7 Best Shoes for Archery 2022 – Picked by the Pros

The best shoes for archery must exhibit a stable and supportive upper to guarantee balance and stability when positioning the bow and delivering steady sight of the archery target.Best Shoes for Archery

Furthermore, the best archery shoes must offer a lightweight construction with a breathable upper to wick away foot moisture when performing archery hunting.

Your feet remain fatigue-free, dry, fresh, and relaxed throughout the archery session.

In addition, the best shoes for archers are those that provide adequate cushioning with focused foam to absorb the shock that arises from slapping against flat ground.

Also, this cushioning absorbs shock experienced when fidgeting and checking to try to lock in place as you aim with the bow.

Today, our able podiatrist’s vet compiles and present a well-researched report on the topmost ideal shoes for archery, providing ng you with real worthy picks.

Reviews For The Best Shoes For Archery

1. Nike Men’s Metcon 6 White Red Blue DJ 3019-106

Nike Metcon 6 comes with a lightweight mesh upper that makes the shoe light on your feet and at the same time allows for unrestricted air circulation.

The breathability feature ensures that even when you are practicing for your next clout tournament under the hot sun, your feet maintain dryness.

Best Shoes For Archery

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The low heel which is also flat and wide, makes the Nike Metcon 6 highly stable, allowing you the confidence to carry your archery equipment across the fields without the fear of sprains.

Nike Metcon 6 comes with a removable Hyperlift insert that allows you to pick the best and most comfortable height under the heels for the best positioning enabling you to hit your target using the bow without missing.

The focused cushioning foam creates a firm feel below the heels and a soft one on the forefoot for a secure and safe experience, protecting your feet from high impact landings caused by the rigid pavements encountered during indoor target archery.

Nike Metcon 6 rubber outsole with treads both on the outsole and the sides of the foot provide fantastic traction, protecting you from slips you may encounter from the wet and slippery grass during the field archery competition. 

Paige Pearce, the world champion compound archer, recently won bronze at the Pan American Games while wearing Nike Metcons.

Furthermore, Paige’s Teammate Cassidy Cox also wears Nike Metcons making the footwear the best shoes for target archery.


Delivers stability and durability

Coolest Metcon; 18% more breathable than the Metcon 5

Lightweight, breathable mesh upper

Low, flat, and wide heel creates a stable base

Removable Hyperlift insert

Durable Traction Rubber tread

Focused Cushioning Foam

Secure feel and softer in the forefoot


X None

2. DC Men’s Anvil Casual Skate Shoe 

DC Anvil Skate Shoes are the most comfortable shoes as they are built light and come with a padded tongue and collar that guarantee comfort and support for your feet for extended hours while playing archery.

Best Shoes For Archery

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The Anvil upper features a combination of leather, nubuck, or suede and comes with ventilation holes that allow your feet to breathe, thus tackling the hot weather as your feet remain dry and healthy.

DC Anvil Skate Shoe comes with a vulcanized rubber outsole that fits your feet sleekly while at the same time providing a firm and secure foothold with anti-slip features limiting unnecessary foot movement, which means you can focus on the target.

The lace-up closure system makes the archery shoes easy to wear, ensuring you are on time for your archery practice, which means you enjoy every minute of the fun-filled sport.

The laces also allow for a comfortable fit as the archer gets to decide the best fit for their feet without causing pain to certain parts of the feet.

DC Anvil Skate Shoe canvas material and multiple colors make the pair of footwear suitable for use outside the field without compromising on your fashion sense.


✅ Lightweight

✅ Padded tongue and collar

✅ Ventilation holes help your feet breathe

✅ Anvil upper is constructed with leather, nubuck, or suede

✅ A vulcanized outsole that provides a sleek fit

✅ Mesh lining


X Runs lightly small

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3. Globe Tilt Skate Shoe

Globe Tilt Skate Shoe features comfortable features as it comes with a fully padded capsule-style which aims to offer supportive and protective features for all archers, which means they can comfortably stand for longer periods. 

M E N’ S


The capsule-style offers to cushion and protects your feet against impact caused by the occasional movement at the target area.

Globe Tilt Skate Shoe wide mouth allows for a quick change, eliminating the struggle and inconvenience that comes with tight-fitting shoes allowing you to get ready in time for target archery practice.

The laces for closure work together with a wide mouth to enhance ease of entry and also allow for a personalized fit for the perfect wraparound which means your instinctive shooting performance improves.

Globe Tilt Skate Shoe rubber outsole comes with Globe’s S-Trac that provides a firm base with non-skid qualities granting you the freedom to confidently practice for competitive archery organized by USA Archery in all surface types. 

The cool overlays on the upper make the Globe’s S-Trac highly durable and, at the same time, provide the footwear with a structure which means that you get to use the shoes for longer without the need to replace them, making the pair the best shoes for archery hunting.

Globe Tilt Skate Shoe also comes with removable insoles that add to the cushioning for a softer fit.

Additionally, the ability to remove the insole allows custom-made orthotics for the best archery results.


Durable Rubber sole

Comfortable Molded TPR collar

Grippy Globe’s S-Trac sole pattern

Full padding


X Slight creaking sound

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba

Adidas Performance Samba is the best shoe pick for when you are wondering what I should wear when doing archery, especially if the practice range is set up indoors. 

Best Shoes For Archery

M E N’ S


The archer shoes come with the design of a sneaker giving the footwear a stylish finish that makes you stand out among your competitors and also outside the game area.

The full-grain leather upper equipped with suede overlays works to support your feet by limiting unnecessary movement and also offers protection against abrasion allowing you to focus on the target better. 

Adidas Performance Samba EVA midsole provides the stability you need to shoot your arrow best.

The EVA midsole has also been designed to endure different factors such as tough terrains and the archer’s weight, making the pair suitable to stand and walk for long hours.

The non-marking gum rubber outsole provides the best anti-slip features on all indoor surfaces such as tiled floors, wooden floors, and those accessorized with artificial turf, making it easier for you to draw a target with full focus.

The non-marking feature ensures the floor remains neat and without the undesired markings even when the floor has just been polished. 

The synthetic upper combined with EVA midsole makes the Adidas Performance Samba super light on your feet, making them the ideal running shoes for a victory lap after winning the archery championship. 


Durable Rubber sole

Adequate Boot opening

Full-grain leather upper

Suede overlays offer support and protection

Embossed EVA midsole for superior comfort

Non-Marking Gum rubber outsole

 Excellent grip on all indoor surfaces


X Low breathability

5. FootJoy Men’s Flex Golf Shoe

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe is the best shoe for target archery. They come equipped with a mesh upper that works perfectly to keep your feet dry by allowing unlimited airflow all-around your foot, promoting dry, healthier feet even during the hottest days of playing outside.

Best Shoes For Archery

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

The soft EVA midsole provides your feet with the ultimate support. It provides extra cushioning below your feet, promoting the comfort needed to withstand standing for longer hours of archery target practice.

Additionally, the EVA midsole provides your feet with stability preventing the possibility of toppling over while aiming at the target.

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe comes with a versa-Trax rubber outsole that provides the best traction features in both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The traction zones increase with every challenge posed to the shoes making them suitable for use both during the archery games and while running personal errands such as shopping for archery equipment. 

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe offers a full rounded toe feature with a regular fit across the forefoot and instep for the ultimate comfort throughout the day.

The archery golf shoe also comes with a toe spring and a relatively slender heel for a sporty silhouette look that makes you stand out among other players at the archery fields. 

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe also comes in wide sizes to accommodate wide foot archers allowing for ample room to accommodate their toes and they rest easily on the footbed without causing pain.


Rubber Sole

Performance Mesh

Lightweight Performance

Soft Eva Midsole

Versa-Trax Outsole

Increased Underfoot Cushioning


X Slightly tight instep

6. Adidas Adizero Boston 9

Adidas Adizero Boston 9 Continental™ rubber outsole protects your feet against any impending injuries caused by slips from the wet slippery grass or floor at the practice range by providing the best anti-skid features.

Best Shoes For Archery

M E N’ S

W O M E N’ S

Adidas Adizero Boston 9 weighs about 8 ounces making them highly light on your feet leaving you with the same light experience you would have if you were barefoot.

The lightweight design makes them ideal running shoes and for standing for long hours without causing additional fatigue even after multiple shots of flight archery.

The Lightstrike cushioning adds to the lightweight features together with providing a responsive feel with every stride.

The torsion system in the midfoot ensures a smooth heel-to-toe transition by combating improper flexing of the arch, which means you get to make the best evaluation at gap shooting.

The Boost midsole guarantees comfort as your feet get the ultimate cushioning for a pillow-like feel protecting your feet against painful impact.

Additionally, the Boost midsole provides 20% more energy return compared to other traditional footwear, which means that in the long run, the archery gets to enjoy anti-fatigue and foot ache prevention qualities.

Adidas Adizero Boston 9 uses laces for closure allowing the archer ease of entry and a fine fit based on their desired wraparound enhancing comfort throughout the entire game and afterward.


Rubber outsole

Breathable Mesh upper fabric

Lace-up closure

Lightstrike cushioning

Responsive Boost midsole

Dialed-in fit and a smooth ride.


X None

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7. ASICS Men’s Hyper Throw 3 Track & Field Shoes

ASICS Hyper Throw 3 is the shot put archery shoe that comes to mind when you wonder what shoes should you wear for archery, thanks to the many benefits it comes with. 

Best Shoes For Archery

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The hook and loop combined with laces for closure maximize the secure fit by ensuring that the laces remain well tied for a comfortable and desired fit by the wearer.

The hook and loop add to the advantage of offering midfoot support for the perfect hold compared to a lace-only closure system which sometimes tends to loosen, causing potential accidents like tripping that may be encountered while shooting arrows at a target.

A smooth rubber pivot point at the forefoot on the flat sole makes movement, especially rotation flawless, allowing you to move in all directions without any restrictions on your feet even while running towards the target line for arrow retrieval. 

ASICS Hyper Throw 3 comes with a breathable vamp and tongue that promotes the light on your feet features and also breathability, allowing your feet enough airflow maintaining dryness even on a hot day of practice for outdoor target archery.

ASICS Hyper Throw 3 features AHAR® which is ASICS high abrasion solid rubber outsole that comes with a spongy soft cushioning without compromising the anti-abrasive features.

Additionally, the rubber outsole also provides grippy traction protecting the archer from slippery surfaces whether they are shooting targets or putting away their equipment at the store.


Fabric-and-synthetic build

Durable Rubber sole

Medium Arch structure

Great shoe for Throws


X Not true to size and fits large; requires a purchase 1/2 size smaller than standard running shoe length

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not wear for archery?

Archery mainly requires focus and balance for the best outcome. However, some particular types of shoes come without balance. High heels are the perfect example of what not to wear for archery.

High heels lack the balance required for the sport and also have the potential to cause painful foot sprains.

Sandals are also a terrible choice for archery as they expose your feet to potential injury. Sandals are a safety hazard.

Which kind of footwear is not recommended for archers when shooting due to injury concerns?

Safety is key when it comes to sports, and archery is no exception. There are several safety hazards you may encounter during archery so picking safe and protective shoes is very crucial.

As you will be required to be on your feet most of the time, picking the right and comfortable shoe is key.

You will need highly stable shoes that cover all parts of your feet, which means high heels and sandals are a definite no.

For the best results, archers are required to bend forward so slightly raised shoes are fine but not unstable.

Sandals expose your feet to potential painful injuries such as stabs from falling arrowheads.