7 Best Shoes For Kennel Work 2022

The best shoes for kennel work should come with a closed design and also be of athletic origin.

Getting a comfortable pair of shoes with proper cushioning foam in the midsole, tongue, and outsole is a must-have personal protective equipment in kennel work practice.Best Shoes For Kennel Work

Kennel work shoes should have a leather or synthetic upper design to protect your foot from spilling chemicals and falling objects.

Moreover, consider going for a pair of   Kennel work protect rive footgear with a mesh upper to promote foot breathability and to supply your foot with fresh air during long kennel attendants’ work shifts. 

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Kennel Work In 2020

1. HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Gaviota 2 Kennel Work Running Shoe

Gaviota 2, which comes from HOKA ONE ONE was the best shoes for kennel work kennel manager as it is both light weights and a highly breathable pair of shoes.

With the j synthetic sole design, this Gaviota 2 allows the kennel work manager’s feet to remain dry even when supervising daily kennel operations such as cleaning cages and dog care.

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Furthermore, the textile mesh upper, which is both breathable and waterproof, keeps your foot have access to the fresh air and remains dry when supervising if animals in kennels are well-groomed, are groomed, exercised, and generally fed.

It has a full-length EVA midsole design as a result; it absorbs shock and impacts when in a standing position when working for long hours.

Generally speaking, this pair of running shoes for kennels work is also abrasion-free wear as it features Breathable textile lining.

Keep in mind that being a kennel manager, you will have to spend most of your time either standing or working around in various dog clinic departments; this is why. Gaviota 2 features a flexible outsole design to allow your foot to remain flexible.

  • Breathable textile lining
  • Absorb shock
  • Synthetic overlays
  • Has a padded tongue
  • Abrasion-free
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • synthetic sole

2. Dansko Kennel Work Men’s Xp 2.0

second on our list find Men’s XP 2.0 FROM Dansko which was our best men’s clogs for kennel work.

Regardless of whether you will be working in kneels with slippery or wet floors, the rubber sole tech technology guarantees you to enjoy a smooth ride by offering you an anti-slip grip.

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The leather upper was another massive win for Dansko when compared to other kennel work clogs manufacturers as it is both durable and also offers you’re got protection from falling objects.

Moreover, this clog employs a construction that is 100% Patent pending stapled, as a result, it is both comfortable and durable.

Padded instep collar allows this clog to feel comfortable on kennel attendants who engage themself with activities such as Dressing wounds of injured dogs and cats which require over 12 hours in a standing position.

Furthermore, the synthetic outsole designs ensure that the kennel attendant’s foot remains dry and free from moisture when spraying pesticides or when vaccinating animals in kennel cages.

Thanks to the rubber sole as it offers veterinaries’ foot unconditional traction when offering to conduct individual animal home visits.

  • Has 25 Pounds as the overall weight
  • high shock absorption
  • 100% Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Padded instep collar
  • Weighs 25 Pounds

4. Alegria Women’s Keli Glimmer Glam Slip-On – 42

Third, on our list find women’s Keli Glimmer Glam which managed to be our best Slip-On shoes for kennel work shoes from Alegria.

By only coming with a synthetic outsole design, this beast works effectively in different climatic and working conditions.

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Have in mind our time you will be dealing with an accident from dog bites, hence the rubber outsole is 100% canine teeth proof.

In addition, the synthetic outsole is quality vital as it ensures that your foot remains dry as it is waterproof.

Also, when carrying out other kennel management practices such as cleaning kennel runs or even helping out with various dog breeding practices such as artificial insemination, expect full protection from chemical or water spills.

Lightweight nature is the reason why this  Keli Glimmer Glam allows kennel attendances onboarding appointments to enjoy standing or even sitting in veterinary offices for long hours.

Regardless of whether you are a physician or manager overseeing operations in a kennel, the leather upper offers unconditional protection to your foot.

  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Patent construction
  • Military-grade
  • Roomy toe box
  • Waterproof
  • Weight 25 Pounds

4. Dansko Women’s Xp 2.0 Clog

Next on our list find the Xp 2.0 Clog from Dansko, which managed to take our best women clog for kennel work on our review today.

The synthetic sole technology offers your foot protection from water and pesticides when spraying dogs or other animals in a kennel.

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With the design of the synthetic outsole, this clog plays a vital role in keeping your foot free from water, either when cleaning a kennel cage or when taking dogs for a walk in rainy or snowy weather.

Regardless of whether you are a kennel attendant working for a long or short shift, enjoy a smooth ride as the EVA midsole technology promotes the ability of XP 2.0, which is a Women’s Clog from Dansko, to absorb all the shock.

Lightweight nature allows you to enjoy long and short kennel work shifts without complaining of fatigue of knee, ankle, or back pain.

Synthetic sole nature plays a huge role by allowing you to enjoy working in different working conditions with this beast.

  • Lightweight
  • Roomy toe box
  • Synthetic sole
  • Highly breathable
  • Puncture resistant outsole
  • Military-grade
  • Relatively costly

5. Sloggers Men’s Premium Garden Clog

Moving to our fifth location, we still decided to feature Garden Clog from slogger as our best budget clog for kennel work.

Despite being the only budget clog on our list, it is an eco-friendly kennel work shoe as it is 100% recyclable.

Additionally, this pair is unconditionally durable as the upper comes from a patent leather material.

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For added comfort and cushion, either when running or walking when attending to various kennel maintenance practices was made possible, as has padded instep collar.

The moisture-wicking styles are the reason too why this slogger clog has the ability to keep your foot sweat-free.

You will agree with me that as a kennel attendant you should have tremendous love and patience when working with animals.

This is the reason why this clog comes with a wide toe box option to offer your foot additional relaxing space.

What is more interesting about this kennel work clog is that it features a slip-on design. In addition, this Premium Garden Clog from slogger features a waterproof upper which keeps your foot free from bad odor and wet condition.

Lastly, the anti-microbial design, which was integrated by slogger protects your foot from developing foot root condition.

  • moisture wicking
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • anti-microbial design
  • slip on
  • Interior lining
  • Wide toe box design.
  • Has 4 pounds as total weight

6. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Coming at our number six is the work shift Slip Resistant shoe from Fila which is 100% compatible with women kennel attendants.

By coming with 100% Leather these shoes from Fila made it to be our best sneaker for kennel work.best sneaker for kennel work

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Moreover, the memory foam midsole allows your feet and back to be pain-free when working on a  kennel work standing desk.

Interestingly by coming with a rubber sole that is both slip and skidding resistant, expect to enjoy a comfortable ride when cleaning kennel cages or carrying our other veterinary management practices.

In addition, these shoes feature an outsole that employs a self-cleaning outsole design.

For improved breathability, these Fila futures leather shoe vamp with perforations that allow your foot to have access to fresh air.

To meet all kennel attendant occupation needs, this Fila features synthetic overlays.it is also unconditionally durable it features an original upper.

Regardless of your working condition, this pair of shoes comes from a sock liner that is 100% Memory foam in design.

As a result, Workshift Slip Resistant kennel Work Shoe from Fila neutralizes all the shock and impact.

  • memory foam midsole
  • solid rubber outsole
  • leather overlays
  • compatible with different kennel attendants’ outfits
  • waterproof as it features a synthetic upper
  • highly breathable
  • self-cleaning outsole
  • 12 Ounces

7. Skechers For Work Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Work Sneaker

Cankton which is a quality sneaker from Skechers was our last and best overall kennel work shoes on this review.

Coming with a close-up design Cankton Athletic sneaker is compatible with kennel attendants with either wide or narrow feet.

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Sketchers also did feature a meh upper design; as a result, if you are a kennel worker expect to have access to fresh air.

The memory foam option present in both the midsole and outsole neutralized pressure exacts on your foot during long hours of kennel work shifts.

This is definitely an awesome pair of Skechers kennel work sneakers as it is both comfortable and light in weight. That said Cankton Athletic sneaker is compatible with wide and narrow footed kennel workers as it has a wide box.

The cool thing about this sneaker is the lace-up closure. As a result, when rocking this pair, expect to enjoy a personalized fit.

In addition, you will love the wide toe box design as it creates a more relaxing space for your big toes to relax while on 12 or 8 hours kennel work shoes.

The synthetic outsole is why Skechers Cankton is adequate enough to protect your foot from water when cleaning kennel cages or walking dogs during rainy weather.

  • Synthetic sole
  • 100% Textile
  • Bootie style
  • slip-resistant
  • Breathable upper
  • Memory foam
  • Shock free
  • None


The walking trainer from Simba was our Best shoe for kennel work.

Furthermore, it is compatible with women with wide and narrow feet, as they feature a rubber sole with a non-marking style to promote a smooth and anti-slip grip on different veterinarian working environments.

While on the other hand, the men’s Kennel attendant’s work shoes’ top position was as a synthetic outsole and wide toe box design for water-resistant and a smooth ride respectively.

In addition, the close upper design offers kennel workers unconditional physical and health hazards protection.

Generally speaking, kennel work involves handling sick animals, performing surgeries on injured dogs, and even carrying out various kennel maintenance duties.

Lastly consider going for an extra lightweight and flexible pair of shoes which has a wide toe box to offer enough relaxing space for your toes.