7 Best Shoes For Butchers in 2022 – Picked By Real Butchers

The best shoes for butchers must provide a max cushioned interior and SHOCK ABSORBING footbed and outsole to ensure that you can work while standing all day smoothly. Thus, butchers can work extended shift hours.Best Shoes For Butchers

Furthermore, the best work shoes for butchers should exhibit waterproof or water resistance uppers to repel blood spills and water splashes at the butchery. Therefore, butcher’s shoes can remain dry for the entire shift.

In addition, the best shoes for butchers should offer not only exceptional durability but also deliver maximum toe protection such that your slaughterhouse butcher work boots last you long and protect you from falling knives, heavy bones, and huge meat chunks.

Also, good butcher shoes should offer adequate slip resistance to make your work confidently in bloody, soapy, and wet slaughterhouse floors.

Thus, quick dashes when grabbing tools and carrying huge meat chunks are hassle-free processes.

Reviews for the best shoes for butchers

1. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Butcher Boot

Red Wing Heritage is the overall best shoe for butchers. These beasts will not only give you a smooth time slaughtering animals in the abattoir while standing all day but also protect your foot from bones, meat chunks, and blood.

best shoes for butchers

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The upper of the Red Wing Heritage is 100% leather with exceptional durability and all made in the USA to increase credibility and build quality standards.

These boots deliver unquestionable quality to give an economic advantage to butchers working for long hours.

The rubber sole provides a firm grip on the slaughterhouse floors that are often bloody and wet, thus protecting you from skidding and falling.

Therefore, butchers can dash to grab knives and walk around across the slaughterhouse confidently.

The most significant advantage here again is the ultimate durability offered within an Iron Ranger Lug boot, making it tough to withstand wear for a long time.

This toughness is made possible by the Premium full-grain, burnished leather uppers coupled with contrast stitching and reinforced cap toe.

The Traditional lace-up closure system offers a speed hook closure to offer secure and comfortable wear.

This way, your foot is perfectly hugged with a relaxed and comfortable fit allowing you to slaughter many animals, cut meat smoothly and package steak.

Red Wing Heritage has a breathable Soft leather lining that naturally wicks away foot moisture and sweat to ensure your feet remain fresh, cool, and dry.

Therefore, Red Wing Heritage is one of the most comfortable work shoes for butchers having busy days and those with sweaty feet.

The Red Wing Heritage has an excellent weight distribution at only 1 lb 6 oz (Size 9). This weight ensures an anti-fatigue experience to ensure that walking for long never over-tire or nags your feet.


✅ Iron Ranger Lug Boot

✅ 100% Premium Full-Grain, Burnished Leather Upper

✅ Contrast Stitching And Reinforced Cap Toe

✅ Lace-Up Closure With Speed Hook Closure

✅ Breathable Soft Leather Lining

✅ Goodyear Welt Construction

✅ Double Grip Nitrile Cork Outsole


X Requires slight break-in

 2. Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Butcher Work Boot

At position 2, Danner Bull Run is 100% leather and perfectly shields your foot from damage from slaughterhouse debris making these boots the second most comfortable safety boots for butchers.

best shoes for butchers

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

To heighten this safety to butchers’ feet, Danner Bull Run includes Handcrafted, stitch-down construction to deliver outstanding strength and stability.

Danner Bull Run comes in a Moc toe design with contrasting stitches to ensure a tough design for long working hours and to serve you well for the whole year at your slaughtering job.

Therefore, butchers get an excellent value for money with a boot built for butcher chores and with outstanding durability.

The Cushioning open-cell OrthoLite footbed in the Danner Bull Run provides a soft landing surface when dashing and jogging across the abattoir.

This cushioned footbed eliminates foot pain from your feet slapping against concrete floors.

The steel shank in the Danner Bull Run is perfect for butchers to offer excellent foot support, thus maintaining a proper foot stance. This way, a butcher can carry heavy chunks of beef hassle-free and move around the chopping table smoothly.

The Danner Bull Run comes with an exceptional outsole. The outsole features the Danner Wedge design with a non-marking capability to ensure that you never mark smooth and tiled floors.

In addition, the outsole is oil-and-slip-resistant thus protecting you from skidding and sliding when working on wet and bloody floors.

Furthermore, this outsole is also an Electrical hazard protected ASTM F2892-11 EH to prevent electrical shock, thus allowing you a safe workspace when working with electronic meat cutters whose connection could be loose.

The Danner Bull Run is made in the USA, heightening the quality and credibility of the materials used. This way, you are assured of top-notch quality with no compromise on build craftsmanship.


✅ Made in the USA

✅ Moc Toe Design With Contrasting Stitch

✅ Cushioning Open-Cell Ortholite Footbed

✅ Included Steel Shank

✅ Handcrafted, Stitchdown Construction For Strength And Stability

✅ Non-Marking, Oil-And-Slip-Resistant Outsole

✅ Electrical hazard protection ASTM F2892-11 EH


X Not fully moisture resistant

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3. Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Steel Toe Boots For Butcher

At position 3, Thorogood American Heritage is a keenly developed safety work boot for butchers. These boots are made in the USA by dedicated craftspeople who are at the peak of their shoe design careers at Thorogood’s Wisconsin plant.

best shoes for butchers

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The Oil Tanned Full Grain Leather of the Thorogood American Heritage ensures that butchers are getting a hardy boot capable of withstanding long hours of cutting meat without tearing.

Thus, durability is top-notch to ensure your work is smooth without having to replace your boots.

Furthermore, the Thorogood American Heritage offers a breathable experience to ensure that your foot enjoys proper air circulation to rid of foul smells and freshen your feet.

In addition, the steel toe prediction offers maximum toe housing to ensure that falling knives and machetes never harm your feet.

Also, falling bones and meat chunks at the slaughterhouse are not problematic given the perfect shelter of the steel toe protection.

While offering steel toe protection, Thorogood American Heritage also remains light and flexible. This way, butchers can walk smoothly for long, slaughter many animals, and prepare more meat flawlessly without feeling overfatigue.

The MAXWEAR Wedge outsole of the Thorogood American Heritage is a Slip-Resistant Traction Outsole to offer anti-skid technology. The outsole flexes to give ultimate forefoot flexibility thus eliminating the rigidity of normal boots.

The Thorogood American Heritage perfectly absorbs shock when carrying heavy meat chunks and when suspending lambs.

The REMOVABLE ULTIMATE SHOCK ABSORPTION FOOTBED is key to butchers’ feet for Thorogood’s dual-density cushioning. These insoles use air-permeable open cells that both resist moisture and absorb shock.


✅ American Made

✅ Oil-Tanned Full-Grain Leather

✅ Astm F2413-18 Safety-Toe Protection

✅ Maxwear Wedge Slip-Resistant Traction Outsole 

✅ Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed

✅ Fiberglass Shank Construction

✅ Goodyear Welt Construction


X Slightly loose in the heel

4. WOLVERINE Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 10″ Steel Toe Work Boots for Butchers

At position 4, WOLVERINE Floorhand is yet another good and comfortable butcher boot.

The 100% Leather constructions offer durable and safe foot housing to ensure the butcher’s feet are well protected from blood spills and slaughterhouse water.

best shoes for butchers

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In addition, the Shaft measures approximately 10.75″ from the arch which perfectly shields the foot from the ankle upwards thus, huge water spills from cleaning carcasses.

Thus regardless of the intensity of the washing at the abattoir or the number of animals for slaughter, your slaughtering experience is smooth without your feet being soggy.

The heel of the WOLVERINE Floorhand measures approximately 1.75″, which is sufficient to offer a smooth heel-to-toe transition when squatting and bending at the slaughterhouse.

Thus butchers can reach out to meat crates smoothly without foot pain and overfatigue.

The most significant advantage of the leather upper is the waterproof feature to keep the butcher’s feet dry in wet and bloody conditions.

Thus, your feet should always remain desert dry when cleaning and packing carcasses.

This waterproof feature also protects your feet from water splashes and spills when the slaughterhouse is undergoing regular cleaning as slaughtering drills continue.

The WOLVERINE Floorhand comes with a  strong steel toe that meets and exceeds the ASTM standard f2413-11 thus ensuring falling knives, bones, and meat chunks do not hurt your toes.

Furthermore, WOLVERINE includes a Slip-resistant rubber lug outsole for butchers to safely keep their footing in wet and slippery conditions.

Also, WOLVERINE Floorhand features Lightweight cement construction with an anti-fatigue advantage. This way, lifting your feet around the slaughterhouse or carrying meat loads never hurt your foot.


Waterproof Full-Grain Leather Upper 

Strong Steel Toe

Slip Resistant Rubber Lug Outsole

Lightweight Cement Construction

Smooth Heel To Toe Transition


X None

5. Xtratuf 6 Inch Ankle Deck Boot for Butchers

At position 5, Xtratuf Deck Boot is yet another excellent work boot for butchers. 

Just a quick note when looking to purchase Xtratuf Deck Boot; XTRATUF Recommends Half Sizes Order Up according to data from their direct customers. This experience is still the same advice from Sneaker Wagon’s podiatrists.

best shoes for butchers

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Xtratuf Deck Boot consists of a waterproof upper construction to protect your feet from slaughterhouse moisture and water spills. Thus butchers can wash carcasses and clean butcher blocks easily without soiling their feet.

The Breathable Mesh Liner is perfect for butchers with sweaty feet, those working in relatively hot slaughterhouses, and those working long shift hours.

Therefore, the Xtratuf Deck Boot is one of the ideal shoes for butchers to have their feet fresh, cool, and dry.

Furthermore, Xtratuf Deck Boot has a slip-resistant outsole in the Chevron design to ensure that each step is anti-skid and that you can process lands and beef confidently at the abattoir.

Also, cleaning the slaughterhouse is hassle-free, and the outsole grips significantly onto the ground, even on soapy and slippery ground.

To heighten and optimize durability, Xtratuf Deck Boot comes with Front and Rear Pull-on Tabs thus perfectly preventing your shoes from wearing and tearing caused by forcing your foot into the shoe.

Moreover, the Large Front and Rear Pull Loops are conveniently placed for an easy grasp for easy slip-on and removal.


✅ 100% Waterproof 

✅ Breathable Mesh Liner

✅ Slip Resistant Chevron Outsole

✅ Non-Marking Sole

✅ Maximum Durability


X XTRATUF Recommends Half Sizes Order Up that slightly complicates ordering

6. Shoes for Crews Non-Slip Unisex Bullfrog Pro II Work Boots

At position 6, Bullfrog Pro II from Shoes for Crews offers proper foot housing for butchers while delivering all-day comfort for all those busy days.

The outsole here is slip-resistant to ensure that you never slide or skid when working on wet slaughterhouse floors.

best shoes for butchers

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Butchers will find the Bullfrog Pro II interesting given the water-resistant upper that perfectly repels blood spills and water splashes thus keeping your foot dry all the time.

What’s more about this? The upper can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth thus blood, poops, and stains do not clog on the boots’ uppers.

Although not directly instrumental, the Electrical Hazard Protection (EH Rated) is an additional advantage to butchers who could come in contact with faulty electrical circuits.

Bullfrog Pro II perfectly shelters the leg portion above the ankle with a Shaft that measures approximately mid-calf from the arch. This way spills and splashes never get into the interior of your shoes.

Bullfrog Pro II is a comfortable shoe for all-day comfort due to the has a gel insole that not only ensures max cushioning but also extra food safety.


✅ Slip Resistant

✅ Water-Resistant

✅ Easy Clean

✅ Electrical Hazard Protection (EH Rated)

✅ Soft Toe Protection


X Slightly large opening

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7. Dunlop 8677507 Chesapeake Boots, 100% Waterproof PVC, Lightweight and Durable Protective Footwear for Butcher Work

Last but not least, Dunlop Chesapeake Boots is a waterproof butcher boot Made in the USA, delivering incredible design quality and a longer shaft for max protection for long meat processing sessions.

best shoes for butchers

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The waterproof upper PVC material is convenient when you have spilled on your foot to rid off blood or animal poop.

In addition, the PCV included is not only durable for butcher work but also flexes to accommodate lateral foot movements.

Furthermore, Dunlop Chesapeake Boots have this lightweight design that is exceptionally unique (25% lighter) from normal PVC boots.

The most significant advantage here is the ability to take those quick dashes across the butcher house and butchery to ensure that butchers can work for long without excess fatigue.

Dunlop Chesapeake Boots are one of the most comfortable shoes to work in all day at the butchery, especially when standing due to the included Energy-absorbing BAY-LOC outsole.

This way, you can step easily on the ground without the shock that arises from the foot slapping on hard concrete floors.

The Dunlop Pull Tab is exceedingly convenient for butchers to allow an easy slip-on and removal. Thus, you get ready for butcher work smoothly and have a hassle-free experience when leaving the butchery.

What’s more, do butchers need such excellent boots?

The outsole is not only grippy to offer outstanding traction. Still, it comes with channels that repel water perfectly to ensure that you work smoothly even on watery and bloody floors at the butchery.


✅ 100% Waterproof PVC uppers

✅ Extra Ordinary Flex

✅ Made in the USA

✅ 25% more Lightweight than ordinary PVC builds

✅ Energy-absorbing BAY-LOC outsole

✅ Dunlop Pull Tab for easy on-off


X May require thick socks for a perfect fit

Final Thoughts

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Butcher Boot and Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Butcher Work Boot were the overall best shoes for butchers as per our podiatrists here at SneakerWagon.

These two pairs feature 100% Premium Full-Grain, Burnished Leather Uppers to deliver top-notch durability.

In addition, these uppers are made of durable material to naturally wick away foot moisture and perspiration thus making these boots the most comfortable boots for butchers working for long shift hours.

The most important features to watch out for when selecting the best shoes for butchers are a max cushion, slip-resistant outsole, waterproof upper and toe protection.