7 Best Shoes For Bow Legged Toddlers 2022

The best shoes for bow-legged toddlers have an anti-slip rubber outsole to offer excellent ground traction by preventing slipping.

These shoes should also come with a rubbers sole option to offer additional anti-twist and unforgettable abrasion-resistant ability on a wide spectrum of surfaces.

Good shoes for correcting bow leg toddler condition must take a hook and loop closure technology to guarantee a secure and precise fit in both flat and wide-foot toddlers.

Moreover, these shoes should also come with a  padded collar and tongue option to ensure that bow-legged toddlers’ feet are free from the possible heel, hip, and ankle pain when either walking, running, or even jogging by guaranteeing an anti-slip performance.

Find our typical bow-legged toddler’s shoes below!

Reviews: Best Shoes for Bow Legged Toddlers

1. Memo Monaco Children’s Corrective Orthopedic AFO Sandal

Orthopedic AFO Sandal from Memo Store was our editor’s pick of corrective shoes for bow-legged toddlers on the market today.

The most amazing thing is that by having prophylactic AND Corrective orthopedic characteristics, this pair offers a safe landing platform for toddlers’ feet.

corrective shoes for bow legged toddlers View on Amazon

Interestingly, this pair comes with a stiff heel counter which is of thermoplastic and asymmetric origin.

Because of this feature, Orthopedic corrective shoes protect bow-legged toddlers’ feet from possible heel and ankle pain by offering toddlers feet with unconditional cushion and stabilization opportunities.

Besides, it also comes with an ortho lite memory foam insole and midsole design. Because of this reason, Memo Monaco corrective shoes offer bow-legged toddlers enhanced comfort and cushion.

It also comes with a seamless construction design that professionally allows this Orthopedic AFO Sandal to cradle the natural foot’s shape, making it one of few reaming and trusted ways of preventing bow legs in babies.

Lastly, this pair also comes with a Reinforced heel design. As result, toddlers with bow legs have an opportunity to enjoy professional-grade heel protection heel against damage.

Moreover, the Reinforced heel design is equally important as it has the ability to correct the bow-legged child’s posture.

  • Corrective shoes
  • Seamless linings
  • Reinforced heel design
  • Orthopedic AFO Sandal
  • Roomy fit
  • Asymmetric stiff heel counter
  • Wear-resistant
  • Hoop and loop closures
  • Has 4 Ounces as the overall weight

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2. Kuner Baby Boys Girls Outdoor Sneakers First Walkers Shoes                                     

Moving on find First Walkers from Kuner as our runner up of best outdoor sneakers   for bow legged 1 year old babies. Interestingly this sneaker comes with a mesh upper hence 100% breathable.


best outdoor sneakers   for bow legged 1 year old babies View on Amazon

It comes with a flexible, rubber sole option, which ensures that bow-legged 1-year-old babies can walk as it offers an anti-slip and anti-skid ground grip.

The padded tongue option is another reason Kuner Baby Boys sneaker from Kuner guarantees wide and flat feet toddler a personalized fit.

Besides, it comes with a fly woven upper, which is complemented by a soft lining.

Due to this reason, Kuner has a better ability to ensure that bow-legged 1-year-old babies’ feet remain dry and free from possible bad odor instances by promoting excellent breathability.

Moreover, the anti-stink lining feature in this unisex  Kuner sneaker is the other way how to correct bow legs naturally in babies.

Also, the anti-stink lining feature is equally important as it keeps legged 1-year-old toddlers’ feet free from bad odor and possible foot rot instances.

  • Anti-stink lining
  • Rubber outsole
  • Anti-skid ground grip
  • Fly woven upper
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Sizing tend to run big after some time

3. Nike Air Max 90 Ankle-High Sneaker

One of the major bow-legged symptoms in toddlers is that their knees tend to curve outward.

Due to this reason, Air Max 90, which is an Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker from Nike, comes with lace-up closure and padded tongue to offer a personalized fit. Hence our best running shoes for toddlers with bowing in legs.

best running shoes for toddlers with bowing in legs View on Amazon

Ultimately Nike Air Max 90 sneakers come with a mesh suede upper, it enhances overall foot breathability.

On the other hand, the rubber outsole option guarantees bow-legged toddlers with ultimate durability and traction on slippery and rough topographies.

The memory foam footbed feature present is of equal importance as it enhances toddler foot stability and comfort by neutralizing shock and pressure.

We should also be thanking Nike for making good use of antimicrobial treatment as it ensures toddlers’ feet are free from bad odor.

As a parent you will agree with me that toddlers’ feet are extremely soft, this is the main reason why  Nike made use of smooth interiors to ensure that their free are free from blister and bruises which arises when their delicate feet are rubbed.

  • Smooth interiors
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • construction is flexible
  • padded tongue
  • Lace up closure
  • Provide exceptional comfort
  • None

4. Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Girls Glitter Bow Low Top Hook Loop Sneaker

Bow low top hook loop sneaker that hails from Weestep Store was the best lightweight shoes for toddlers with bow legs.

Consequently, the soft shoe lining technology ensures that bow-legged toddlers’ feet are 100%  comfortable by ensuring that it offers maximum shock absorption while at the same time protecting their ankles, knees, and hips from possible pain.

best light weight shoes for toddlers with bow legs View on Amazon

It has an extra soft midsole which was professionally sandwiched between the outsole and insole and by Weestep.

With this in mind, Weestep sneakers offer toddlers a shock-free ride. A lightly cushioned synthetic footbed is, just as important as the soft midsoles as it offers additional arch support.

Are you wondering what causes toddlers to be bow-legged?

Well then, Generally speaking, metabolic disorders, Blount’s disease, and to a great extent, bone malformations are major causes that you need to watch out that is, if you are looking for effective ways of how to treat bow-legged toddlers a consequence, Weestep made use of a high-quality rubber outsole to provide toddlers with strong traction by offering an anti-slip grip on all surfaces.

Lastly, by making use of the rubber outsole option, Sole Weestep Toddler delivers unforgettable shock absorption.

It is also good to mention that the rubber outsole is the main reason why Weestep’s bow-legged toddler sneaker is both wear and tear-resistant.

  • Light and breathable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Anti-skid
  • Hoop and loop closure
  • Low cut design
  • Foam midsole
  • Weight 3 Pounds

5. Allchar Toddler Kid Shoes Girls Boys Fashion Sneakers Athletic Tennis Shoes

Next up find the Fashion Athletic/ tennis sneaker from Allcharas the Best shoes for bow-legged baby walking too early as they feature an Ultra-light and a non-slip bottom.

It also comes with a soft outsole pattern. As a consequence non-slip bottom increases non-slip ride resistance when walking.

Best shoes for bow legged baby walking too early View on Amazon

Moreover, it comes with high-quality horizontal and Vertical as a sole option. Due to this reason, the Allchar Toddler sneaker is unconditionally flexible in all directions.

It is also equally important as it guarantees bow-legged toddlers a light play comfort as it does not wrinkle easily.

Furthermore, it comes with a perfect blend of lace-up and hoop and loop closure which turns it to be an adjustable sneaker that toddlers can take off and put on by themselves.

Allstar also made use of an elastic material as the upper. Therefore, good air permeability, comfortable and lightweight nature is a guarantee that this sneaker is defined.

The hoop and loop closure is equally important as it is the major reason why the Allchar Kid sneaker was the only most comfortable shoe for bow-legged babies learning to walk too early on our list today.

  • Hoop and loop closure
  • Adjustable sneaker
  • Vertical a sole option
  • Has an elastic upper
  • Flexible outsole
  • Offers all-day comfort
  • Offer a non-slip ground grip
  • Weights more

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6. Orthopedic Kids Shoes for Boys and Girls

At our second last position, find orthopedic Bow Legged shoes for toddlers with flat feet from ortho feet. It comes with an amortizing sole which is 100% Non-slip.

Thus it guarantees toddlers unforgettable traction, cushion, and stability.

orthopedic Bow Legged shoes for toddlers with flat fee View on Amazon

Moreover, these Orthopedic Kids Shoes come with a quality Shock Absorber system in the outsole sole. This feature offers toddlers feet with shock and a pressure-free landing platform in the heel area.

To effectively control the bowing of legs in a child, this orthopedic sneaker features a wide heel, which is professionally extended from the general inside to offer extraordinary cushion and enough foot relaxing space.

It is also 100% easy to put on and off as it comes with a double loop and hooks closure .as a result, it is compatible with wide and flat feet bow-legged toddlers as the strap length is 100% adjustable.

Also, these sneakers’ heel comes with a soft edging that prevents skin rubbing; hence, it protects toddlers’ foot from blistering and bruises by guaranteeing them all day long comfort.

  • Hoop and loop closure
  • Adjustable
  • Heel comes with  soft edging
  • Outsole have a Shock Absorber system
  • orthopedic sneaker
  • easy to  put on and take off
  • Synthetic upper


Skippy First Walker and Grip Adrian Fashion Sneaker from pediped Store were the best shoes for bow-legged toddlers on our review for both boys and girls, respectively.

The two shoe brands above come with hook-and-loop, making them compatible with bow-legged toddlers with wide and flat feet.

By coming with a natural rubber outsole option, this pair of shoes guarantees toddlers an ant slip ride by offering quality traction.

Moreover, the rubber sole option is equally important as it ensures that these shoes are light in weight and 100% flexible.

Lastly, the lightly padded footbed feature present in these two shoe brands enhances overall foot comfort, and the cushion helps provide comfort.