10 Best Shoes For CCA (City Carrier Assistant) in 2022

The Best Shoes For CCA should firstly show a professional black design and be Postal-Certified, thus receiving acceptance at mailing company recruitment whether it is USPS, UPS, DHL, or more.Best Shoes For CCA (City Carrier Assistant)

Also, the best postal shoes for CCA should offer maximum traction to ensure that slide-prone pavements, wet streets, and sloppy paths do not cause falls and injury when delivering and collecting outgoing mails.

Furthermore, the best CCA shoes should deliver cozy comfort through a responsive midsole, well-padded interior, shock-absorbing footbed, and strong arch support.

This way, long periods of riding, driving, or walking to deliver mail seem hassle-free when wearing the topmost comfortable shoes for CCA.

In addition, the best shoes for postal CCA should offer adequate protection through strong toe protection and waterproof membranes. Therefore, CCAs can work smoothly in wet weather and also have an easy time working with big boxes of weight mails.

Today, SneakerWagon presents the top picks for the best boots and shoes for CCAs. This article delivers high-quality research and the critical criteria that you should carefully watch out for.

Who is a CCA?

The podiatrist at SneakerWagon defines City Carrier Assistant as a mail delivery guy or girl currently in contact with a mailing company to substitute the roles of regular who could be sick, overwhelmed with the workload, or on leave.

The CCA must then ride, walk or drive from the mail distribution center with ingoing maiL and return without outdoing mails.

Reviews for the best shoes for CCA (City Carrier Assistant)

1. Thorogood Men’s Soft Streets Series Boots for CCA/RCA

Thorogood Soft Streets Series are the overall best boots for CCA. These boots feature a 100% full-grain leather upper that is durable and breathable to ease your work of delivering mail from the distribution center.

overall best boots for CCA View on Amazon

The rubber sole is anti-skid to offer CCA confident strides and walks when walking through sloppy residences or wet streets.

In addition, the slip resistance here is ASTM F489-96 thus delivering ultimate traction to ensure your feet are always stable.

The sole features a Direct Attach construction that gives a lightweight build plus additional comfort to ensure walking, standing, or driving the whole day is hassle-free for CCA.

For additional foot comfort and a relaxed fit, the footbed is removable and made from Comfort 125 polyurethane that is cozy.

This way, your feet always feel comfortable regardless of the length of the streets that you have to deliver mail.

Thorogood Soft Streets Series Boots are postal certified with a USPS 89D-05. This compliance cuts across many postal and logistics companies thus making these boots approved for many CCA.

Also, These CCA boots are Berry Compliant, meaning they are made in the USA with locally sourced domestic materials, thus ensuring firm and strict compliance with no compromises on performance.

The most significant advantage here is the comfort and flexibility you get as you travel through your mail delivery assignments.

The direct-injected outsole flexes to reduce rigidness and promote agility while the boot’s interior cozily cradles your foot for comfortable steps.


✅ 100% full-grain leather upper that is durable and bretahable#

✅ Durable, Anti-slip, rubber outsole (ASTM F489-96 compliant)

✅ Postal certified boots (USPS 89D-05 compliant)

✅ Berry compliant and made in the USA

✅ Removable Comfort 125 polyurethane footbed

✅ Flexible forefoot and cozy thick padded interior

✅ Contour heel cup


X Not for CCA with wide feet and requires half a size or full size higher for wide foot CCA

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2. Rocky Alphaforce Comp Toe Waterproof Duty Boot

Rocky Alphaforce CCA Duty Boots is the best waterproof boot for CCA. These boots are the best choice for CCA, who have to walk through muddy, rainy, and wet residential areas to get to the mailbox.

best waterproof boot for CCA View on Amazon

The heel measures approximately 6” which is sufficiently high to ensure your footrests above shallow waters and that splashes do not access your boots’ interior.

Also, the shaft measures approximately mid-calf from the arch ensuring that your ankle areas remain protected from water and mud when you have to deliver mail on a rainy day.

Furthermore, the waterproof inner layer and upper ensure that your feet always remain dry when striding across lawn areas with dew or when you have to skip paddles of water.

The rubber sole is extremely durable ensuring that you are always presentable at the CCA delivery station regardless of the roughness of the pavements on which your walk.

Rocky Alphaforce Boots are made in the USA to ensure top-notch scrutiny of the manufacturing process thus they deliver exceptional quality without compromising your comfort or protection.

This way, you can work more confidently than using shoes from unknown countries.

One of the most significant advantages here is the non-metallic composite toe cap that strikes a balance between all-day comfort and ultimate foot protection.

The non-metallic design ensures no unnecessary pressure suits on your toes as a CCA when walking or driving for long.

The protective toe box ensures that your toes and foot receive maximum protection from rocky paths or falling boxes at the distribution center. 

The contoured removable polyurethane cushion insole ensures that your foot rests on a cozy footbed such that impact from jogging, fast walks, and hard surfaces do not cause extreme fatigue or injury to your foot sole.

This way, your CCA working day is lease tiring and allows you to show up daily for work.


✅ 6” heel and rising shaft for protection from splashes

✅ Durable non-marking rubber outsole (Oil and slip-resistant)

✅ Made in the USA

✅ Rocky Waterproof construction of the inner layer and upper

✅ Comfortable and protective non-metallic composite toe cap

✅ Contoured removable polyurethane cushion insole

✅ Electrical Hazard protection

✅ Lightweight boots


X Requires slightly more time to break-in

3. Reebok Men’s CCA Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot

At position 3 is the Reebok CCA Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot which is one of the best breathable shoes for CCA.

These boots feature a 100% leather upper that is durable to prevent wearing through scratching and peeling.

This way, you are always presentable when walking into the distribution center and in the streets when delivering mail as your logistics company’s CCA.

best breathable shoes for CCA View on Amazon

The biggest advantage is the MIL-22 moisture-wicking lining that allows foot moisture and perspiration to ease out of your boot’s interior.

Readgrless of the length of your working hours or the busyness of your day, your feet always remain dry and fresh thus eliminating foul smells, and fungal growth.

These Reebok Postal CP8500 Work Boots are made in the US guaranteeing you premium quality boots with no caveats that compromise performance on your City Carrier Assistant work.

In addition, these boots are USPS certified to offer an acceptable rubber build and approved safety soft toe protection.

The safety toe protection ensures that your toes receive maximum protection from falling objects, rocky paths, and other obstacles while delivering mail.

Yet another significant advantage of the Reebok CP8500 Work Boot for CCA is the Removable PI-1000 cushion insert that features a premium quality heel cushion to eliminate shock and knees pressure from your heels.

This way, bending and squatting during the mail delivery process does not hurt or fatigue your foot.

Maxum-Lite PU outsole offers a deceptively light boot to ensure that you never feel nagged or overly fatigued on your foot.

You can walk and stride smoothly on a long busy day or even a highly networked residence. 


✅ Durable, 100% leather upper

✅ MIL-22 moisture-wicking lining

✅ Made in the USA

✅ USPS certified

✅ Safety soft toe protection

✅ Removable PI-1000 cushion insert


X PU outsole is generally less durable than rubber soles

4. Nike Air Monarch Iv CCA Men’s

At position 4 is the Nike Air Monarch Iv which strikes a balance between an athletic style and being compliant with postal standards.

The biggest advantage of an athletic build is the flexibility of the upper, which makes an excellent choice for CCA who have to bend or squat a lot.

Also, these boots come in handy when driving for a long time in distant residences or walking on long paths to get to the mailbox.

Best Shoes For Cca View on Amazon

The upper is also durable to prevent scratching and tearing while offering support to your foot such that lateral movements during quick strides are hassle-free.

The adequate cushioning of the interior cradles your feet to ensure that relaxed hold and an excellent wraparound without pressure points, thus eliminating chances of over-fatigue or bunion formation.

The midsole features a lightweight phylon that not only reduces the load on your foot but also brings responsiveness and springiness to help your people forward whether you are receiving mails at the distribution center or walking down the street.

The phylon extends the full length to ensure that you always get a soft landing when walking fast, running, or having to drive around for the entire day as the CCA.

Furthermore, the Air-Sole unit delivers supplementary cushioning to your foot thus increasing comfort while eliminating any pressure points regardless of the busyness of your day.

Also, the rubber outsole not only delivers outstanding durability against rough pavements but also comes with an aggressive tread pattern that eliminates the chances of skidding on wet ground.

This way, as a CCA, you can access mailboxes comfortably in almost every household.


✅ Athletic build

✅ Versatile, durable, and supportive upper

✅ Sufficient cushioning

✅ Full-length Lightweight Phylon midsole

✅ Air-Sole unit

✅ Rubber outsole with aggressive tread patterns


X None 

5. NORTIV 8 CCA Men’s Safety Steel Toe Work Anti-Slip Boots

At position 5, NORTIV 8 Safety Steel Toe Work Boots combines breathability, toe protection, and cushioning to bring an all-around fit choice for CCA.

The rubber sole is tarmac-grade durable to ensure they serve you for a long time without wearing. 

best boots for CCA View on Amazon

The heel measures 1.5”, which is efficient enough to prevent splashes and insects from accessing the interior of your shoes.

As a CCA, you can pass through lawn areas with dew comfortably while stamping inevitable water paddles without soiling your feet.

The steel toe protection ensures that your toes get maximum protection regardless of the weight of falling objects or the impact with obstacles.

Therefore, any delivery along rocky streets or falling boxes at the distribution center cannot injure your toes.

NORTIV 8 Safety Steel Toe Work Boots come with a dual closure system featuring a YKK side zipper and a lace-up enclosure.

Therefore, your foot is well-anchored to prevent unnecessary movements and you can walk around compounds and residences with no fidgeting or skids.

The Cushioned EVA footbed is flexible and offers excellent arch support to ensure your foot is always comfortable regardless of your foot movements when walking, driving, running, or striding.

The puncture-resistant midsole impedes penetration by nails, sharp glasses, and pointed objects. As a CCA, you can walk in any new neighborhood or residence with confidence on grassy or rocky paths and confidently.

The roomy toe box is a perfect feature for wide-toed CCA to ensure a perfect fit for lateral movements.

NORTIV 8 Safety Steel Toe Work Boots feature exceptional durability through the breathable fabric at the hindfoot and heel region plus the interior fabric lining.

Therefore, CCA with sweaty feet or who work for long shifts have their feet always fresh and dry throughout the mail delivery process.


✅ Sufficiently high heel at 1.5”

✅ Durable, slip-resistant outsole

✅ Steel safety toe protection

✅ Dual closure system; YKK side zipper and lace-up

✅ Flexible, Cushioned EVA footbed 

✅ Puncture-resistant midsole

✅ Breathable fabric lining


X Not waterproof for deepwater paddles and heavy rains

6. SR Max Denali, CCA Men’s, Slip Resistant Work Hiker

At position 6, we have the SR Max Denali Work Hiker shoes that are best suited for CCA working in wet weather and early morning deliveries.

The waterproof membrane ensures that water does not soak on the upper’s fabric thus your fleet always remains dry when working in a wet environment.

best boots for CCA View on Amazon

These boots feature a 100% leather upper that makes you always presentable and ensures your shoes stay in good condition for a long time.

The leather feature here is tumbled leather which arises from spinning tiny pebbles in a revolver with top grain leather, thus loosening the fibers to produce a soft and semi-sheen surface.

You will always stand out as a CCA due to the high aesthetic value of the boots and the ease of polishing.

For adequate cushioning, SR Max Denali Work Hiker shoes have a padded tongue & collar to ensure that your heel achieves maximum comfort when bending or driving.

This way, you can eliminate the risk of painful feet after long hours of City Carrier Assistant work.

The outsole here shoes incredible traction through the well-implemented SR Max Trax technology thus providing an antiskid experience, especially when walking on sloppy paths.

The molden phylon midsole compresses and assertively responds to foot pressure movements to ensure that walking on hard surfaces is hassle-free and that strides across the residence do not cause over-fatigue.

The lace-up enclosure ensures that your foot is firmly secured to avoid dislodging and instability.


✅ 100% waterproof membrane

✅ Composite toe proetction

✅ Superbly shining and soft tumbled leather upper

✅ Adequate hindfoot cushioning; padded tongue & collar

✅ Durable rubber outsole with SR Max Trax technology 

✅ Lace-up enclosure

✅ Molden phylon midsole


X Composite toe protection is lease sturdy than steel toe protection

7. Thorogood Men’s ASR Series Athletic, Oxford Work Shoes for CCA

Thorogood ASR Series Athletic, Oxford Work Shoes for CCA present utmost flexibility while offering maximum comfort and protection to deliver an excellent work boot choice for CCA.

best shoes for CCA View on Amazon

The full-grain leather and nylon upper not only supports your foot but also ensures natural movement enhancement through the flexibility of the materials.

This way, leg movement resulting from bending squatting, driving for long, and even walking at the residence are all hassle-free and effortless.

Thorogood ASR Series Athletic, Oxford Work Shoes have a Removable shock zone polyurethane footbed that makes them an excellent choice for CCA working fast and walking through rugged paths.

The significant advantage here is the compression and shock absorption that eliminates the risk of injury.

The composite shank ensures that your toes receive maximum toe protection from falling objects and obstacles thus CCA can work confidently in busy mail distribution facilities or stride across bushy paths.

The composite shanks eliminate the need for metallic upper thus improving the foot flexibility thus simplifying foot bending.

The slip-resistant outsole ensures that you never skid even when delivering or retrieving emails across sloppy paths or when working in wet weather.

These shoes are great CCA shoes due to the super-light EVA midsole that ensures your feet do not feel nagged but rather comfortable anti-fatigue experience.

The shoes are also made in the USA guaranteeing a perfectly manufactured product with keen eyes on compliance thus providing a product your can trust for your City Carrier Assistant job.


✅ Antis slip, rubber sole

✅ ASTM F1677-05 and ASTM F2913-11 compliant

✅ Flexible, Full-grain leather and nylon upper

✅ Removable SHOCK ZONE polyurethane footbed

✅ Protective Composite shank


X Cement construction of the outsole that involves connecting the upper to the sole using an adhesive reduces overall shoe durability and eliminates the shoe’s durability.

8. Rocky Tmc CCA Postal-Approved Duty Boots

At position 8, Rocky Tmc CCA Postal-Approved Duty Boots present yet another recommended choice for the best shoes for CCA.

SneakerWagon podiatrist recommends these boots with high conviction through experience due to the striking balance across many criteria for great CCA shoes.

best shoes for CCA View on Amazon

The leather featured here is not only 100% leather but also water-resistant to repel away water droplets and fluids.

This way, dew on grassy paths, and water puddles during wet weather do not bother you as you deliver and retrieve mails from a residence.

The synthetic sole offers exceptional oil and slip resistance to ensure that you never skid or slide even when walking in unfamiliar residential pavements.

Therefore, you always work confidently in new environments thus you deliver on time and be more productive.

The heel measures 1.5” while the shaft measures 5” from the arch.

These features perfectly shelter the interior of the shoe from insects and splashes whether you are on your bicycle or have to pass through lawns to get to the resident’s mailbox.

Rocky Tmc CCA Postal-Approved Duty Boots are SR USA postal approved thus ensuring you are compliant with many postal and logistics companies in and out of the US.

This way, you always appear professional to your boss and clients.

Furthermore, the polishability of the leather upper ensures that your City Carrier Assistant work boots always have that professional shine to improve presentation and boot aesthetics.

The non-metallic stabilizer not only provides ample foot support but also eliminates pain and discomfort caused by metallic stabilizers.

The Aegis Microbe Shield ensures that foot moisture, perspiration, or foreign water droplets do not access the sensitive parts of your foot to cause a fungal or bacterial infection.

Therefore, your feet as a CCA have medical protection with a high degree of safety to eliminate foot diseases.


✅ Water-resistant, 100% leather upper

✅ The heel measures 1.5” while the shaft measures 5” from arch

✅ SR USA postal approved

✅ Polishable leather

✅ Aegis Microbe Shield


X Synthetic sole is slightly less durable than rubber outsole

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9. Red Wing Heritage CCA Men’s Postman Oxford 101

At position 9, Red Wing Heritage CCA Men’s Postman Oxford shoes offer a perfect choice for CCA that need that postal certification on their shoes with a professional look while offering that low cut design in contrast to work boots.

best shoes for CCA View on Amazon

The Red Wing Heritage features a 100% leather upper that is durable to ensure significantly low wearing.

The biggest advantage of the Red Wing Heritage is the Crepe rubber outsole. This outsole provides ampoule protection of your midfoot by sturdily supporting the natural flex of your foot movements.

Thus, riders and drivers will never complain of foot pain or ache regardless of the intensity of the mail delivery process on their City Carrier Assistant job.

Also, the numerous air bubbles installed in crepe rubber outsoles act as an excellent shock absorber to protect foot ligaments and tendons.

Therefore, CCA who have a busy job or drive and ride through busy roads can grab the Red Wing Heritage.


✅ 100% Leather

✅ Durable outsole

✅ Shock-absorbing sole

✅ Ample midfoot protection


X No adequate slip protection for wet weather or grassy paths

10. New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual shoes for CCA

Last but not least we have the New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual shoes for CCA.

These beasts, show ultimate comfort on your City Carrier Assistant job due to the deliberate attention given to reducing fatigue, pain, and irritation. This way, you will never have bunions or pressure points on your feet.

best shoes for CCA View on Amazon

New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual shoes for CCA feature a PU Foam insert that delivers proper foot support and cushioning for walking and riding across streets to residences and offices.

The midsole comes with injection-molded EVA foam that is not only lightweight but also offers excellent springy responsiveness to ensure each stride and step is well-coordinated and comfortable. 

The Phantom Liner interior with minimal seaming significantly aids in reducing pressure points and irritation.

The heel of the New Balance Women’s 608 V5 features an ABZORB crash pad.

This pad excellently absorbs pressure and impact through suitable compression and cushioning resistance to keep you comfortable even when having a busy day on your City Carrier Assistant job.


✅ Rubber outsole

✅ Injection-molded EVA foam midsole

✅ PU Foam insert

✅ Phantom Liner interior

✅ Internal midsole shank 

✅ NB Soft + Supportive Comfort Insert offers all-day comfort and support


X Not waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes should CCA wear? What boots do CCA mailmen wear?

CCA should wear shoes that offer ultimate comfort for long riding, walking, or driving session while delivering and retrieving mail.

CCA should also wear shoes that give a professional look with a black design to ensure excellent presentation.

Also, CCA should wear weatherproof shoes if they are to work in wet or dewy environments. 


Do CCA have to wear black shoes?

CCA MUST wear black shoes. Black shoes heighten presentation and conform to USA postal certification.

Dark colors are also presentable and perfectly resistant to dust magnification ensuring you are always presentable throughout the day.

Striped and multi-colored shoes break uniformity and reduce compliance with postal shoe standards.

What do postal certified shoes for CCAs mean?

Postal certified shoes for CCAs mean that the shoes or boots comply with postal certification thus are compatible with mail carriers in the city.

Some of the compliance standards include the  USPS 89D-05 which ascertains full compliance with shoes for CCA.

Final Thoughts

Thorogood Men’s Soft Streets Series Boots for CCA/RCA and Rocky Alphaforce Comp Toe Waterproof CCA Duty Boot were the best shoes for CCA City Carrier Assistant.

These shoes offer a professional black design that stands out and complies with Postal-certified shoes for CCA.

These shoes also have excellent cushioning for a comfortable work time while giving you the ultimate traction for an anti-slip experience.

Also, the shoes show outstanding traction and waterproof features to protect you from wet ground.