7 Best Running Shoes For Piriformis Syndrome 2022

The best running shoes for piriformis syndrome must have a rubber sole and dual-density foam insole and midsole to neutralize pressure which causes lower back and buttock pain.Best Running Shoes For Piriformis Syndrome

These shoes should also feature a foam shoe tongue to promote personalized fit and minimize intermittent and severe pain when running.

Moreover, note that having a comfortable pair of running shoes is a great way to heal piriformis syndrome quickly.

Comfortable running shoes for piriformis syndrome should also feature a MemoryTech foam sock liner to promote comfort and extra-ordinary cushion when running up or downhills. Below find our review!

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Review: 7 Best Running Shoes For Piriformis Syndrome In 2021

1. Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Ar4561

Zoom Fly Flyknit from Nike is was our best men’s running shoes for piriformis syndrome as it is both comfortable and also light in weight.

Lace-up closure allows runners with narrow and wide fits to enjoy a personalized fit. View on Amazon

This is also a prime pair as most of the famous athletes with piriformis syndrome have at one time used Zoom Fly Flyknit from Nike as their preferred pair of running shoes.

This beast comes with an additional carbon fiber plate so as to offer you a snappy feeling when hitting the trails this season despite suffering from piriformis syndrome.

When constructing the upper of this zoom fly, Nike made use of fly-knit technology, which is both 100% breathable and alight in weight.

Also, expect to enjoy a sock-like feeling when wearing the Nike Zoom Fly, as it comes with a bootie construction option.

Without adding any weight to your foot when running, the zoom fly from Nike comes with Fusible yarns.

Expect to enjoy a responsive ride when running with piriformis syndrome on the tarmac, pavements, or on trails as it features Nike react technology which promotes foot comfort and cushion.

In addition, the sock liner of this pair comes from a soft material. As a result it prevents the runner’s ankles from experiencing blisters.

  • Fusible yarns
  • carbon fiber plate
  • Bootie construction
  • 100% Synthetic
  •  Rubber sole
  • lace-up closure
  • Nike React technology
  • Weighs
  • Pricey

2. Mizuno Women’s Creation Waveknit 2 Running Shoe

Our second position is the Creation Waveknit 2 from Mizuno as our best women’s running shoes for piriformis syndrome in this review.

Expect to enjoy a comfortable and neutral ride when running with this Mizuno Creation as the Waveknit 2 upper technology offers unconditional cushion on various topographies.

best women’s running shoes for piriformis syndrome View on Amazon

With a shaft which low top approximately from the arch, this pair professionally neutralizes shock and impact when running with piriformis syndrome.

In every step you make when running or hitting the trail, expect to enjoy a smooth transition as this Mizuno Creation comes with  Smooth Ride technology on the midsole and outsole.

Also, we should be saying a huge thank you to Mizuno for4, including a lace-up closure option as apart from making this pair to be compatible with different foot shapes also offer a personalized fit.

Moreover, with the padded and slightly long tongue, these Mizuno shoes correct piriformis syndrome muscle imbalance when running.

Interestingly, the U4icX Midsole technology of this pair is the major reason why this pair is both light in weight and 100% shock-free.

In addition, the U4icX Midsole technology offers you’re underfoot superb protection as it is the reason why Mizuno Creation is puncture-proof.

  • Rubber sole
  • WAVEKNIT upper
  • Promotes natural movement
  • Encourages Smooth Ride
  • Lace-up closure
  • Breathable textile lining
  • U4icX Midsole
  • Cost more than  expected

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3. Adidas Ultraboost 19 M Running Shoe

Third, on sneakerwagon.com Piriformis Syndrome running shoe review is the Ultraboost 19 from Adidas. It comes with a synthetic upper, which promotes the water and harsh weather resistant ability of this pair of shoes.

View on Amazon

Running with piriformis syndrome is not an easy task as it exposes your spine to uncontrollable pain conditions. Interestingly this beast from Adidas Ultraboost 19 features a memory foam midsole.

Coming with a ventilated mesh upper, this Ultraboost from Adidas plays a vital role in ensuring that your foot has access to fresh air, and also it is 100% free from foot odor.

In case you are one of the runners with bilateral piriformis syndrome that won’t go away, then thank Adidas for featuring a removable insole that can easily be replaced with a better model.

What is more amazing about this Ultraboost from Adidas is that it comes with Flyte Foam Midsole Technology.

A wide toe box or vamp, the present is the reason why this Ultraboost 19 which is 100% an Adidas product ensures offers runners with wide feet sufficient relaxing space.

  • Ventilated mesh upper
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Lace-up closure
  • Water-resistant upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Excellent ankle support
  • Weighs more than expected

4. ASICS Men’s Metaride Running Shoes

On to the fourth position on our bilateral piriformis syndrome running shoes is the Men’s MetaRide from Asics.

For a supreme bounce when running on tarmac or trails, Asics integrated a FlyteFoam Propel Technology.

bilateral piriformis syndrome running shoes View on Amazon

This beat also comes with a great ROUND TOE which is also 100% ANTI-COLLISION. Thus it offers your foot good air circulations.

Moreover, the Rearfoot GEL technology offers unconditional traction, which plays a vital role in Attenuates shock

Interestingly this beast comes with a RUBBER OUTSOLE which offers unconditional anti-twist, firm ground grip, and unforgettable abrasion-resistant when running on different topographies

Protective cap toe which is present allows this pair of shoes to offer your foot unconditional protection from rocks and sharp objects when running on trial or on the tarmac.

The foam insole of this beast is the reason why this product is capable of absorbing moisture and sweat thus keeping your foot free from bad odor.

Lastly, the high-quality rubber outsole of this MetaRide from ASICS offers you with anti-slip grip on different terrains.

  • Lightweight
  • Rearfoot GEL technology
  • Soft knit textile upper
  • High-quality rubber outsole
  • Breathable upper
  • innovatively light
  • Weighs 8 oz

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 Running Shoe

Run more distance within a short time while suffering from piriformis syndrome with this Wave Rider 24 shoes from Mizuno as it features an X10 stronger outsole of a carbon rubber origin.


View on Amazon

In addition, this wave ride 24 from Mizuno features a smooth ride style, as a result, it creates a comfortable and smooth transition on every step when running with piriformis syndrome from heel to toe.

Thanks to Mizuno for including an energetic foam technology on both the midsole and outsole; as a result, this wave ride 24 provides piriformis syndrome victims who are running enthusiasts with supreme bounce.

The energetic foam technology is equally important as it neutralizes all the shock and impact.

The sleek and streamlined design of this product allows you to grind through challenging running environments by offering an unconditional underfoot foot cushioning option.

Moreover, expect to enjoy unconditional high energy return with Mizuno Energy foam outsole and midsole.

  • Energetic foam technology
  • Military-grade rubber sole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Offer a stable platform
  • Provides supreme bounce
  • Rearfoot gel® technology
  • None

6. Wanhee Men’s Sneakers Sport Running Athletic Tennis Walking Shoes

Moving on to our number six position, finds a sports tennis Shoe which was also our best running sneaker for bilateral piriformis syndrome from Wachee. The mesh upper technology of this pair of shoes plays a vital role by ensuring.

View on Amazon

Coming with a soft lining insole plays a huge role in ensuring that your foot is 100% free from blisters and bad foot odor.

The sole, in addition, features self-cleaning rugs which allow you to enjoy hitting the trails in harsh weather conditions to be 100% enjoyable.

Either when running in extremely hot weather expects to enjoy excellent airflow and permeability as the mesh upper is unconditionally breathable.

The lightweight rubber sole is another primary reason why this pair is compatible with different activities such as road running, casual walking., daily wear, training, and even trekking when suffering from bilateral piriformis syndrome.

In addition, rubbers sole design reduced buttock, spine, and back pain which results from running, cycling, or even Jogging with bilateral piriformis syndrome.

Apart from the HONEYCOMB INSOLE this pair of running shoes also features an athletic design which makes it to be compatible with either walking or even sprinting on grass when suffering from piriformis syndrome.

  • Lightweight nature
  • Super breathable fabric
  • Multifunctional sneaker
  • Sweat absorption
  • Shock-absorbent outsole
  • 100% money back
  • Hollow carved outsole design
  • Has 1.1 Pounds as the overall weight
  • Relatively pricey

7.TSIODFO Sport Trail Runners Fashion Sneakers

Last on our best running sneakers list for piriformis syndrome, find this sport trail runners fashion sneaker from TSIODFO.

By featuring a breathable insole option, this sneaker supplies your foot with fresh air either during walking, running, or even jogging.

best running sneakers list for piriformis syndrome View on Amazon

It features TPU rubber material 100% resistant from wear and tear, as a result when compared with other pairs on this list TSIODFO sneaker apart from being a lightweight piriformis syndrome running sneaker is also unconditionally durable.

Another huge challenge when running with piriformis syndrome is your feet tend to sweat a lot.

Thanks to the honeycomb hole design of this TSIODFO sneaker as it professionally absorbs all the sweat and effectively deodorizes by allowing it to have access to fresh air.

Furthermore, this pair comes with a wide toe box which is supplemented by an anti-corrosive toe cap which offers your foot additional protection from objects when running.

Lastly, expect to enjoy a smooth ride on different terrains or trails when running with piriformis syndrome as the groove outsole option offers an anti-skid running experience.

  • Light in weight
  • Mesh upper design
  • TPU Rubber
  • Anti-skid outsole
  • Offers high flexibility
  • Sole employs a hollow technology


Speed goat 4 from HOKA ONE was our overall best-running shoe for piriformis syndrome as it features a Vibram Mega-grip sole which offers an anti-slip grip on various topographies.

In addition, speed goat 4 neutralizes pressure exacted on piriformis syndrome as it comes with EVA foam midsole, which takes a full-length design.

However, have in mind that when piriformis syndrome is not treated timely, it might lead to total impaired movement. Therefore, consider consulting medical advice to have the issue corrected timely.