7 Best Shoes For Postal Carriers 2022

The best shoes for postal carriers should come with a memory foam midsole and sock liner to offer additional cushion and comfort as postal carriers are on their feet for long hours.

These shoes should have a closure technology that uses lace-up styles to offer a secure and adjustable fit.

Furthermore, good shoes for postal carriers are those that come with full-grain leather to enhance waterproof characteristics.

They should also unquestionably feature a bootie construction and feature a mesh upper and tongue to enhance foot comfort and breathability.

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1. Reebok Work Men’s Postal Express Cp8500 Work Boot

Postal Work Express CP8500 from Reebok was our best footwear for postal carriers editors pick on our review today.

The upper of this beast comes from breathable material this option ensures that your foot has access to fresh air.

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It comes with an industrial a grade MIL-22 lining which employs a moisture-wicking technology.

Due to these reasons, it ensures that your foot is 100% free from accumulating sweat which might end up causing bad odor and foot rot conditions.

The wide toe box is equally important as it ensures that this Postal Work Express is compatible with winter and summer postal carrier socks and toe separators.

In addition, the lace-up closure options are equally important as it allows this reebok to compatible with wide and flat feet postal carriers.

Moreover, the moisture-wicking shoe lining is equally important as it allows postal carriers’ feet to remain fresh as they are on their feet for a long duration of time.

Furthermore, this Men’s reebok is a waterproof postal sport hiker shoe which your foot unconditional traction as it comes with a rubber sole.

What is more amazing is that this boot comes with a high-top safety shoe featuring a soft toe.

  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Anti-compression insole
  • Safety shoe
  • High-top designs
  • Maxim-Lite PU outsole
  • Shock Eliminator heel cushion
  • Sizing runs big.

2. Rocky Tic Postal Approved Plain Toe Oxford Shoe

Rocky Tic Postal Approved Plain Toe from Oxford made it to the top of our list as this beast which comes with full-grain leather upper is not only breathable but also offers an addition to protection from falling objects.

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In addition, it comes with an approximately 1.5 inches heel size, this feature ensures that your foot is free from possible accidents when walking on icy or rocky ground when is you are a rural postal mail carrier.

It also comes with full-grain leather which ensures that these Postal Approved Plain shoes from Rocky Tic are not only water-resistant but also polish-able.

Postal service mail carriers’ jobs are also highly demanding as workers tend to spend most of their time in a standing position, that is why this Rocky Tic Postal Approved shoe c comes with a fresh foam midsole.

Due to this reason, Rocky Tic guarantees your foot comfort and cushion thus keeping your ankle, hip, and knee pain-free.

Moreover, the outsole of this pair is made from a flexible rubber sole material as manufacturers had postal carriers in mind as they tend to spend most of their time on their feet.

Coming with a 100% non-metallic stabilizer guarantees all-day-long foot comfort when riding on different terrains.

  • On-metallic stabilizer
  • Lip and Oil Resistant
  • Cushion footbed
  • Polish-able and water-resistant
  • Fresh foam midsole
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Weighs 1.5 Pounds

3. Men’s Postal Certified Rocky Ultimate Athletic Shoe Rocky Tic Postal-Approved Duty Boots

Moving on to our next position find Rocky Tic Postal which is not only approved duty but also certified postal carrier Shoes.

Have in mind that working seven days a week is not easy that is why Rocky went out of their way to a 100% full-grain leather material as the upper.

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Furthermore, the leather upper is equally important as it allows this pair to be compatible with waterproof and breathable Postal Carriers pants as you should be prepared in working under challenging weather conditions.

It is also a stylish pair of footwear, hence it makes awesome mail carriers gifts that is if you have plans of surprising your family, friend, or coworker who is a postal carrier.

On the other but coming with race closure options this pair of shoes are compatible with rural postal carriers.

Due to this reason, this pair is both slip and oil resistant. For added stability and comfort when delivering mails and other packages, these Men’s postal certified rocky shoes come with a TPU Outsole to professionally neutralize shock and pressure.

  • Non-Metallic Stabilizer
  • Low heels
  • TPU/Up outsole
  • Slip and Oil Resistant
  • Low-top from arch
  • Lace-up closure
  • Wide toe box
  • Weighs 4 Pounds

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4. Skechers Postal Work Sure Track – Trickle Shoes

As a postal carrier, your ill tend to remain on your foot for a longer duration of time and that is the major reason as to why Skechers put padded tongue options into good use when coming up with this pair.

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The foam insole option of these sketchers offers postal carriers working overtime additional comfort and arch support but minimizing instances of knee and ankle pain.

Trickel Shoes from sketchers also comes with an upper which is of a breathable mesh origin.

In addition, it features a slightly wide shoe vamp, this option offers your foot an additional relaxing fit and minimizes foot irritation.

What is more amazing is that it features a mesh upper which ensures that the feet of postal carriers working in hot areas have access to fresh air supply.

One of the major postal service mail carriers’ requirements is to have Black leather upper and to make it easier to clean and also shine.

What is more amazing is that it also comes with a smooth blend of leather and Synthetic material design.

As result, this pair is not only durable but also compatible with harsh weather conditions. Coming with wide-to-box is the reason as to why this sketcher we found to be the most comfortable shoes for wide foot postal carriers currently available on the market.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Full-length TPU
  • Improved cushion and traction
  • Soft shoe lining
  • None

5. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Of all the Green Tag Shoes on the market today the Charged Assert 8 from Under Armour made it to be our best shoes for overweight/obese mail carriers on this post.

The lace-up closure option of this pair allows you to enjoy your postal services career to the fullest regardless of whether you are wide odor flat feet.

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What is even more amazing is that under armor did include leather overlays which are not only durable but also offer additional foot stability and comfort when working on different topographies and areas with harsh weather.

It also enhances greater durability as it features a 100% Solid rubber outsole. Moreover, the rubber sole option offers high impact when delivering mails areas dominated by poor weather and infrastructures.

The lace-up closure option is the reason as to why this charged assert 8 from under amour is compatible with when zones for with less weight.

Have in mind that today mail carriers numbers in the US are continually declining due to the harsh weather and also as this job is highly demanding.

Due to this reason sketcher did include a memory foam midsole to offer mail carriers with additional foot comfort and a safe foot ladling platform to neutralize instances of ankle or knee pain.

  • Comes with traditional closure
  • Lightweight
  • Leather upper
  • Breathable mesh
  • Neutralizes shock and impact
  • None

6. New Balance 847 Approved Postal Work Shoes

Moving on to the second last position find sneaker 847 which is 100% dog bite-proof work shoes for postal carriers from New Balance.

The leather upper of this pair of shoes makes it to be compatible with harsh climatic weather as it is both water and high temperatures proof.

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Moreover, New Balance 847 comes with a Solid rubber outsole technology that professionally covers all the high impact zones of mail carriers’ feet, thus it is both durable and also a high performing pair of shoes.

Thanks to new balances for coming up with EVA sock liner technology as a result sneaker 847 guarantees your foot quality step-in comfort either when working as a mail postal carrier, mail processor, or as a mail handler in the post office.

By coming with synthetic upper New Balance 847 is 100% waterproof and also keeps your foot free from possible chemical spill when handling fragile customer products.

By coming with a memory foam midsole New Balance 847 is also an awesome pair of shoes for mail handlers and mail processors as it guarantees them additional foot comfort and cushion.

Interestingly the lightweight nature of the mesh upper delivers 100% breathability by allowing effective air circulation.

  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Light in weight
  • Low-top from arch
  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Durable leather overlays
  • Greater responsiveness & durability
  • None

7.New Balance 706 Walking Shoe

The New balance 706 was our best women’s walking shoes for postal carriers on this review. Interestingly it is also made to be our Waterproof postal shoes as it comes with a synthetic upper.

Interestingly it is also compatible with women mail carriers with wide and flat feet as new balance made good use of synthetic mesh upper technology.

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On the other hand, Postal 928 which also comes from New Balance took our best men’s shoes for postnasal carriers.

Both the 706 and the 928 pairs are not only light in weight but also extremely durable as the rubber sole options are 100% wear and tear-proof.

New Balance also went out of their way to use Welded PU film surrounds, this option ensures that these weakling shoes are compatible with pavements tarmac, and slippery floor without slipping.

It works perfectly on wide and flat feet postal carriers as the lace-up technology is easier to tighten and also to untighten.

With a TPU toe cap design, the two postal carrier shoe brands offer your foot additional cushion and protection. It also comes with a Micro G EVA midsole which is unconditionally lightweight hence it offers mail carriers and mail processors who work in an office all day-long comfort.

  • Light in weight
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Wear and tear-proof
  • Neutralizes shock and impact
  • None


Rocky tic postal approved plain toe oxford shoe which comes in the boot and new balance postal 928 which takes up boot and athletics styles respectively were the overall best shoes for postal carriers on our review.

By being postal-approved shoe brands the two pairs come with a full-grain polish-able leather upper which makes them water-resistant.

Moreover, the two pairs made to our top and runners-up positions feature an industrial-grade ABZORB cushioning technology in their heel to enhance shock, pressure, and impact absorption.

Due to this reason, they offer unconditional comfort and overall foot stability of every step Postal Carriers makes either slippery, wet, or in uneven topographies.