7 Best Running Shoes For Turf Toe 2022

The best running shoes for turf toe should have a wide toe box and shoe vamp to prevent your big toe’s inward bending after being strained.

Regardless of whether you will be running on artificial turf or trails, a lightweight pair of shoes is highly recommended.best running shoes for turf toe

Shoes for turf toe should also come with a memory form insole and midsoles to neutralize pressure and impact your metatarsophalangeal joints.

A rubber sole option is the other option to consider when selecting a pair of turf toe running shoes.

Shoes with a rubber sole offer MTP joint proper cushioning, as it is most affected by turf toes as it has direct access to desmoids and the foot’s plantar plate when running.

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Reviews:7 Best Running Shoes  For Turf Toe In 2021

1. New Balance Men’s Mt10 Turf Toe Running Shoes

The MT10 from New balance was our best running sneakers for turf toes editors’ pick.

What is more amazing about this new balance pair comes with an Acteva foam midsole, which offers your foot unconditional cushioning when running on even terrains or trails.

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With an upper 50% Fabric, this MT10 from New Balance can absorb sweat, ensuring that your foot is 100% dry and free from both foot-rot and bad foot dour when running with turf toe.

Coming with a padded tongue and foam insole, this New Balance MT10 provides an unconditional cushion and shock neutralizing option on your metatarsophalangeal joints when running.

Besides, a padded tongue design allows you to enjoy a comfortable fit regardless of your foot shape.

Furth more new balance made use of rubber solids, which, apart from being flexible, also offers quality ground traction when running on wet or rainy climatic conditions.

To avoid your MTP joint from tearing, these running shoes come with lace-up closure options that are easy to close and open and guarantee runners with turf tie a personalized fit.

  • Rubber sole
  • Unconditionally breathable
  • Offers anti-slip grip
  • Lace-up
  • 50 % fabric material hence easy to clean
  • Waterproof upper
  • Weighs 7 Pounds

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2. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Men’s Running Shoe

Our runners up of good running shoes for turf toe pain on our review was the Gel-Quantum 180 from ASICS.

With a wide vamp option, this Asics pair minimizes foot pain resulting from running with the turf toe on the second toe.


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The most conspicuous feature of this pair is that it is of fabric-and-synthetic material origin.

Due to this reason, Gel-Quantum 180 works effectively with wide, narrow-footed running enthusiasts who are turf toe victims.

Also by featuring breathable mesh upper, these are compatible with turf toe and bunion victims who are running enthusiast, in addition, the breathable upper promote foot aeration allowing your foot to have access to fresh air either when running during winter or hot season such as summer.

ASICS   also uses seamless materials when coming with this Gel-Quantum to reduce foot irritation when running on trails or treadmill when suffering from turf toe.

Besides featuring stitches and seams, the Gel-Quantum from Asics minimizes friction and pressure present in running shoes that still use traditional stitching options.

  • Light in weight
  • Provide arch-support.
  • Breathable pair of running shoes
  • Compatible with wide and narrow feet
  • Lace-up closure option
  • Removable insole design
  • None

3. Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 Turf Toe Treadmill Running Shoes

Third, on our list, find Hurricane ISO 5, which was our Best treadmill running shoe for turf toe from Saucony.

By coming with a relatively wide vamp, Hurricane ISO 5 makes it easier for you to use turf toe tape wrap, which is one way to lower turf toe recovery duration.

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You will agree that ruing on a treadmill can cause turf toes as this activity generated more shock and impact.

Due to this reason, Saucony includes a dual-density midsole technology in this Hurricane ISO 5 to neutralize all the shock and impact to keep your foot free from possible ankle and knee pain.

Have in mind that running with turf toe results in foot swelling; this is the reason why this pair comes with a lace-up option to offer runners who are turf toe victims a personalized fit that is easy to adjust.

Since turf toe is running career-ending injury, Saucony had a runner experience in mind when modeling this pair.

Therefore, Saucony had to feature a Crystal rubber outsole that offers the good cushioning ability to running enthusiasts with turf toes proper protection from possible pronation, which ends up being severe.

  • Crystal rubber outsole
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Breathable upper
  • Slick design
  • Fitting runs small after some time

4. Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe after Turf Toe Surgery

Our fourth position on this post found Charged Assert 8, which was also our editor’s pick of best running shoes after a turf toe surgery.

Interestingly, Under Armour did include EVA sock liner to offer runners soft and comfortable rides either when running on pavements or treadmill with turf toes.

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It is also good to note that the turf toe involves the tendons of which two muscles, including the extensor Hallucis longus (EHL) and the flexor Hallucis longus (FHL).

Due to this reason, Under Armour made sure that Charged Assert 8 has Durable leather overlays to prevent capsules and collateral ligaments from possibilities of sprains or damages.

Besides, the leather overlays present together with a lace-up closure prevent the sesamoids sling of your big toe from becoming stiff or even swelling when running with turf toes.

With a quality fiber plate, these Under Armour shoes play a vital role in stabilizing the MTP joint when running with a turf toe.

Furthermore, it also features a mesh upper, which promotes foot comfort and breathability.

The mesh upper also allows these Assert 8 Running Shoes to be compatible with various physical therapy turf toe exercises.

Lastly, the wide shoe vamp makes it easier for a runner to put turf toe ace bandage into fair use and also lower turf toe recovery duration offering additional toe strength.

  • Wide shoe vamp
  • mesh upper
  • Light in weight
  • Durable leather overlays
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Cleans easily with both hand and machine
  • EVA sock liner
  • Weights 9.9 oz

5. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Men’s turf toe Running Shoes

The Gel-Venture 7, which comes from ASICS, took our fifth and best athletic Running shoes for turf toe editors pick position.

What is more impressive is that this pair of shoes made use of a carbon fiber shoe insert for turf toe to offer additional comfort and cushion.

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Also, the wide toe box design offers your big toes enough relaxing space.

Moreover, the wide toe box is equally important as it allows runners to wear compression socks for running when suffering from turf toes.

With a sole rubber option, this gel-venture 7 is a multifunctional athletic shoe compatible with walking, running, and hiking when suffering from turf toes.

The anti-slip rubber sole design allows this pair of shoes to offer an anti-slip grip on various running platforms such as artificial turf, road, and pavements.

Furthermore, Gel-Venture 7 comes with a BREATHABLE UPPER, which is of FABRIC material origin.

Besides the breathable upper preventing feet off turf toe victims from being stinky, the mesh upper promotes a fresh air supply. By featuring double stitching technology, Gel-Venture 7  is compatible with too harsh climatic conditions when running.

  • Light in weight
  • Breathable fabric upper
  • Breathable running shoes
  • Removable insoles
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Multifunctional shoes
  • None

6. Xero Barefoot-Inspired Turf Toe Road Running Zero Drop Sneaker

Zero Drop Sneaker from Xero took our best road running shoes/sneakers for turf toe and plantar fasciitis.

Position on our review. You will like that sneaker features a breathable mesh upper, which allows the foot of turf toe victims to have access to fresh air.

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The upper of this Xero barefoot running shoes feature smooth, silky technology. Due to this reason, this turf toe running sneaker keeps your foot dry by wicking all the sweat and moisture.

When packing for your trail running trip this season, packing this pair is extremely easy as they are easy to fold.

Besides being a light turf toe sneaker, Xero also features an adjustable shoe locker option of elastic laces origin.

The rubber sole option allows this pair to be compatible with turf toe and plantar fasciitis as it can neutralize pressure and impact.

By coming with a wide shoebox design, this running sneaker guarantees you a natural fit as it offers your foot enough relaxing space.

The non-elevated heel designs offer your foot proper balance and posture either when running on trails or a treadmill when suffering from turf toes.

  • Wide toe box
  • Built for speed
  • 2mm insole
  • Ultra-thin barefoot design
  • Easy to pack
  • Dry’s quickly after cleaning
  • Moisture and sweat-wicking
  • Barefoot design

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7. NOOKNAK Turf Toe Running Sneakers Breathable

NOOKNAK took our last and best Running Sneakers for turf toe and bunion position.

This NOOKNAK features a breathable upper which allows both foot aeration and moisture-wicking capabilities by being a lightweight sneaker.

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Getting a comfortable pair of shoes is correcting turf toe other than the standard surgical procedures.

Keep in mind that foot swelling is one of the significant turf toe symptoms that are why the manufacturer featured a lace-up closure technology.

That is why a natural grade rubber sole defines the NOOKNAK sneaker. This pair of shoe insoles are highly elastic; thus, they play vast roles in neutralizing shock and impact when running on uneven grounds.

Interestingly, this beast also features a quality ORTHOLITE sock liner. As a result, this creates a unique and safe foot landing platform.

You will also love the breathable memory sponge structure that is leis adjacent to the midsole.

This structure offers your unconditional foot skid-resistant ability even when running on wet or slippery trails.

The outsole comes with well-established trends that have self-cleaning lugs.

  • Light in weight
  • Fabric upper
  • ORTHOLITE sock liner
  • Lace-up closure
  • Durable uppers
  • breathable mesh
  • Weighs 10 Oz  


The New Balance MT10 was our best men’s running shoes for turf toe as it is well cushioned and extremely lightweight.

Besides this, MT10 from the new balance comes with a perforated arch to offer running enthusiasts with turf to access proper foot ventilation and breathability either when running on artificial turf or wet trails.

While on the other hand, Adrenaline GTS 20 from Brooks took our best Women’s running shoes for turf toe and runner-up position on our review.

What is more interesting about this Adrenaline GTS 20  is that regardless of whether you are a runner or a footballer with turf toes, the DNA LOFT Crash Pad offers quality cushioning ability to every stride you will make.

Lastly, the 3D Fit Print options offer runners with wide and narrow feet a personalized fit when hitting the trail or running on pavement, tarmac artificial turf on concrete.