7 Best Shoes For Concerts 2022

The best shoes for concerts are those that are versatile and stylish to match with trendy outfits that are compatible with rock, outdoor, country, Metallica, to rap concerts.

These shoes should also be stable and sturdy enough to promote foot comfort during concerts that take long hours.

Concerts shoes should also feature high-top styles so as to give you an outstanding casual vibe.

Moreover, high-top concert shoes all the way from boots, sportswear to sneakers are the most comfortable brands on the market today.

Lastly, consider going for concert shoes with a lace-up closure and a padded tongue design to offer you a personalized fitting.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes For Concerts In 2021

1. AIR JORDAN 1 High Og Ts Sp ‘Travis Scott’  

On the lead is the Travis scot AIR JORDAN 1 which took our best platform shoes for concerts with lightning speed.

The high-top style of this sneaker allows it to be compatible with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts.

Best Shoes For Concerts

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These shoes after ‘Travis Scott’   who is a rap music celebrity had a partnership with AIR JORDAN became the most appropriate shoes for guys to wear to a rap concert.

This concert sneaker comes with a rubber sole that offers your foot with anti-slip grip while standing on different concert platforms.

With suede leather on the heel makes allows this Travis ‘Travis Scott’ sneaker to be 100% authentic.

The flat sole ensures that you will enjoy a quality grip when standing, jumping, or even breakdancing on the concert platform.

Moreover, it features a leather upper design which makes it to extremely durable and stylish.

Lastly, you will definitely love the lace-up closure option as it offers concert enthusiasts with the wide and narrow foot a comfortable fit.

With regular AIR JORDAN 1 brown bottom, this ‘Travis Scott’ gives you a vintage look that allows you to remain outstanding in the midst of other concert fanatics.


  • Suede upper
  • Lace-up closure
  • 100% authentic
  • Affordable
  • Durable and extremely comfortable
  • Stylish


  • White insole

2. Jordan Air 1 Mid White Camo Mens Dc9035 100 – Size

Second, on our list, we found it worth featuring Mid White Camo which was our best shoes for standing at concerts from Jordan Air 1.Have in mind that The Air Jordan 1 Mid comes in a white Camo design.


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The white Camo technology features an authentic and neutral aesthetic which allows it to beck compatible with a wide range of outfits.

Moreover, this pair of shoes for standing at concerts comes with an alternate version of the first signature Michael Jordan’s mid-top shoe.

Additionally, it also comes with Smooth white leather which keeps your feet from blisters when standing at concerts for long hours.

It also features an aggressive lug design which offers unconditional traction when standing at concerts

A subtle white and grey camouflage Swoosh dots on either side of the shoe. Additional branding appears in the form of a black “Wings” logo on the collar, and black Jumpman insignia on the white nylon tongue tab.


  • Lightweight nature
  • Multi-density midsole
  • Padded tongue & collar
  • Smooth white leather
  • rubber material outsole
  • More aggressive lug design


  • Slightly expensive

3. Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 1 Basketball shoe Metallica concert Shoes

If you will be attending an open-air or outdoor Metallica concert here at sneaker wagon we highly recommend you to consider going for zoom freak 1 basketball shoes from Nike.

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The Zoom Freak 1 from Nike was also our best shoe for outdoor concerts as it features a Double Zoom Air unit that promotes comfort by neutralizing shock, pressure, and impact when standing at outdoor Metallica concerts for long hours.

In addition, to enjoy improved comfort either when dancing, standing, or even jumping during an outdoor concert this pair features a foam midsole.

Have in mind that you should expect rainy weather during outdoor Metallica concerts. Due to this reason, Nike integrated a waterproof leather upper to keep your feet away from moisture.

Moreover, the breathable upper technology allows your foot to have access to fresh air and is free from bad odor.

Lastly, you will definitely love the stretchable upper design, as it allows basketball shoes to hug your fit during an outdoor  Metallica concert thus creating a reliable barrier between the harsh outdoor weather and your foot.


  • Foam midsole
  • Cleans easily
  • internal forefoot bands
  • Padded collar
  • Dual-density midsole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Neutral support type


  • Pricey

4. Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Concert Guys Shoes

Next, up find Pro Combat Hyper strong which managed to take our best guys lightweight shoes for concerts on this review?

By also being an authentic pair of sneakers, Pro Combat Hyperstrong positively modifies your self-esteem when standing at indoor or outdoor concerts.

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It features an original rubber material hence it is extremely durable as it features a full-grain White upper, as result, it is compatible with a wide range of guy’s concert outfits and beauty accessories such as watches and sunglasses.

Nike Pro Combat also features a mesh upper. Due to this reason, this pair of shoes is extremely ultra-lightweight.

Moreover, the mesh upper design is equally important as it promotes the breathability of guys’ feet in a concert by keeping them dry and cool.

The midsole of this pair comes from a rubber material origin and this option allows ensure that shock and impact generated when standing at concerts for long hours is timely neutralized.it features an authentic arch support insole professionally neutralizes foot pressure while dancing, walking standing, or sitting in concerts.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Arch support insole
  • Fashion unique
  • Lace-up closure
  • Padded collar
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Has 4 Ounces as the overall weight

5. Adidas Yeezy 500 Lightweight/Budget Concerts Shoes

Wondering what is the best budget shoes for concerts which is stylish, versatile, and unconditionally durable?

Well, and then get the Adidas Yeezy. What is more exciting about this pair is that it features a cow suede upper which makes it to be unconditionally durable.

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Adidas professionally wrapped a natural rubber around the midsoles to offer your foot both abrasion and support.

The air mesh upper promotes air circulation allowing these Yeezy 500 from Adidas to be extremely comfortable even when standing for long hours at a concert.

In addition, it comes with a sleek rubber outsole that offers unconditional traction either during rainy or sunny climates when attending or participating in an outdoor concert.

Finally, the adiPRENE+ cushioning technology of this Adidas Yeezy 500 is the main reason why this shoe allows you to have full control of the concert stage as it neutralizes both shock and impact when dancing.

What is more amazing is that when participating or attending an outdoor concert your foot remains to be 100% visible as this Adidas Yeezy features reflective details along with lace eyelets.

As a result Yeezy, 500 was the best shoes for guys to wear on our list to a rock concert For added comfort and extraordinary comfort when standing at an outdoor concert this beast from Adidas features a padded collar.


  • padded collar
  • fashion unique
  • Reflective threads  on laces
  • Air mesh upper
  • Breathable fabric
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Reflective pipe detailing


  • Weighs 3 Pounds

6. Skechers Women’s L.a. Gear-Glammer Slammer  Sneaker

The second last and our overall best women’s shoes for concerts on this list is the L.a. Gear-Glammer Slammer Sneaker from Skechers.

What is more amazing about this pair is that it features a Synthetic sole. As a result, it has the ability to keep your foot dry during indoor and outdoor concerts.

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Being, stylish and also taking a  boot design made it to be our top pick of shoes to wear with concert performance outfits.

The heel, toe edging, and side trim of these sneakers come with a shiny metallic overlay which makes it to be 100% authentic. 

Whether you will be standing at a concert dancing or even walking   the Padded collar and tongue designs offers your foot unconditional comfort by neutralizing pressure exacted on your foot

Furthermore, Skechers Women’s L.a sneaker features a relatively wide toe box. This feature ensures that this pair of shoes are compatible with concert enthusiasts with either wide or narrow feet shapes.

Both the collar and the entire shoes come with a soft fabric lining which apart from comfort also prevent your foot from experiencing blisters when standing or dancing for relatively long hours.

Lastly, it is a stylish shoe to wear to any concert as the L.A. Gear print logo allows this sneaker to be compatible with a wide range of stylish, vintage, and new outfit brands.


  • Techfit textile upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Removable l insole
  • GORE-TEX waterproofness technology
  • Comfortable warm textile lining


  • None

7. Air Max Sean Wotherspoon  Country Concert  Guys Shoes

Air Max Sean Wotherspoon of all the kicks on this review was our overall most comfortable shoes for concerts as it features a dual-density midsole and outsole technology.

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If you are a guy Expect to enjoy an extremely comfortable ride and fit during a county concert as this beast comes with a durable foam outsole and midsole.

Nike also did eliminate all the materials which lie between your foot and the insole, due to this reason the dual-density foam technology in the insole and midsole effectively neutralizes shock, impact, and pressure when standing for long hours.

Amazingly the outsole of this Best Nike concert shoe features a flex grooves technology that promotes natural foot flexibility when dancing or standing at an outdoor concert.

Additionally, the wide shoes box groove design of this Air max sean offers a responsive ride on different terrains when standing, walking, or even dancing at a concert.

Moreover, the soft mesh styles which were integrated into the heel offer an extremely adaptive fit while running.

The collar of this product features a soft padding option which enhances comfort and also at the same time prevents your ankles from experiencing blisters.


  • Cushioned
  • Nike React technology
  • Flexible outsole
  • 100% Synthetic
  • dual-density foam
  • extremely comfortable


  • Costly


In summary: Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers was our overall best shoe for concerts as it brings up the concept of versatility and elegance in one piece.

Moreover, it is one of the most iconic concert shoes currently available on the market today.

By being a super lightweight sneaker, this Giuseppe Zanotti works great with both men and women who are huge concert fanatics.

Additionally, it also features a relatively wide toe box; as a result, it gives your foot enough relaxing space.

Other great concert shoe options to consider include the considerations this season round including the   Sketchers Women’s L.a and the AIR JORDAN 1 High Og Ts Sp ‘Travis Scott’.

However, have in mind that although there are hundreds of shoe brands on the market that are compatible with concerts you should only go for lightweight, comfortable, and versatile pairs of shoes or sneakers.