100% sweat free.

  • Non-marking outsole
  • Anti-slip & wear-resistant
  • Double tpu support device
  • 100% Leather
  • moisture-wicking lining
  • Flexible rubber
  • None

2.New Balance Bb610bp Basketball Referee Shoes

Second on our list find the BB610BP patent leather footwear as our best new balance shoes for basketball referee of all time as it is both comfortable and 100% durable. it comes with a  reasonable Boot 3 inches boot opening  which makes it to be compatible basketball referees with flat and wide feet.

best new balance shoes for basketball referee of all time View on Amazon

Interestingly new balance hand basketball referee user experience in mind by using a natural rubber as the outsole. Therefore, for New Balance BB610BP offers quality   durability and traction and by enhancing a non-slip and shock free ride.

In the second place New Balance BB610BP   features an Antisollision toe  technology  as  a result this  pair ensures  that  basketball referees  feet are  100% free from colliding with   the  shoes outside materials and also effectively protect  their  feet from possible blister and bruises conditions.

Last but not least  by coming with  an anti-compression insole design  managed to take  out top position o fashionable sneakers to referee  in as it is compatible with  both  outdoor and indoor  basketball activities.

  • EVA midsole
  • Features a flexible Rubber sole
  • Quality shock absorption technology
  • 100% flexible
  • Woven mesh upper
  • None

3.Hoka One One Women’s Clifton 7 Running Shoes

Moving on find   Clifton 7 as from HOKA ONE ONE as our best jumping women’s referee shoes for basketball here at sneaker wagon.  Also, Clifton 7   was also found to be the good basketball referee shoes for ankle support as it comes with a padded lining which is complemented by a powerful heel counter.

best jumping women’s referee shoes for basketball View on Amazon

Without a doubt   the upper of this pair comes with molded textile design. As a result it enhances both comfort and foot breathability regardless of whether you are a woman NBA or NFL basketball referee. Furthermore, it   also takes up a half bootie lining option. Due to this reason  Clifton 7 offer   your  secure fit  while  ensuring  keeping  ankles ways from possible pain  arising from blister  or bruises .

Not  only  does the  EVA sock liner which  takes up a Die cut design    offer underfoot cushioning but also  creates  a shock and an impact free  landing  platform for  basketball referees when  explaining  what a double dribble is to NBA or NFL expert or beginners players.

Lastly, it features a Dual density -external heel counter technology. As a result, Clifton 7 professionally hugs basketball referees foot thus offering additionally foot comfort and stability. It is also good to note that the rubber outsole deign of this beast offers quality performance which is 100% abrasion-resistant either when refereeing indoor or outdoor basketball.

Have in mind that  Clifton 7  is  also   the  only pair which is compatible with women  with wide feet  referring  outdoor basketball  as  it feature a wide toe  box. Due to this reason, Clifton 7   is compatible with different brands of basketball referee shocks.

  • Durable
  • Deep flex grooves
  • Offers ankle support
  • textured overlay
  • Comes with a lace up closure
  • Eliminates heel slippage
  • Wide toe box
  • Sizing runs big

4.3n2 Reaction Referee Basketball Shoe – Patent Leather – Ee – Wide Width

Fourth on our review find 3N2 Reaction as the overall best flat feet Patent Leather shoes to referee basketball in this season on our review. By coming with Patent Genuine Leather Upper, 3N2 Reaction is not only durable but also offers basketball referees toe protection form injury.

best flat feet Patent Leather shoes to referee basketball View on Amazon

Generally speaking, the 3N2 Reaction is compatible with both indoor and outdoor basketball referees as the rubber sole offer an anti-skid ride which is also 100% free from shock and impact. On the other hand it comes with a 100% thick outsole. As a result, it guarantees basketball referees a deep traction on either indoors or outdoors courts.

Absolutely, by coming with an integrated weaving which is of High-quality material origin   3N2 Reaction professionally reduces overall foot discomfort by offering a comfortable foot landing platform.

Unquestionably, 3N2 Reaction features a hollow outsole technology thus it ensures that your feet have access arch support and optimal shock absorption when carrying out various referees roles and responsibilities in basketball.

  • Enhances foot breathability
  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • Wear-resistant rubber outsole
  • Compatible with wide and narrow feet
  • Padded upper
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Weighs more
  • Sizing runs big

5.Nike Men’s Air Referee Monarch Iv Cross Trainer

The Monarch IV Cross Trainer was our best Nike black basketball referee shoes on this post. Interestingly, it feature a wide toe box which creates enough space for this pair to be compatible with compression socks for basketball referee such as

best Nike black basketball referee shoes View on Amazon

With a doubt the horizontal and vertical flex grooves technology of this new balance ensures that basketball referee feet are 100% flexible in all directions. It should also be noted that the memory foam option guarantee a cool fit regardless of your foot shape or size.

Along  with  the  Blade rubber outsole  this  pair  also comes with p[added tongue  deign  which ensures  that  it enhances  overall foot comfort as well  as wear-resistant ability. In addition the breathable perforated upper is equally important as it enhances NBA basketball referees foot breathability.

Clearly, by coming with a Shaft option which only measures mid-top approximately from arch this pair guarantees you a smooth ride which is free from possible ankle and knee pair. What is more exiting is that the rubber sole also protects basketball referees from experiencing back pain by naturalizing all the pressure generated when running up and down.

  • Padded color
  • fashionable and trendy
  • High top shoes style
  • Rubber outsole
  • Offers quality traction and durability
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Weights which is more than expected

6.Under Armour Men’s Hovr Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe

Hovr havoc 2 from under armour   part from taking our fifth position o also managed to be our editors pick of best referee shoes for basketball officials in the world.  It takes up a half bootie lining design, therefore it guarantee you a secure fit while keeping your ankles free from pain.

best referee shoes for basketball officials View on Amazon

Undoubtedly, presence of a traditional tongue deign encourages entry mid-top ease .while padded collar design on the hand ensures that basketball referee officials feet are 100% comfortable and containment.

Moving on to the  next feature, hovr havoc 2 was  found  to be the types of  shoes  which  Nba basketball referees wear as they  have an Eva sock liner which  offers  their underfoot with  underfoot unforgettable  arch support and cushioning ability.

Another amazing thing is that    hovr havoc 2 shoes for refereeing basket from Under Armour comes with textile upper which is 100% molded. Due to this reason, expect to enjoy a shock and pressure free movement as it enhances both comfort and   overall breathability when foreseeing basketball match either during summer or winter.

  • Traditional padded tongue
  • Lace up closure
  • Features a prominent heel counter
  • Soft shoes lining
  • wear-resistant synthetic sole
  • breathable upper
  • EVA midsole option
  • None

7.Nike Men’s Air Referee Monarch Iv Cross Trainer Review

Are you wondering what shoes do NFL basketball referees wear? Or just after a pair of shoes which is compatible with either middle, elementally school to   NBA referees? Well, then Monarch IV Cross Trainer from Nike was the best shin splints women shoes for basketball referees on the market today.

best shin splints women shoes for basketball referees View on Amazon

One the other hand it feature quarter panel are 100% engineered. Due to this reason, Monarch IV Cross Trainer promotes a multi-directional traction on different basket court flooring materials.it comes with a mesh tongue  design as a result , it professionally enhances  foot  air circulation.

Undoubtedly the traditional Closure type is both easy to tighten and untighten as it takes up a lace up technology. Moreover , it features  a natural rubber sole options which does not only offer a stable  ground grip but also enhances a  non-slip ride while at the same time enhancing wear-resistant ability.

Last but not least, Monarch Iv Cross Trainer from Nike is unconditionally ultra-light as it feature a mesh upper and rubber outsole. It is also good to mention that Nike  air  basketball referee shoes  has a padded tongue option to promote a comfortable fit in women and men with wide and flat feet.

  • Breathable upper
  • Patent Genuine Leather
  • Has a padded tongue
  • Non Marking Rubber Sole
  • Fashionable and trendy
  • Offers a non-slip grip
  • None


The zing pulse patent leather from reebok and the BKS-SC1 Black Professional Official’s Court Shoe from Smitty were the two Best shoes for basketball referees currently available one the market today. The two pair of footwear comes with  a neural  rubber outsole  design  which  offers outstanding comfort  and  traction when  referring  indoor  or outdoor basketball either.

Moreover  it comes  with an    adaptive EVA midsole technology which together with  a breathable  upper  material  which is Super soft  these  shoes to referee a  basketball  offer your   underfoot extra  arch  support and  cushioning by promoting  non-skid ride  on different  basketball court flooring material’s.


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